After I'm Gone

I'm reading Then Again by Diane Keaton, a memoir she wrote about herself and her connection with her mother. Diane found journals her mother wrote - 85 of them. After reading the first page it made me wonder about my own journals. I have 15 filled notebooks I started in 1963 right before JFK's assassination. They are dated and most of the pages are numbered.

I also have a box of letters that Bernie and I wrote to each other before we were married in 1958. He was in the Navy and it took almost ten days before I'd get a return letter. Now that e-mails are so fast do people actually correspond? I'm glad I have these letters, but like my journals, who would want to read them? What will happen to them when I'm gone - when both of us have left this earth plane? Will my Son want to cart around all this as he moves, will they be stored in a warehouse? Who would care?

I remember when my mom died, my step father was tossing a lot of things I grabbed. Mom was a noted Amateur Radio operator who received plaques for different accomplishments.

My journals are about my life, healing fears, overcoming agoraphobia, different therapies I've been through, my growth as an astrologer, tarot card reader and much much more. I would like to write my memoirs someday but don't know where to start. Again, who would want to read it? Someone suggested I donate them to a college and I wondered why. One thing I do know is that I'd be delighted if I found journals written by my mother or my grandmother.

Glorious sunrise over the ocean

I spent many a morning looking at this scene during the years I lived in South Florida. I have this beautiful memory to remember. Whenever I want I can close my eyes and in my imagination I am back there. In fact it is one of the pictures I use for meditation. The water was warm and I'd stand in the light that the sun cast upon the ocean and feel myself being healed. Nothing mattered as I stood in the now of the sunrise. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Thank you Lightning Videos.

The Law of Attraction is like the Internet - What's Your Password?

Our brains have been compared to computers in many ways and no computer has been able to duplicate the brain. The brain and the computer need energy. The computers need electricity or battery power to run and our brains need nutrients and oxygen. When the computer breaks it can be fixed by adding new parts or, in other cases we can buy new computers or upgrade them. Try adding new parts to the brain or upgrading them. It hasn't happened yet.

The Law of Attraction is like the internet. What is your password? Watch this video and let's discuss.