My Guardian Angel Came to me Last Night

For three days I've been struggling with a difficult decision my husband and I had to make.  I won't go into what it was because it involves other people.  But it was hard and I cried a lot.   I use tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)  and it does help.  I also combine EFT with meditation, self talk, grounding exercises, breathwork and of course angels. 

I am taking a wonderful Angel Oracle Card certification course with the wonderful Radleigh Valentine.   I learned how to cut cords with  Archangel Michael who has a sword.  Rad showed how to call in AA Michael to swipe his sword back and forth in the front, the back, over the head and up and down our bodies.   

So last night as I was trying to go to sleep the difficult decision and the sadness began looping around and around in my brain.   I tapped and called in my angels.  I did the cord cutting with Michael.  Archangel Raphael is the healing angel so I called on her and others. I love talking to them. Suddenly I felt this warm, loving presence on my right side. All the sadness left while I bathed in this loving blanket of love.  I knew it was my guardian angel and other angels.   Some might say it was my imagination but I know that is one of the ways our angels come to us.  Why not? They have oh so many ways to help us. I don't limit them.  

People say we should only pray to God.  I've heard this many times. But what is God? A judgmental being sitting on a cloud?  No thank you.   My God is so much bigger.  It is the Universe, the sound of the birds, a rainshower, the laugh of a child, a beautiful sunset - there is no limit to God.  So when I talk about angels and how they help us I am also talking about God because God is everywhere.  

I am so grateful that I know about my angels.   I thanked them over and over last night as I fell into a deep dreamless, restful sleep.  When I awakened this morning I remembered the help I got last night and thanked them all over again.  What a wonderful way to start my day.

Would you like to know more about your angels or how ask them for help?  Goodness knows, we could all use our angel's help during these difficult times.  There is no limit to how many angels in God's wonderful universe.  We each have our own guardian angel and some of us have 2, 3, 4 guardian angels.  Who is yours? How can you communicate with them? How do they communicate with you?  If you want to know more, visit my Angelsloveyou page.  I have different types of readings I offer. 

In closing if there is one thing I want you to remember is YOUR ANGELS LOVE YOU now and forever!!!