Thanksgivings now and then

While I was sitting here at my computer on this Thanksgiving 2012, someone posted a picture on Facebook of a group of people sitting around the dinner table totally disconnected from each other. I stared and stared at it thinking how much the world has changed. This got me thinking about thanksgiving's from my past. Look at the difference between these two pictures.
What a difference between these two gatherings! Isn't this amazing how the people in the first picture are all connecting electronically. They don't even seem to see the food waiting to be eaten. It looks like they don't even care.

In the second picture people are smiling at each other, probably talking about the turkey that's being put on the table.  

Here's another group connecting. How times have changed!  Yes they are all connecting - yet in different ways.  I love the fact that we aren't stuck at home waiting for phone calls anymore now that we have cell phones.  I love that computers, cell phones and Skype can connect each other over the world. A person who is alone with a cell phone or a computer doesn't have to feel totally isolated.  But human connection is important too.  I am thankful that we have choices!  I am thankful for the people in my online thriving now group and for my Facebook friends too.  It can be too easy to isolate ourselves with all the electronic opportunities available.  This has all given me a lot to think about. How about you?

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