Feeling Stressed, Overloaded?

Are you feeling overloaded, frazzled, stressed? Do you have a lot on your mind or feeling like you are carrying too big of a load on your shoulders? If so, give yourself a gift. Stop for a moment, take some deep cleansing breaths and watch this video.

Blogging Day14 - Dabbling with Art - My Way

I've been reading your blogs on here and many of you are sharing your art.  I went through a little spell of wondering what am I doing on here? I have not posted one thing about art.  Then the "little but not so quiet voice" within said, "You do create art. You take pictures!"  Yes I love taking pictures.  When my husband and I go out for a walk mine ends up being a stroll because I'm often stopping to take pictures.   He wants to get his heart rate up and I want to get my art heart rate up.   

A leaf I brought home from my walk

Playing with soap bubbles

I also like playing on Picmonkey, a digital art program.  I created some things on there that I will share with you.  I'm not trying to advertise though. 

Morning Sun Rays I photographed

Picture I found on the internet which I added to Pic Monkey

Online picture I loved

I have painted and sketched.  I don't know what's holding me back but something is.  I painted this years ago.  

Blogging Day 13 Betty White and the Golden Girls

Almost every night before I go to bed I watch a couple episodes of the Golden Girls on Hulu. They are 3 women who decided to live together in Miami.   Along comes Dorothy's mother, Sophia, so now there's four women living together.  These shows aired from September 14, 1985, to May 9, 1992.  

Blanche was the sexy Golden Girl who had no problem talking about her "conquests".  Dorothy was the carmudgen,  Rose was the loveable airhead and Sophia's mouth had no filter.  Some have criticized the show for being so sarcastic with put downs and I will admit some of them were mean but still it's a very funny series. 

My friend Carole and I talked about forming our own Golden Girls home but so far it hasn't happened.  Who knows what life will bring? 

If any of you like the show, who do you identify with?  I kind of like Blanche myself, although I'd probably be cast as Sophia...

Blog 12 Relaxing in the sunrise

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope it's a good day for you. Mercury finally went direct yesterday but we have to wait until it goes back to the degree where it went retrograde until we are fully out of it. That will be May 3rd.  But the energy is easier now. 

I thought I'd share a video I made.  I hope that it helps your week start better and easier.

Day 11 A Field of Wishes

I saw this picture on my friend's Facebook page and it spoke to me. 


Remember when we were children and blew these, watching these puffy seeds float off into the air? It felt magical.

What if we were able to get our wishes fulfilled just by blowing on these dandelions?  What would we wish for? What if we received our wishes as soon as we asked for them?  Sometimes I think we'd be sorry we wished for this or that because we hadn't though it through how our life might change.

What would you wish for? Of course I'd wish for good health, love, peace, healing for our country and the world.  But I wouldn't mind a nice lottery winnings, more creative ideas among other things.

I'd love to read about your wishes if you'd like to share.

Blogging Day 10 Sad Movie Brought Up A Lot of Thoughts

I just finished watching one of the saddest movies ever.
This was free on Roku today. My husband had seen it before but I hadn't so we watched it together.

The movie was 

with Richard Gere.   Such a love story between a man and his dog.  No, the dog doesn't die. I don't want to give the plot away but when Richard dies the dog sits at the train station and waits for him to get off the train and come home.  Spring, summer, fall, winter Hachi sits.  As the tears streamed down my face and I stifle back sobs I think about this love and loyalty.  

Yes it is hard to lose someone you love, grief is such an all encompassing emotion but we cannot explain death to animals.  They must feel so abandoned.  Yes people feel abandoned too.  I know I did when my daddy died.   So empty, so bereft.  I remember going into is closet, smelling his clothes and sobbing.   I remember a few years ago going to pay my respects to some friends who lost their mother and seeing the father sitting beside the casket, their dog sitting beside him.  Such an emotional picture, so poignant. I had to hold back my sobs until I got back to the car.

Children don't  understand death so do they wait and wait for their parent to come home?  How does one explain this to a child?  What about someone who is mentally impaired.  Can they understand? Would they sit by a door and wait?

We've seen videos about dogs who greet their owners who have been deployed for years. 

A friend told me that after her mother got dementia she would forget that her husband had died and would ask where is he? My friend reminded her that he'd died.  She realized that her mother had to grieve all over again each time, so she stopped saying he'd died and said he was out fishing or doing something else.

Yes this is a tear jerker, I admit.  Life can feel so empty when someone we love dies and won't be coming home again. 

Blogging Day 9 People Who Think They Know how Others Should Live Their Lives

My friend Reenee Cummins shared this picture on Facebook.  It spoke to me.   I am sure I have been guilty of doing this to other people, especially when I was younger and thought I knew how others should do things and when.  I was so bad back then.  I hope I don’t do it anymore. 

That cat looks quite sarcastic doesn’t it, or bored.  

Why this spoke to me is that when I was so agoraphobic I would get these intense stomach pains while trying to go to classes or church.  I remember wanting to go and driving there but I’d get into the parking lot and almost be doubled over by pain.   I’d drive away and the pain would go away.   Sometimes I drove back and went in, other times I’d go home. It was very tiring.  People would say, “Where were you?”  “Why didn’t you come to class?”  I would mumble something about not feeling well or use some other excuse. I was so afraid to tell them how weak it made me feel. Sometimes I would get brave and tell them about my fears.  “Oh just say affirmations or ask God to help you.”  I’d hear.  That hurt. Why? Because no one knew how often I did this.  I’d beg God to take this fear away.  I actually didn’t know what was wrong with me.  I thought someday I would lose control and get locked up someplace.  This was in the 1960s. 

Another time I was sitting in the middle row amongst people listening to a lecture I was interested in but I felt so trapped I felt like I needed to run.  My hands became clammy, I couldn’t concentrate on the talk, and I just needed to get out. But I didn’t want to bother anyone and I felt glued to the seat.  A friend told me to just excuse yourself, get up and get out. I didn’t know how. It was too scary. I haven’t put myself back in that position since.  I always sit on an aisle seat. 

Later I was watching the Phil Donahue show in the early 70s and there were people talking about having the same symptoms I did.  I was so excited to know there was a name for it and I wasn’t crazy after all. Dr. Hardy was a pioneer in treating Agoraphobia. 
Next came an article in the Good Housekeeping magazine about it and having self-help groups where people with these fears could help and support each other.  We didn’t have anything like this in Palm Beach County where I lived at the time so somehow I started one and facilitated it for a year.   I won’t go into the details but it was way out of my comfort zone.   I went through hypnosis, talk therapy, Primal Scream therapy and everything helped.   I’m now working with Emotional Freedom Technique – Tapping and it is very helpful.  I’m still not doing some of the things I would like to be doing but I am better.  I eat in restaurants and I can go to meetings if I want to. I don’t obsess so much about the physical symptoms that I feel but I have tapping and other tools to use.

I didn’t mean to go into this so much because this is about how people don’t seem to know what to say that is helpful.  Instead they try to tell you what to do and they can be very critical too.   Yes I tried positive thinking, meditation, affirmations but what I was actually doing was trying to cover up fears that were buried and suck it up.  It did work sometimes but mostly I felt like a loser and I was actually mad at my body.  I actually had therapists tell me how lucky I was that I felt pain when I tried to do something scary. I didn’t understand that until I got into Emotional Freedom (EFT).  Now I thank my body for trying to protect me.  When we get pains it is for a reason.  Being gentle with myself and thanking my body is much more helpful than being mad at it and tensing up.

From this I hope I’m more compassionate with people. I don’t tell them what to do or put them down for their pains.  Instead I ask them how it feels, listen with empathy and many times people feel safe enough to cry and let their feelings out.  I am so honored when they can share their vulnerability with me.