Wonderful Radio Shows

For Two years my co-host Maggie Lukowski and I hosted a wonderful radio show called Personal Empowerment For Your Soul on Thursdays at 1pm Eastern Time on Attune Magazine radio. We had some wonderful guests and learned a lot.  We thank Mary Nale from Attune Magazine for providing us this opportunity. 

We had a lot of fun. Radio has been in my blood since I played radio as a child with my cousin,Robin.  Later I hung out at radio stations and helped the Disc Jockeys by pulling records (yes we had vinyl records back in those days).
Once in a while they would let me dedicate a song to friends.
I had this dream of having my own late night radio talk show which didn't happen.  But I will say my show with Maggie was just as much fun and I got to sleep at night.

My mother was an Amateur radio operator (Ham) and I got into CB Radio in the 70s.  I stayed up half the night talking to people then. 

I want to share a list of our shows from Personal Empowerment For Your Soul so you can listen to them now.  

I have a new show called Angels Love You.  It is on Sunday's once a month.  

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