There's Always Another Day

Thank you Universe 

Photograph by Chuck Harrell. 

Out of control Anger

Have you ever felt so angry you just wanted to smash everything in sight, tear up a room, take a baseball bat and break something?

I have.  I felt like that recently after feeling overloaded about other things and was told that Microsoft was going to update my windows 7 laptop to windows 10 whether I wanted it or not.   I was furious.  It felt like such an invasion of privacy.  It was all about boundary issues.  I understood that.  But it felt like someone had knocked on my front door, pushed themselves in and said I had to use their stove whether I wanted it or not.  That would be illegal. Why isn't microsoft's pushing windows 10 on us illegal too?

Is this freedom?

I was so angry I couldn't stop myself.  I sat there crying and saying, "I don't know how to stop myself from feeling this way.  Yes I tapped, I cursed, I screamed and I kicked a cabinet off it's hinges. I called on my angels for help. Then I felt like I couldn't catch my breath and I got scared.  This kind of anger is definitely not good for me or anyone else.  I felt bad for my body and decided to use the Ho'oponopono prayer asking my body to forgive me.

I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.

I found out later that there are ways to prevent Windows 10 from downloading into my computer.  I know this was not earth shaking but it pushed all my boundary and fairness issues.

I don't ever want to get this angry again because while I was in the midst of it I realized how someone who was over stressed or had boundary issues could get into road rage and worse.

Even though I'm troubled about the intensity of this anger and ashamed for kicking and breaking a cabinet I choose to love and accept myself and all my feelings.

I was posting about my anger and someone posted a link about an anger room.  What a great idea, to have a place where people could actually let off steam and break things if they had to.

I will work on this part of myself and heal it.  I feel vulnerable even admitting this much less posting it.  

Have any of you felt this kind of anger and if so, how did you handle it?  I'd love to read your comments.  

Thank you 


A few weeks ago I met a group of people who'd I'd known online since about 2008.   I was a little nervous thinking about the meetup a week or so before. I imagined myself surrounded by a group of people and not being able to hear what was being said.  I tapped on it and worked with my coaches, Rick Wilkes and Cathy Vartuli who helped me realize I could speak up, say "I'm almost deaf in my right ear, and I'd like to switch places with you so I could hear better." Yes I could do that but it would feel awkward.  

Okay so Saturday night came and we drove up to the little Taco place in Asheville to meet these people, I was excited.   We all recognized each other and that was so cool! Here were some very lovely souls who I'd been reading their posts and been in groups with for almost seven years.  One lady was driving from New York to California with her children and she stopped here in Asheville to meet us all.  What fun!  We sat outside on benches while eating and talking.  My worry about not hearing well vanished, I had no problem.

Then the picture taking began.  I thought I was smiling.  Well I was but with my mouth closed.  I always feel self conscious about my teeth.  But we all feel self conscious about something don't we?  I've been learning about this in my Thriving Now tapping group.

This wonderful, fun evening felt good until later when I saw one of the pictures that was posted.  

I saw their fresh open faces and smiles and thought, "Oh I look like a crotchety old lady, ewwww"  It really did make me feel bad. Now I do know intellectually that we only make ourselves feel bad or good depending on how we think.  But that didn't help me when I looked at the picture.   Yes there were other good pictures but of course what do we usually focus on? The bad ones of course. Even famous writers and film stars latch on to the critical reviews even when they've read hundreds of wonderful ones. Why do we feel this need to focus on the negative instead?  Is this a human trait? Is it part of the lessons we're here on earth to learn?

I posted this picture and my feelings about it on the Thriving Now forum where I'm a member and one of the tribe members told me I was probably being too hard on myself. She posted a wonderful You Tube Video of Brad Yates tapping on comparing ourselves.

I tapped with it as I visualized myself in this picture and it helped a lot. This is when I decided to write this blog.  It does make me feel very vulnerable to write this and put it out on social media but if it helps anyone else to feel better about themselves it is worth it.  I hope the ladies in the picture don't mind me posting this.  

As Brad Yates says in this video "I'd rather love than compare and I am loving myself just as I am in body, mind and spirit."

Not Allowed Outside for 14 years

Imagine never being allowed to leave your house for 14 years unless you were accompanied by your parents! That's what happened to 6 brothers. 

I watched this on ABC 20/20 last night and was so fascinated that I rewound it and watched it again.  

These brothers, are called The Wolfpack.  For some reason they had access to movies.  10,000 movies!  They watched movies all day and memorized them.  Then they began to act out the movies and made props and costumes.  

After their father covered the windows so they couldn't see out, their claustrophobia got worse and one brave 15 year old boy named Makunda had to escape, so he went out after the father left to get groceries. He put on one of the masks from their movie props so his father wouldn't see him on the street.  He didn't know his address and wandered into a hospital and a grocery store.  With the mask on, it scared people and someone called the police. They started questioning him but he was told never to talk to strangers so he didn't answer and they took him to a hospital mental ward where he stayed for a week.  He loved it there.  As he said in the program he was curious.  His curiosity and need to get out helped change the dynamics for his brothers and mother.  I was totally immersed thinking what it must have been like for this family.  

Soon the other brothers got out and as fate would have it, since their whole life was about movies, the first person they met was a female film producer. She was fascinated in their story and documented their story and filmed their experiences as they discovered what life was like outside their home.   It is showing in theaters now and I'm looking forward to seeing the movie.  Here is a trailer of the documentary.

They were remarkably resilient and are now working.  Maybe it's because they were so connected and helped each other.  It makes me wonder what I would have been like had I had a twin sister or someone who helped me. Not that I was locked in my house but being agoraphobic is a bit similar. I wonder if any of these men will have problems later. Was this traumatic for them? Or was their bonding enough?  I certainly wish them well.

Jean Maurie's Spaghetti Sauce

I love making home made spaghetti sauce and freezing it into containers to eat over the next few weeks.  Here is my recipe:

First I grate a large Vidalia or Sweet onion and smoosh in a big garlic clove.  I saute them in olive oil.

 Then I add ground beef

 and brown it.

For you vegetarians, chopped up walnuts makes a good substitute for the ground beef.  I made this recipe at a vegetarian gathering with the walnuts and got lots of compliments.   

I assemble my tomato sauces and seasonings
and add fresh ground pepper, garlic salt, Parmesan cheese and a couple spoons of sugar.

Here's what it looks like all put together.  I cook it in the crock pot for a few hours.  The house smells wonderful.  Makes us hungry.

Wish there was Facebook when I was a new mother

I was just reading my Granddaughter's Facebook page to wish her a happy wedding anniversary but I didn't get to do it yet because I was reading some of the things  people posted on her page.  Her mother in-law posted a cute swing where you put the baby in the swing and you got on a swing in front of him and the two of you swing together. 

Another post was a picture of a tray for a toddler.  Here is what was written about it. "Toddlers do not eat much. Try using an ice tray to satisfy their bird-like appetites and for a fun, unique presentation. Be sure to throw in plenty of healthy choices like berries, peas, corn, cheese, cucumber, etc."

There was a post on how to take out splinters and Vicks vapoRub to put on the bottoms of feet to stop coughs.

I see links for parents who's baby won't sleep much which I found interesting. People commented and it seemed they were supporting each other. How comforting.

When I was a new mother in 1959 it was so lonely, especially since I had post-partum depression "baby blues"  that came on the day after my son's birth. I found myself crying for no reason at all.   He was a very light sleeper and would wake up every hour and a half fussing.  Of course I didn't know what was normal and what wasn't.  I felt so responsible and terrified.  I was so scared that I couldn't hear my own intuition.

Most of us mothers didn't go to work back then but were stay-at-home mothers with no day care.  I don't know what I would have done without the support of my family.  My mother lived about 5 miles or so away so I'd go up there and let my younger sister and brother play with my son.  It gave me some time to unwind and feel less stressful.


If we'd had social media back then we could have connected with each other and not have felt so isolated.  I know, Facebook and Twitter can be addictive but there is a lot of good too.  Yes "they" say we should have more face to face interaction but if we are shy and don't have a lot of friends or we live in rural areas social media can help us feel more connected. There are groups online now for people with post-partum depression, groups to help mother's breast feed, groups for parents of babies who don't sleep a lot.  How wonderful and comforting that would have been for me.  I wouldn't have felt so alone and scared. 

Wonderful Radio Shows

For Two years my co-host Maggie Lukowski and I hosted a wonderful radio show called Personal Empowerment For Your Soul on Thursdays at 1pm Eastern Time on Attune Magazine radio. We had some wonderful guests and learned a lot.  We thank Mary Nale from Attune Magazine for providing us this opportunity. 

We had a lot of fun. Radio has been in my blood since I played radio as a child with my cousin,Robin.  Later I hung out at radio stations and helped the Disc Jockeys by pulling records (yes we had vinyl records back in those days).
Once in a while they would let me dedicate a song to friends.
I had this dream of having my own late night radio talk show which didn't happen.  But I will say my show with Maggie was just as much fun and I got to sleep at night.

My mother was an Amateur radio operator (Ham) and I got into CB Radio in the 70s.  I stayed up half the night talking to people then. 

I want to share a list of our shows from Personal Empowerment For Your Soul so you can listen to them now.  

I have a new show called Angels Love You.  It is on Sunday's once a month.  

RESURRECTION with Ellen Burstyn Full Length Movie

I have a few favorite movies that I've loved forever. This one, Resurrection with Ellen Burstyn was hard to find. Today I found the full length movie on You Tube but it has been taken down.  

Resurrection is a story of a woman who survives a car accident which kills her husband, but she discovers that she has the power to heal other people. She is paralyzed after the accident and discovers she can heal herself. She becomes an unwitting celebrity, the hope of those in desperate need of healing, and a lightning rod for religious beliefs and skeptics. She has a Near Death Experience after the car crash and sees dead relatives. I posted a video to watch but unfortunately there were copyright problems so they took it off. It is a good movie and I hope you can find it someplace.

Someone did post the movie again on You Tube but I'm not going to put the link here because of Copyright problems.  It looks like it's a hard movie to find but I think you can buy it on Amazon.

How I Make My Vegetable Soup

I love soup.  I don't like the canned, artificial salty tasting soup though.  I prefer to make my own.

Yesterday we went to the Asheville Farmers Market and the yellow and green squash was so much fresher looking than in the grocery store plus they were cheaper.  

I decided to make a big pot of soup.  I wanted to add beans this time instead of lentils.  So I soaked the beans before going to bed last night.

I cut up vegetables and added them to the pot

Fresh carrots, zucchini and yellow squash, half of a large onion, 2 stalks of fresh celery, 3 cloves of garlic, a half a bag of spinach and a half of a cabbage.

I added the beans

And a box of Chicken broth plus a cup of water. I added garlic powder, a couple pinches of salt, 2 bay leaves, a handful of bouquet garni seasoning and some ground pepper. 

Here's the soup bubbling away on the stove on low setting.


Posted by Jean Maurie Puhlman on Saturday, April 18, 2015

Too many magazines and books

500 Words a Day Day 24 April 1, 2015 Today I’m attempting to continue sorting out boxes in my office. My office is too small for all that I collect. I have too many books plus I have a guilty secret. I love magazines. Not all of them but Writer’s Magazine, Writer’s Digest, Dell Horoscope, The Mountain Astrologer, and oh yes, cooking magazines! It looks like I’m going to keep too many. How does one get rid of magazines they like? I think I’m going to sort through old Writer’s Magazines and be ruthless, hopefully.

Yes you see an adult coloring book here. I have another to color, they are angel pictures.

I came across a Woman’s Day from June 1958. It has a lot of short stories in it. Why stop publishing fiction? I remember trading these magazines with friends and neighbors. We would each subscribe to one and then when we finished reading them we’d trade with each other. I need to read the stories, look at the ads and articles before I recycle this one.

Back in the 1980’s I wrote stories from the Confession Magazines. They bought quite a few of mine and of course I kept all of them too. When we moved I packed 50 boxes of books and magazines and I don’t want to have to do that again. Maybe I’ll only have 45. Ha ha, I hope less. One of my CB “handles” was the clutter bug. I live up to the name.

Have you ever seen Reminisce magazine? It’s all about the “good old days” with pictures of old ads, memories, recipes and more. I try not to collect these but I found a pile in a box. I’ll try to glean the gems from them and hopefully toss them into the donate to the library box. Yes, our library has a table in the foyer filled with donated magazines. I donate as many as we can carry there but I go through them and take home more.

Another of my guilty secrets is People magazine. I don’t often buy them but I find them at the library or in waiting rooms. I brought a bag of them home last week and they’re still sitting by my chair in the living room. I’m looking forward to reading through them and yes, donating them right back to the library.

Thank goodness for the Zinio app on my Ipad. I can log into the county library and download them to the app and read them for free. The trouble is, the Zinio app is telling me I have used up my space and it’s going to close so I can delete some magazines. I don’t have any magazines downloaded. I need to look into this. I subscribed to the digital version of Dell Horoscope, True Story and True Confessions (yes I want to try selling some more stories there). I have the kindle app on my ipad too and I have so many books there that I’ll never run out of reading material. But I need to keep my hard copies of my astrology books, my Emotional Freedom Technique books, Tarot books and, sigh, too many more.

Back to work!

Why Does it Feel like Everyone's Getting on My Last Nerve?

We’ve heard a lot about road rage on the news lately. What is going through someone’s mind when they get upset about being cut off by another driver? Or why does the other driver cut someone off? What has their day been like? Did their boss yell at them? Were they recently fired? Did they get in a fight with their wife at breakfast? We’ll never know. But often other people’s reactions affect our own.

What if you’ve had a sleepless night and you are in a grumpy mood? Or what if you’ve been up all night with a sick child and have to go to work the next day? Will your worry and tiredness leak out all over other people in the office or will you snarl impatiently when you call customer service about some problem? Or will someone else’s mood affect yours? Why do our moods and angers affect others? It’s because we, as humans were trained to be alert to dangers to keep us safe. When we were tribe members and a lion or tiger approached we’d all be on alert. We had to be or we might be in danger of being eaten.

Believe it or not, we still have a lot of this in us, trying to protect us from being hurt. So when our boss yells we feel it even if he’s not yelling at us. Or if I get frustrated at the way the letters don’t appear right away when I try to type something on Facebook and I pound the keyboard with frustration, my husband hears me rage. What’s it doing to him? It certainly can’t feel peaceful. Yes, sometimes I rage because I’m human and that’s when I realize I need to stop and tap to release the frustration energy and calm myself down. When we care about the people we interact with on a daily basis, so we feel upset when our friend calls and tells us that they had a fight with their partner. We’re unhappy when our son calls and says he got fired. And it can upset us when we hear a news story about someone who was bullied, who we don’t even know. The good news is that we can change our reactions and our emotions! “Really”, you ask? “How?” We can Reprogram our Primitive Brain. Yes, really and it isn’t all that hard.  Honest!

Here is what Rick Wilkes wrote. “And it’s not as hard as it sounds. I can teach someone how to write a simple computer program in 5 minutes. Cathy and I together can teach you how to start reprogramming your primitive brain in no time! And if you give it just 20 minutes a day worth of time and attention, for a few weeks, you will have developed a skill that is even more valuable than being an expert computer programmer.”

I took this course last year and even though I will still get frustrated from time to time, it doesn’t last as long nor is it as often because I have the tools to use now and can stop and tap. I can even laugh at myself for my humanness but even better, I don’t beat myself up anymore when I do act human. I used to be ruled by anxiety and panic attacks. I don’t get them as much anymore. Sure, I feel anxiety and energy rising within me but I know how to calm my primitive brain and sooth it. I have much more control than I used to. So would you like to feel calmer, more in control and happier? If so, I invite you to join me to Reprogram Your Primitive Brain. Join me? Yes I’m going to take the course again because I found it so valuable that I want to go through it another time and anchor all that I learned the first time. "You don’t have time, you say? You don’t know how? “Of course not. Your primitive brain is likely stressed from never feeling like it can take a break. We know how to shift that. “I can’t do this on my own!”

Of course not. No one can. It’s why Cathy and Rick will be there to make it as easy as possible for you.

If you’re tired of being an infectious agent of negative emotions… if you’re exhausted by being triggered by the negative emotions of others… at least check this out. Why? Because for Cathy and Rick, it is their mission to bring this awareness to Light. When we all learn how to detect that someone is “in their primitive brain” we can each respond in a healthy way rather than a reactive way. We can offer a hug or help… and not join in the battle.

The world has enough battles going on…

We want to co-creative safe, healthy, loving connections. That requires a shift out of the primitive brain into the whole of the body-mind.

It’s an honor that individuals from 77 countries have already taken this program with us. It’s making a difference. We want this idea to spread… and we want peace and confidence for each and every person… and for YOU.

Let’s do this together! You can sign up here:

With love and support," Rick & Cathy and Me too

P.S. We invite you to share this with others in our tribe. Thanks for spreading the word! P.P.S. The program closes Friday at midnight. If you are devoted to this kind of change in yourself and the world, do sign up now.”

500 Words a Day. Day 1

500 words a day –


I just joined the write 500 words a day challenge. What was I thinking?  I’m not sure if I will work on a short story or just blog every day. I do have a lot to write about  - angels, astrology, eft, tapping, crazy thoughts and more.

I wonder what a story would be like if a gal was going through her mother’s FB page because the mother wasn’t able to for one reason or another and she found some startling private messages.  Or should I say shocking.  What would she do? What would the shocking messages be?  Why isn’t the mother able to get on FB.  Or would the girl find stuff on the mother’s computer or Ipad? Or even iphone?   I was thinking sort of like when the son and daughter found the mother’s letters in the book/movie The Bridges of Madison County.  I was sort of sorry that she didn’t run away with the photographer but I can see why she didn’t.  I probably wouldn’t but it sure would have been tempting. I cry buckets every time I see that movie.

Another movie I love is Defending Your Life with Albert Brooks.  Albert’s character dies and goes to the judgment place.  He gets a chance to see a review of his life, but they show him only times that he was afraid and didn’t act on something because of the fear.   They ask him about it and he always has an excuse.  In other words, he fails and is getting ready to get sent back until the last scene with Meryl Streep.  I won’t give it away but what an awesome movie.

This made me think what good Is it to die with good credit?  If I died with good credit and went before the judgment place they could show me all the times I didn’t do something because I thought I couldn’t afford it.  They’d show me all the fun or trips or nice things I could have bought.  Now that I was dead they could show me how little being out of debt matters.  Unless it was to help my family by not being in debt.

Wow 368 words already. That was fast.

I’m thinking of taking some of my old confession stories that I sold 20 years ago and re doing them. I sold them for all rights so I can’t sell them again as is.  I could change things and bring them up to the age of technology.  I wrote a CB (citizens band) story where the boy who went surfing with friends was late getting home and his family communicated with other CBers along the network to find out where he was.  Ha, I don’t remember where he was. Guess I need to read the story again.  I wonder if CB radio still exists like it did back in the 70s or was it the 80s? I enjoyed it. We went to dances and found ourselves dancing to country music.  We didn’t used to like country music until then. But that was the time when country music was going through it’s own changes.

Until tomorrow.

Breathtaking Beauty

The other morning when I woke up I looked out the window and saw my world was covered in white.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.  The hymn, 'For the Beauty of the Earth, this our Hymn of grateful praise!' sang in my mind