Playing Grownup

Remember how we used to play "Grownup" when we were children? This little girl took it a few steps further. She liked watching makeup videos on her ipad and she asked her mother if she could make her own video.  Here's the result.  I could see myself doing this as a child too, but we didn't have the technology.
I used to play bride and dress up too - see pictures below.  And as you can see the pictures are black and white.  No ipads or computers back then.  I like now so much better. 

Playing Bride

Playing Dressup


How many of us can allow ourselves to be in the moment like this?  Little boy spots a fun looking puddle and wants to explore it.  How many parents would say, "get away from the puddle, you'll get your shoes wet."  Or "hurry up I don't have all day!"  But no, this child is allowed to play in the puddle, getting his shoes all wet.  When he's done he is done.  Sigh, I love watching this.  I hope you do too.