I need a WTF basket

I'm trying to organize clutter in my office. Whenever I do this, for some reason I get all tense. I started a pile of little things I didn't know what to do with and I felt more tense. So I stopped and did some tapping (EFT)on why I get tense when I start to declutter. I felt myself relax but I still had a pile of miscellaneous papers on my lap. What to do with them?

I love baskets, so suddenly I got the idea of getting myself a WTF basket. I could start throwing miscellaneous papers in there. But is that uncluttering? Or am I creating more clutter?

I have my bills organized and paid on time, I get my library books back on time - usually, so why does clutter clutter up my brain? Maybe its a deeper issue that I need to delve into, maybe I love my clutter. After all when I was on CB radio I was known as the clutterbug when I wasn't called other names. I don't have boxes piled up to the ceiling so it's not like I'm a hoarder - I'm just messy. Sometimes I really love my clutter until I start thinking I "should" have a neat and tidy office. I read an article where clutter isn't necessarily bad, its the sign of a creative mind. I've also read articles that say get rid of your clutter so you unclutter your mind and life!

I think there is an easier way to deal with clutter and I just told myself I am in control. So I'm sitting here writing about it instead of DOING it and I feel much better.

So if anyone knows where to get a WTF basket please let me know. Thanks

Are we Defending our Lives or Living it Joyfully?

Here is a clip of one of my favorite movies, Defending Your Life by Albert Brooks. This is a "comedy" but is really quite a deep movie that is often passed over.
I've seen the movie at least a dozen times and it speaks to me each time.

Albert Brooks dies and is sent to judgment city in the afterlife. He has to view
periods in his life when he felt fear and wasn't able to defend himself
or make changes that would help him work through his fears.

How many of us are too afraid to try new things because we're afraid and
need to feel "safe" where we are? How many of us are in jobs we don't
like because we are afraid to follow our dreams? How many of us are in
relationships that are more of a struggle than fun or loving because
we're "used" to it and we are afraid of the unknown?

So what are you changing or not changing because you're comfortable and don't want to take a chance and follow your heart's desire? Are you wishing you could change something in your life so you can produce your dreams, or are you sitting there too afraid to take a chance? Let's open up a dialogue so we can help each other grow
with joy and expectations instead of wallowing in our fears. Believe me I
know fears as this has been one of my issues I took on when I agreed to
come into this lifetime. I'm finally learning to release them.

If you need help with this I am available to help you get to know yourself better through an astrology, tarot, psychic, love and destiny card reading. Your Angels will give you messages too.

I Wish I hadn't waited so long

This was a beautiful tree filled with glorious opened pink blossoms. The ground was covered in pink petals and I breathed in the light perfumed scent of this delicious tree when I went for my morning walks. "I'll take a picture of it next time I'm out here," I kept telling myself. So yesterday I grabbed my flip video camera and walked outside and saw this picture. Where are the pink blossoms? What happened? Sigh, I waited too long. I procrastinated. I refuse to beat myself up for this but I will use it as a reminder that tomorrow might be too late. Do it now. Take that picture, tell someone you love them! Thank someone who was kind! Smile at strangers! Smile at the grouchy person, she/he might be having a bad day. Call a friend! Hug someone! Make that phone call! We just never know when it's too late.

If you could reset your life, would you? What would you do different?

I have a Yahtzee game on the sink in my bathroom and I relax while I'm playing it, making my visit there easier. When I don't like the way the game's going I reset it. That made me think, what if we didn't like what was happening in our lives and we could push a button and reset ourselves. Would you like to go back to a different time in your life? If so where? What would you do different? Would you make new choices? Sometimes it is fun to play with this, but sometimes it is also better to leave the past alone.

Obviously we can't go back and change anything, but we can start where we are and make new choices. Today is a new day! Actually I don't feel any of my choices have been wrong, they brought me to where I am now and that is who I am!

If I could go back I think I'd return to when I was in my 30s, but I'd have to know what I know today or I wouldn't go there.

I'd love to hear what you would change if you could, or what changes you could make now?

Calling the soul Home

I found this video You Tube and the richness of the music and the words brought up some emotions connecting with my inner child. I felt like she was sitting there saying, "what did we come here to do this lifetime? Will we ever know?" I remember as a child loving church music, hymns, organs and the choir. But I was told if you can come to church you can come to Sunday School too. I didn't want to go to Sunday School, it was boring but I didn't want to have to make excuses so I didn't go to church either. This video brought back these memories and again I was moved like I had been as a child in church. I hope you like it too. Happy Easter with Love :)