She's Back - Flash Fiction

Ever since I moved into this house I thought something strange was going on.  I heard weird noises in the night and rustling sounds.  Sometimes the air around me turned icy cold leaving me shivering.  Other times, especially during full moons, the walls moaned.  But I never found anything missing or out of order.  One especially dark, windy night I heard the sounds of terrifying screams, "Let me out! Let me out!"  I tore into the bathroom and there she was ...  

Grocery shopping before Sunrise as the world is on hold

We are self quarantining but there are some supplies we felt we still needed.  Interesting times we are living in and as I saw the empty shelves, a lot of different thoughts ran through my head. 

Late yesterday we called Ingles to see if they'd gotten in any more bread or hand sanitizers.   They said no but come in early tomorrow morning, we stock overnight.  They said they didn't have Senior Citizen times to shop but early in the morning there aren't many people out.  So we talked about going to the store as close to six as we could.

At 5:55 I woke Bernie up and said, "ready to go on our new adventure?"  (We try to see new things as adventures, it helps).  

At about 6:15 am we were in the store and still... this is what we saw.  The bread is coming in around 10 am.  Blessings to the people who bake bread and other foods for us.   We got some different bread over by the cookies.  And they had french bread. These are good and we will freeze some.

 Then we walked down the meat aisle. Good time to be a vegetarian.

Empty Frozen Food Cabinet
Bless the suppliers who are working hard for us to restock. 

We found a full breakfast and took some home.  These workers had to get up really early to have this good food ready for us this early. 


 Beautiful sunrise on the drive home.  Everything seems so unreal how life has changed so fast while the sun continues to rise and set no matter what. 

Stay safe everyone and love eachother.

Loving Christmas Movies - Hallmark and More

I am not a big Christmas Fan in real life but I love Christmas Movies!  Watching these movies helps me like Christmas more. I posted some things about loving Christmas movies on my Facebook page and this is one of the replies I received:
"Someone needs to write new scripts for their movies. They are the same plots repeated over and over again, with the same actors.  Personally  I would like to see a real life type of story that people can relate to that doesn't include perky, bubbly, giddy females that act more like young teenagers instead of the adults they are supposed to be."  

I wonder why these movies are so popular if people can't relate to them?  As for real life, I often get tired of real life with all the negativity, pain and suffering.  Take me to a Christmas movie and I get a respite from it all.   Isn't this what movies are for? To take us away from "real life" so we can just sit back and relax?  Yes I like the glitter, the over decorating, those delicious looking Christmas cookies. What fun it would be to do carolling with them through the snow covered streets.   Community too!  Yes the Hallmark movies are filled with people who know each other and gather together with love and community. 

Sure some of these movies are cheesy without much plot and too bubbly women.  I've switched to another movie when the cheese gets too thick.  But other movies show heartbreak, loneliness,  pain, and most all the emotions we humans feel.  I watched some heart filled movies where people whose hearts have been broken and closed find love again.  What a joy to watch.  I've seen some where old lovers reunite after thirty years.  I've seen another wonderful movie where a woman finds her son she put up for adoption when he was a baby and how I cried!

Lifetime Movie club has their own Christmas movies that are different from Hallmark's but good in their own way. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime show Christmas movies too.  

Christmas movies FEEL GOOD and the more we find ways to feel good the more we raise our vibrations.  So many of us love these movies that there are facebook groups talking about what movies they like and posting the lovely decorations they put up.  There is a whole blog on how to write these movies and others why we are so addicted to them.

Yes give me these bubbly, loving, feeling characters, the glittery decorations, a glass of eggnog and some Christmas cookies and I'll put aside the negative news for awhile.

May your holidays be as blessed and happy as a Hallmark Christmas movie. 

Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay 

Image by Samad Khakpour from Pixabay 
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay 

Can We Let Go as Easily As the Leaves Release From Their Branches?

I love fall.  When I was a child I dreaded it because I had a school phobia so I don't think I even noticed the beauty of the leaves changing colors. I was raised in the north, then we moved to Florida and we didn't have a real fall down there.  There were signs including hurricanes and the weather got a little cooler.  But as time went on and fall rolled around again I began wanting to experience it again as an adult.  So we took a couple of trips to Tennessee and North Carolina.  I was 50 before I saw a mountain and as we drove toward them I teared up.  "Look what God made and then she painted them," I thought.  An old hymn began playing in my mind. 

Now that we are living where there are four seasons I've been enjoying fall again.  Each time I see the leaves swirling off the branches I think about how easily they let go.  We don't see trees screaming "No I don't want to let go, I want to stay on the branch."

We don't see branches pushing reluctant leaves off.   It all seems to happen just the way it's supposed to.  Yes there are storms that make the wind blow hard and many leaves fall at the same time.  But usually the leaves have their own beautiful dances.

So why do we have such trouble letting go?  Why can't we release our hurts and fears from the past as easy as the leaves release themselves from their branches?  I know there isn't just one answer to this question.  I've read and heard through my astrology courses that it is harder for some signs to let go than others. Could that really be true?  I am an Earth sign and my moon and sun are fixed.  I have had trouble letting go and when I heard that I thought, Ah so that's why.  But is that only reason?  I'm sure psychologists would have a field day with this subject.

What do you think?  Let's discuss but with love and gentleness.
In the meantime watch this video and think about what you'd like to let go of and how might you do it?  What techniques would you use? Meditation,  Eft tapping,  therapy? What has worked for you or hasn't worked?  You can post comments here on the blog or underneath it on Facebook.

Sunday morning with the cows

This morning we went out for breakfast and picked up a newspaper. On the way home I noticed the mountains were dressed in fog.  I was too far away to take a picture so we drove over to the park.  The view wasn't the same but I photographed a couple of pictures.

Then we saw the cows.  

I read that it is not true that when cows are lying down it's going to rain.  Cows can lie down for a long time. They sleep lying down too but only when there is another cow keeping watch.  

 As you can see, there are always one or two cows standing guard while the others are relaxing.

One cow that was closest to the gate seemed like he was looking at me.  I said hi to him but got no response.  Not that I expected him to wave or say, "Hi Jean".   Then I remembered those videos where people played music for the cows and they all walked over to the fence to listen. So I looked for the video and found a couple. But the sun was shining so bright on the phone that I really didn't find a good one.  Next time I will be more prepared and try something like this.

Do cows respond more to live music more than music played from a phone? I don't know.

Did you know that the latest fad is to cuddle with cows at $300 an hour?

So that's Sunday morning with the cows and a couple of pretty mountain pictures too.

Prayer For Protection

I need this prayer today.  I don't know who GOD is.  I know it is not a man sitting on a cloud judging us.  I know people who are really really mad at him for letting things happen.  Who is God?  How to make God feel more personal?  I think of my angels and guides when I think of God.  I know, people write that we shouldn't pray to angels, only to God.  I don't feel like when I talk to my angels I'm excluding God.  Thinking God as the Universe is almost too big.  But God is not a man either.  What about Goddess?  I don't know for sure but I like this prayer. It was written by James Dillet Freeman and Buzz Aldrin carried this prayer for protection in his pocket when he went to the moon.  

Wonderful 4th of July as a child

Besides Christmas and my birthday, 4th of July was my 3rd favorite holiday.   I was raised in a small town who celebrated the day in all kinds of wonderful ways.

First we had the parade.  I marched in it when I was a Brownie. 

Another time I was in the parade with my bicycle advertising my father's gas station. 

Advertising my father's gas station is open now

Jack's gas station is open now

After the parade we went up to the park for games and races. 

Later in the afternoon we got to go to the lake where we participated in swimming races. I won once for the back crawl. 

The single men and married ones played a baseball game.  I don't know if they still do.

One of my favorite memories was the street dance.  I was a child then. It was in the 1940s and I loved hanging out near the band.  They played Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman music and I loved watching the piano and bass players.   

My father was a fireman in town and one year I got to ride in the firetruck with him and ring the bell. Boy did I think I was hot stuff.  Ha ha.   Back then they let children ride around town in a fire truck.  It was fun.

We moved a couple years after Dad died and the Fourth of July was never the same.   I always wished I was back in my hometown on that special day.

In 1989 we went back for mother's funeral and we were there on July 4th staying at an aunt's house.  Waiting and watching the parade was so nostalgic.  It felt like nothing had changed except the people.   I was quite emotional for many reasons.

Today I watched a live Facebook video of the parade and many emotions came up again. I remembered the good times, my friends, parents, and what fun we had on this special holiday in my old home town.   It was both fun and bittersweet.   As someone told me, the children today are making the same memories because the town itself hasn't changed all that much.