Are you Potty Trained Yet?

 What if this world we're living in is "not even beyond the cosmic equivalent of potty training"?

Right now with the pandemic it sort of feels like it.  I mean look at the politicians and how they are blaming each other instead of using their status (I won't even say the word power) to solve this Covid-19 virus.   
Here it is five months since us older folks are told to stay home.   

People are saying masks don't work and even the president only wears his mask when he wants to.  He even claimed
 on Wednesday that catching the coronavirus was “a blessing from God”

I'm reading a book: Afterlife Adventures: Life After Death Stories/What Happens When We Die/Is There Proof?  by William Fergus Martin. He's the one I quoted from about potty training and he goes on to say, "Yet that takes nothing away from our potential and what we will eventually become."

I'm fascinated and when I see the news and all the political blaming ads I think, "Potty Training class".  

Yes I will vote but I'm going to stop allowing myself to get any more upset by the potty training classes and focus more on spreading love, angel blessings, joy and laughter. This does not mean I don't care because I do but I need to take care of myself now.  Too many aches, pains and stomach aches from watching potty training antics.  

So if you want a few laughs come on over to my FUN page. And take good care of you.  You have guardian angels around you who are waiting for you to ask them for help.  They love you and that's the start of another blog. 

My Guardian Angel Came to me Last Night

For three days I've been struggling with a difficult decision my husband and I had to make.  I won't go into what it was because it involves other people.  But it was hard and I cried a lot.   I use tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)  and it does help.  I also combine EFT with meditation, self talk, grounding exercises, breathwork and of course angels. 

I am taking a wonderful Angel Oracle Card certification course with the wonderful Radleigh Valentine.   I learned how to cut cords with  Archangel Michael who has a sword.  Rad showed how to call in AA Michael to swipe his sword back and forth in the front, the back, over the head and up and down our bodies.   

So last night as I was trying to go to sleep the difficult decision and the sadness began looping around and around in my brain.   I tapped and called in my angels.  I did the cord cutting with Michael.  Archangel Raphael is the healing angel so I called on her and others. I love talking to them. Suddenly I felt this warm, loving presence on my right side. All the sadness left while I bathed in this loving blanket of love.  I knew it was my guardian angel and other angels.   Some might say it was my imagination but I know that is one of the ways our angels come to us.  Why not? They have oh so many ways to help us. I don't limit them.  

People say we should only pray to God.  I've heard this many times. But what is God? A judgmental being sitting on a cloud?  No thank you.   My God is so much bigger.  It is the Universe, the sound of the birds, a rainshower, the laugh of a child, a beautiful sunset - there is no limit to God.  So when I talk about angels and how they help us I am also talking about God because God is everywhere.  

I am so grateful that I know about my angels.   I thanked them over and over last night as I fell into a deep dreamless, restful sleep.  When I awakened this morning I remembered the help I got last night and thanked them all over again.  What a wonderful way to start my day.

Would you like to know more about your angels or how ask them for help?  Goodness knows, we could all use our angel's help during these difficult times.  There is no limit to how many angels in God's wonderful universe.  We each have our own guardian angel and some of us have 2, 3, 4 guardian angels.  Who is yours? How can you communicate with them? How do they communicate with you?  If you want to know more, visit my Angelsloveyou page.  I have different types of readings I offer. 

In closing if there is one thing I want you to remember is YOUR ANGELS LOVE YOU now and forever!!!


Baseball, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Me ...

I just finished reading a book on my kindle titled The Boy Who Knew Too Much: An Astounding Story of a Young Boy's Past-Life Memories.

When Christian Haupt was two years old he said, "Mommy, I used to be a tall baseball player."  She answered, "Yes, you will be a tall baseball player someday."  With a look of exasperation, he stomped his foot and hollered, "No! I was a tall baseball player, tall like Daddy."

This little boy loved anything baseball and as I read the book, it brought back memories of my childhood.  Mother and I used to listen to baseball games on the radio before we had a television.  We had special score keeping books sort of like this:

I pretty much understood the game and enjoyed it.  Later when I was older a friend took me to Shibe Park in Philadelphia to watch the Philadelphia Athletics, known as the "A's" play.  We went to some Philly games too.  Because I had this crazy ambition to live and work in NYC, I became a Yankees fan.  I still might get excited if they were in the world series again.

Back to the book.  Christian saw a picture of Babe Ruth and told his mother that Babe Ruth was mean and he got upset.  His mother was shocked and asked how he knew this.  She was a Christian and felt it was wrong to believe in past lives until she researched and learned that early Christians believed in reincarnation until that belief was removed by a certain counsel back in A.D. 553.  Most other religions do believe in reincarnation.   I'm not here to dispute this nor am I a biblical scholar, but Cathy Byrd explains more in the book. She also contacted different therapists who had researched children's past memories of other lifetimes, plus she had several past life regressions herself because Christian told her she was his mother too when he was Lou Gehrig in his other life.  Christian knew things about Lou Gehrig that others didn't nor was he subjected to anything about Lou Gehrig by others.  Remember, he was only two. 

This is a fascinating book about baseball, the National Hall of Fame and people like Tommy Lasorda who had a special bond with Christian, Orlando Cepeda's baseball camp and many more.  So if you're into baseball this is a good read. It is also fascinating read if you are into reincarnation, past lives and near death experiences.  I know I loved the book for all these reasons and if you decide to read it, I hope you love it too.

She's Back - Flash Fiction

Ever since I moved into this house I thought something strange was going on.  I heard weird noises in the night and rustling sounds.  Sometimes the air around me turned icy cold leaving me shivering.  Other times, especially during full moons, the walls moaned.  But I never found anything missing or out of order.  One especially dark, windy night I heard the sounds of terrifying screams, "Let me out! Let me out!"  I tore into the bathroom and there she was ...  

Grocery shopping before Sunrise as the world is on hold

We are self quarantining but there are some supplies we felt we still needed.  Interesting times we are living in and as I saw the empty shelves, a lot of different thoughts ran through my head. 

Late yesterday we called Ingles to see if they'd gotten in any more bread or hand sanitizers.   They said no but come in early tomorrow morning, we stock overnight.  They said they didn't have Senior Citizen times to shop but early in the morning there aren't many people out.  So we talked about going to the store as close to six as we could.

At 5:55 I woke Bernie up and said, "ready to go on our new adventure?"  (We try to see new things as adventures, it helps).  

At about 6:15 am we were in the store and still... this is what we saw.  The bread is coming in around 10 am.  Blessings to the people who bake bread and other foods for us.   We got some different bread over by the cookies.  And they had french bread. These are good and we will freeze some.

 Then we walked down the meat aisle. Good time to be a vegetarian.

Empty Frozen Food Cabinet
Bless the suppliers who are working hard for us to restock. 

We found a full breakfast and took some home.  These workers had to get up really early to have this good food ready for us this early. 


 Beautiful sunrise on the drive home.  Everything seems so unreal how life has changed so fast while the sun continues to rise and set no matter what. 

Stay safe everyone and love eachother.

Loving Christmas Movies - Hallmark and More

I am not a big Christmas Fan in real life but I love Christmas Movies!  Watching these movies helps me like Christmas more. I posted some things about loving Christmas movies on my Facebook page and this is one of the replies I received:
"Someone needs to write new scripts for their movies. They are the same plots repeated over and over again, with the same actors.  Personally  I would like to see a real life type of story that people can relate to that doesn't include perky, bubbly, giddy females that act more like young teenagers instead of the adults they are supposed to be."  

I wonder why these movies are so popular if people can't relate to them?  As for real life, I often get tired of real life with all the negativity, pain and suffering.  Take me to a Christmas movie and I get a respite from it all.   Isn't this what movies are for? To take us away from "real life" so we can just sit back and relax?  Yes I like the glitter, the over decorating, those delicious looking Christmas cookies. What fun it would be to do carolling with them through the snow covered streets.   Community too!  Yes the Hallmark movies are filled with people who know each other and gather together with love and community. 

Sure some of these movies are cheesy without much plot and too bubbly women.  I've switched to another movie when the cheese gets too thick.  But other movies show heartbreak, loneliness,  pain, and most all the emotions we humans feel.  I watched some heart filled movies where people whose hearts have been broken and closed find love again.  What a joy to watch.  I've seen some where old lovers reunite after thirty years.  I've seen another wonderful movie where a woman finds her son she put up for adoption when he was a baby and how I cried!

Lifetime Movie club has their own Christmas movies that are different from Hallmark's but good in their own way. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime show Christmas movies too.  

Christmas movies FEEL GOOD and the more we find ways to feel good the more we raise our vibrations.  So many of us love these movies that there are facebook groups talking about what movies they like and posting the lovely decorations they put up.  There is a whole blog on how to write these movies and others why we are so addicted to them.

Yes give me these bubbly, loving, feeling characters, the glittery decorations, a glass of eggnog and some Christmas cookies and I'll put aside the negative news for awhile.

May your holidays be as blessed and happy as a Hallmark Christmas movie. 

Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay 

Image by Samad Khakpour from Pixabay 
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay 

Can We Let Go as Easily As the Leaves Release From Their Branches?

I love fall.  When I was a child I dreaded it because I had a school phobia so I don't think I even noticed the beauty of the leaves changing colors. I was raised in the north, then we moved to Florida and we didn't have a real fall down there.  There were signs including hurricanes and the weather got a little cooler.  But as time went on and fall rolled around again I began wanting to experience it again as an adult.  So we took a couple of trips to Tennessee and North Carolina.  I was 50 before I saw a mountain and as we drove toward them I teared up.  "Look what God made and then she painted them," I thought.  An old hymn began playing in my mind. 

Now that we are living where there are four seasons I've been enjoying fall again.  Each time I see the leaves swirling off the branches I think about how easily they let go.  We don't see trees screaming "No I don't want to let go, I want to stay on the branch."

We don't see branches pushing reluctant leaves off.   It all seems to happen just the way it's supposed to.  Yes there are storms that make the wind blow hard and many leaves fall at the same time.  But usually the leaves have their own beautiful dances.

So why do we have such trouble letting go?  Why can't we release our hurts and fears from the past as easy as the leaves release themselves from their branches?  I know there isn't just one answer to this question.  I've read and heard through my astrology courses that it is harder for some signs to let go than others. Could that really be true?  I am an Earth sign and my moon and sun are fixed.  I have had trouble letting go and when I heard that I thought, Ah so that's why.  But is that only reason?  I'm sure psychologists would have a field day with this subject.

What do you think?  Let's discuss but with love and gentleness.
In the meantime watch this video and think about what you'd like to let go of and how might you do it?  What techniques would you use? Meditation,  Eft tapping,  therapy? What has worked for you or hasn't worked?  You can post comments here on the blog or underneath it on Facebook.