Tuesday, December 5, 2017

How Do Angels Show up in Our Lives?

The other day I posted a question on my Facebook page "If your Guardian Angel appeared in your living room what would you ask her/him about?" I got a lot of interesting comments and one from a non believer who said she would wake up.  

This got me thinking about how angels show up in our lives. 

Some people just sense their angels around them.   I was taking a shower one day getting ready to go to my dermatology appointment. I was anxious because many other times he had found some basal cell skin cancers and I was getting tired of getting cut on.  I didn't want to go.  Suddenly I sensed and saw in my mind's eye a huge angel in my shower.  I was taken aback a bit but not scared.  I "heard" him say I wasn't going to get cut on today so don't worry.  I felt myself beginning to relax even though I was a bit skeptical. But sure enough, the doctor didn't find anything new on my skin, so my angel's message was right on.

 Some hear angels, either like I did when I got the angel message in the shower and others actually hear a voice.  There have been stories about people who were about to get into an automobile accident who heard a voice saying "Put your foot on the brake now"  or "Turn the wheel to the right" and other warnings.   I was alone in my house one day way back when and I heard a voice as plain as could be that said, "find out about computers."  I was startled because I was alone and I asked, "What?" The voice said clearly "Find out about Computers."  I didn't even know what a computer was but I thought I'd better see what computers were about and I'm glad I did.  It changed my life and I started doing online chat readings, email readings and skype ones too.  I read for people all over the world thanks to computers and my angel's instructions.

Many call on and get answers from Jesus.  I am not saying Jesus is an angel but who knows?  What is an angel anyhow? Do they have to have wings?  

 Some people see lights when they ask for guidance from their angels.  They can be sparkles of  beautiful colors, flashes of lights, bubbles or orbs.  

 Other people feel pure love when their angels are around.  

How do you sense your angels are around you?  I would love to hear your stories.  Post them in the comments below if you feel like sharing.

I will write more about this in future blogs. So until next time just know that YOUR ANGELS LOVE YOU NOW AND FOREVER!


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Falling In Love

I just finished watching one of my favorite movies, Falling In Love.   I've lost count how many times I've seen this movie.  

As I watched, I wondered about fate, chance, destiny and whether some part of our lives have been programmed.  Do we choose our paths or is it destiny? Does the Law of Attraction work in all cases or is there more to life than we can even imagine?

Do we meet by chance?  How many chances do we get to meet with the one love in our life?  How many loves can be the one?  Is there more than one person/soul we are meant to be with?  Can we have successive real loves?

If we are married and meet this special person would it be enough to see them occasionally?  Would it be okay to sleep with them?  Or would it be best to walk away?  Is there one answer?  I don't feel there is one answer.  I don't believe anyone should judge another because who really knows?  There are so many various circumstances, so how could there be one answer, one way for everyone to "behave"?  
What is love? Why do people get married? Goodness there are so many different reasons.   So many different stories. 

What is your story? Is anyone brave enough to share?  

Of course you can always private message me on Facebook and share your story or email me at jeanmaurie@angelsloveyou.com  
Or maybe you just want to keep your story to yourself.  

Monday, November 6, 2017

God Created the Earth and then She Painted it

Growing up in New Jersey I had a school phobia so in the fall I didn't see the beauty because I was so afraid of going to school.  Then we moved to South Florida and yes Florida has it's own version of fall. The light changes, some flowers bloom in the fall and we could grow vegetables that were too hot to grow in the summer.  But it was not the same as fall in the North.   I would watch the NY marathon just to get glimpses of the colorful leaves. We moved to North Carolina in 2000 and have been enjoying fall ever since.  Here is my 2017 version.


This was filmed in my neighborhood before the clouds and rain moved in.   The colors are so vibrant in the sunrise.

Yesterday we drove out to Looking Glass Falls in Transylvania County, NC through Pisgah Forest and found some beautiful pictures.

There were a lot of people watching the waterfall and people were taking turns taking pictures of each other. Several times I offered to take their pictures together and they happily said yes.  One man took a nice picture of the two of us. 

Before I close I want to share my close-up video of Looking Glass Falls.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Singing and Healing

Day 17 Nudge: Show off without apologizing

When I was a little girl I loved to sing.  I was in the choir and sometimes got too enthusiastic.  One day my aunt told me that Mrs. G told her to tell me not to sing too loud because I couldn't carry a tune.  That was the end! No more singing for me.

Fast forward 60+ years we discovered karaoke.  I still loved music but there was no way in hell I was going to get up and sing.  My husband had no problems singing without even rehearsing.

Something inside of me wanted to get up and sing just like I loved to do as a child.  But I was too scared. And I mean SCARED.  I couldn't carry a tune, remember?

Two of the regulars invited me to sit between them and sing a song I knew and they would sing with me to make it easier.  They let me pick out a song.  It was the Girl From Ipanema.  I sang it with them and I think I shook for the rest of the evening.

"All you have to do is practice," people would say trying to be helpful. 
"Practice what?  How do I know if I am practicing the right notes?"  No one could really answer my question.

Someone told me a male that came to karaoke was a high school choir director and pointed him out to me.  "Maybe he could help you."

For a few weeks I was too nervous to ask him but finally I did.  I asked him how does one practice singing and know if they are practicing the right way?  He told me things about vocalizing and cupping my ear so I could hear my own voice when I sang.   I asked him if he would be willing to teach me and if so how much did he charge.  We made an appointment for me to meet him where he teaches and he would listen to me sing and see if I was teachable.

I don't know where I got the nerve but this voice in my head that was put there by my choir director through my aunt wanted healing. So at 70 1/2 I took singing lessons.  I was anxious before every lesson but once I got into it I had fun.  I learned I had a bigger singing range than I knew. But because of a hearing loss in one ear I couldn't always hear when I went sharp or flat.  But I kept on.

One thing he told me is that if I don't keep up with vocalizing my voice would go back to what it was before and even worse. He was right. When I sing I cough now.  I found some really fun vocalizing videos online and keep promising myself I will sing again.   Maybe I will, maybe I won't, but I did heal that voice from my childhood and I am pretty proud of myself whether I sing again or not.

Here I am singing one of my favorite songs at karaoke.

Fly Free or Schedule?

Day 18 - Share a life hack.

My schedule is pretty light so I use a Celestial Guide to list my appointments.   It shows where the planets are for that day and in what signs.  In the back of the Guide is a month by month list of what is going on with the planets, full moons, eclipses, when Mercury goes retrograde or direct. It is very handy for me.  I've used these for many years.

I will admit that I want to be more of a fly by the seat of my pants person.  I so dislike schedules.  Of course I have to have them but hey if you wanna go out to dinner just call me or I'll call you and see if we're free.

I get my haircut at a walk-in place and if they are too filled up I leave and go back another day.

Of course I can't do that with clients and doctor or dentist appointments but I leave a lot of room for myself.  

Just the other day after reading the blog I posted with a video with Alan Watts I realized, "Hey I'm 81, what goals am I trying to reach?"  Why hurry?  Why do I have to work so hard on myself?  Who am I trying to change for?  When am I going to realize "I'm pretty good right now, so just sit back, write, play your games, enjoy your husband and indulge in binging with Netflix or Hulu, blog if you want but be here and now, not in the past or future."

Here is a self-care blog I wrote in May.  


Friday, September 15, 2017


Day 15 Today's nudge - What is something you know for sure?

We are Miracles!  All of us!  Life is a Miracle! Even though we can create life in test tubes we can't actually make the cells and put all the atoms together to create a human. We cannot put the veins and blood vessels together or make eyes or ears that work.  So if anyone doubts that Miracles don't exist just think of how we are so wonderfully made.

We don't know how to make a cloud that stays in the sky, we don't know how to make the sun rise and set.  We don't know how to create a tree from a seed or how to keep a bird flying.  

Thursday, September 14, 2017

I Need Light, Lots of Light!

Day 14 Today's Nudge is to share something that isn't widely known about me.

I need light!  I need lots of light in my environment.

We recently moved into a 2 bedroom home so I had to get creative setting up my office/bedroom.  For a couple of months it felt gloomy in here and I didn't know what was wrong.  We had set my computer and chair up with my back to the windows.  I kept the blinds down.  I just didn't want to be in the room but I didn't know why.

Finally today I realized what I needed.  I needed not to have my back against the window.  I needed to raise my blinds and be able to see out.  

So we moved furniture around and now I can see out! I felt the difference immediately.  This is my office in progress. 

I have more space in front of me now and room to put a picture on the wall in front of me that will cheer me up even more. So I ordered this print in a larger size.  It will be here on Monday and I am excited to see it on my wall.

I don't need to be at the beach to enjoy it.  I remember so well what it felt like to lay on the beach and swim in the ocean.

So mentally I can imagine/remember how it feels and go there again in my mind.  This is a form of meditation and I can put on my headphones and listen to the sounds of the ocean or any relaxing music I want.

Let there be light and there is!