What a difference a day makes

I don't understand why some days I can wake up with waves of anxiety coursing through me and other days it's not there. Yesterday wasn't any different than any other day. By that I mean I didn't have a pending doctor's appointment, I didn't hurt anyplace, I had money to pay bills and everything seemed like a normal Saturday. I got up despite the anxiety and turned on the computer. Everything was ok there, thank goodness because I definitely need a new screamingly fast computer. But the planet Mercury was sitting stationary in my sun sign of Taurus. It started turning direct today but yesterday I felt like shit. Pardon my expression. I had no energy, I felt like there was no reason to get up, sit here, be nice or anything. I'm sure we all feel this way at times.

I decided to pull up my astrology chart and see what was going on. The planet Mercury was opposite my natal moon and doing something nasty to my natal Mars. Right now I forget what it was but I looked it up and it said something about getting into arguments with people. I knew there was no point to that, so I kind of just stayed to myself and tried not to sulk. I gave thanks for stuff and played some games on pogo.com.

We'd planned on going downtown to the bikers for autism and hear our favorite one man band, Tom Brown. I almost didn't want to go but the voices in my head said, "go you'll feel better." So we did. The voices in my head were right, I did feel better. We just love listening to Tom Brown. I wish he'd get a profile on facebook or get someone to film him and put him on You Tube. You think of a one man band as a clown like person with clickers in their hand and a whistle that they blow. But Tom isn't like that. He's recorded background music on his computers and he sings and plays the guitar with the background music. He plays a lot of oldie goldies from the 50s and 60s. Next week he'll be at the curb market and I'm looking forward to that.

Anyhow, main street was filled with bikers of all sorts. I don't know the different names of motorcycles though. I wish I'd taken some pictures. I took a pic with my blackberry and sent it to my friend Lori (hey baby what's your card) but it wasn't clear enough to put on here. Oh yes Bernie took a video but it isn't ready to put up here. Maybe later I'll get some pics. It was a nice evening and I got my ice cream fix and some honey/garlic chicken. Yum.

So today I get up, feel fine and we go out to the Golden Corral for breakfast. I love their egg pies, creamed chipped beef and glazed donuts. (I only eat one). Then an ex neighbor comes over and stands there talking about her ailments and her husband's doctor's appointments and I proceed to get a stomach ache. I don't like listening to this crap. Sorry. I've had enough experience with doctor's and surgery to last me the rest of my life.

We went grocery shopping, came home and I've been sitting here working on my soul garden Taurus page of love. If you want to get your daily love fix come join me @

It's a neat place and you'll enjoy the music, pictures, blogs and comments.

I guess what this whole thing is about is why is one day so totally different from the next? Not that I want every day to be the same. I'm talking more about moods than anything else. I'm glad Mercury is direct now. Do you have days like I had yesterday and don't know why?

^i^ angel hugs, Jean

Free Wednesday Tarot Class The Hermit

Hi and welcome to our Wednesday Tarot lesson. This week we are meeting the Hermit. Take a look at him in your Rider-Waite deck. He is number IX. He is standing on the top of a cold, snowy mountain holding a lantern and a staff. He has reached the first plateau of awareness and has gone through the initiation of the cards from the fool to strength that we’ve talked about in our other articles. Because he has reached this higher level of consciousness, he can teach us. He is holding the light to illumine the path for the rest of us. He made the trek up the mountain on his own, just like we have to climb our own mountains – you know the ones we make out of mole hills? The word Hermit comes from the Greek word eremites, which means of the desert. Sometimes we have to be like the Hermit and periodically pull away from our every day life to seek solitude. We don’t have to climb mountains to get away but we need to take a few minutes for ourselves, to shut the door, take some deep breaths and connect with our Higher Self or our Angels and Guides. This is really not hard to do. Some say “I can’t meditate because I can’t still my mind.” I always say, you don’t have to quiet your mind, but if you buy some guided imagery tapes, get quiet and listen to them, it will be like taking a vacation. You will have temporarily let go of your worries and problems and come back refreshed. This is also called charging your inner batteries. All of our spiritual teachers including Moses and Jesus learned to go away for awhile and go into the silence and the solitude

Sometimes when we are on our spiritual path we feel like we’re alone in the desert and it can feel scary. We feel adrift, separate, and lonely. This can make us feel so uncomfortable that we flip on the TV, call a friend on the phone, go to a bar – anything so we don’t have to feel that restless, empty scary feeling. Our new friend the Hermit felt like this many times, just as all of us do. This is part of growth and we can learn to welcome it and practice attuning ourselves to new ways of solving our personal problems. The Hermit symbolizes that we can always turn to him and his light for guidance. He symbolizes our Higher Power. He knows that he cannot carry us just like we don’t need to carry others. We can be like the Hermit in our own life and, once we get our inner light glowing, we can teach others how to be strong. Many times this is the only way we can help. If we run around giving all our money away to people they will just spend the money and be out of it again. Is that helpful? Maybe temporarily we can give them a hand, but wouldn’t it be much better if we showed them how to help themselves? Jesus not only fed the people but he showed them how to fish. There are many kinds of teachers in the world. There are credit counselors, twelve step programs, gamblers anonymous and other types of recovery programs. We can learn from Yogi Classes, Tai Chi, and Karate. Exercise and walking is another way to get away and go within. Many times people recharge when they walk – their endorphins are released. Diet changes, journaling, going to someone in the helping professions – all of these are forms of teachings that can help us on our path. We don’t need to limit ourselves. Neither do we have to solve everyone else’s problems. Yes it is good to be of service, but when we get so engrossed in solving other’s problems that we drain ourselves, we can end up making others dependent on us, and that is definitely not what the Hermit is about. You can be like the Hermit and help others find their own light. We all come into this earth plane with our own lessons and we really have no knowledge of what the other person has come here to learn. We need to remember this when we get too involved in trying to help another. It’s great to help them help themselves, but we must not try to carry them.
The astrological sign of the Hermit is Virgo, which is an earth sign. It is mutable, meaning adaptable; it can either stand still or change, depending on the needs. Virgo’s like to analyze and serve, they are industrious and one of their lessons is to free themselves from excessive worry. What teachers, books, classes will you take to become more like your Hermit within? The planet Mercury, which represents our mind, our way of communicating, rules Virgo. Try to be aware this week how you will learn from others as well as be their teacher.

The Hermit’s Advice:

Rest, relax, regenerate, and pay attention to your needs
Focus on your work and don’t let yourself get distracted
Eat nutritiously, exercise, dance, and become balanced
Look to your higher self, start journaling with your angels
Hold the light for others but don’t carry them

Next week we’ll look at our Wheel of Fortune. What a fun card this can be!

^i^ Angel Hugs,

Jean Maurie

South Florida with mountains


What a lovely thought! If Florida had mountains or Western North Carolina had an ocean I would be in total heaven. I do miss the beach and ocean but love the mountains. I know people living in certain parts of California can drive to the ocean in a short time and still see mountains. You can't do that here though. I had 47 wonderful years living in South Florida from 1953 to 2000. I never saw a mountain until I was 50. We missed the four seasons after growing up in Pa and NJ. So when my husband retired we decided to move to the mountains. I had 47 years laying in the sun, swimming in the ocean, playing in my family's pool. Such wonderful memories. Then I see this picture and think, wouldn't it be wonderful to have the best of both worlds. I know people live in Fla in the winter months and come up here in the summer, but what the heck, why not have it all? I know you are probably saying Florida isn't that far away you could go anytime. Yes we could if we were travelers but we aren't. I'm still trying to remember how to fly. Guess that would mess up the air traffic controllers and who knows, they might try to shoot me down. Oh well, I can use this wonderful picture for a relaxing meditation.

Thanks to

for the inspiration

Free Wednesday Tarot Class - Strength Card

Hi and welcome to the Wednesday tarot lesson. This week we are going to meet Strength! It is number 8 and if you look at the Rider-Waite deck you will see a beautiful woman with the number 8 floating over her head turned sideways. – The same as the Magician had over his head. Women can be magicians too! This sign is the symbol of infinity, or forever ness. It also represents the state of balance and how she is focused on right thinking, which leads to right action. After all, she is petting a Lion! She has moved beyond needing a wand because her power is in her hands. Using her spiritual courage, Ms Strength has learned how to control her passions, which the Lion represents. The Lion also represents our lower selves, the animal within us.

If you remember the Charioteer from last week, he was testing out his tools and skills by traveling, using his mind. He was outside of his protective city, venturing down the highway of life. Was he scared? I’m sure inside he was. Wouldn’t you be? Aren’t we all? Testing out our tools and spiritual knowledge is like taming the wild beast of fear which we all experience. That is where Strength comes in. We were all born with strength, even if we feel shaky and nervous. Remember the Wizard of Oz, and the cowardly Lion going to the Wizard to get strength? What did he learn? That he had it all along, just like you and I do. Think of your life and how you have or have not used your strength. Did someone give it to you, or maybe teach you where to find it? Some people live in fear, which sometimes develop into phobias. They are told to “act as if “they were brave, pretending until they actually felt their courage. This takes much practice.

The Lion is colored red which depicts passion. What are your passions? Are you afraid of them? Do you take the safe road instead of being daring like the fool? Leo is represented by the Sun and it rules the 5th house of our astrology charts. One of the meanings of the 5th house is creativity and play. Are you so stressed, overworked and fearful that you don’t play anymore? “I don’t have time to play,” I hear many say. That is an example of being unbalanced. Like the ruling planet, the Sun, Leo strength represents coming out, breaking through. What kind of breakthroughs do you want in your life? Become strong like the Sun and shine through your problems, which are like strong, dense energy forces. Give yourself new life, new ways to solve your problems, so you, too, can feel more creative and alive.

Leo also represents ruler ship. Who rules you or who do you rule? Strong, balanced people don’t need to rule anyone, nor do they allow themselves to be ruled. Strength comes from within and is based on knowing ourselves, believing in ourselves and being able to balance our lives between work, play, creativity and our inner spirituality. If we learn to be creative problem solvers, life would run smoother and we’d have more time for fun. So instead of fighting our beast within, we can begin learning to tame it inside ourselves. How do we do that?

We begin to realize that despite stress, family problems, illness, lack of any kind that with our Angel’s and Guide’s help we find the courage to keep going. Instead of fighting change, try to see life as an adventure and play with new ideas. Welcome new opportunities and see everything as a chance to grow and learn. Balance is dancing with the harmony of life, balancing our inner and outer selves. No it isn’t always easy, and I’m not implying that it is. But with patience, gradually beginning to change the way we view life, and practice – lots of practice, we can transform our lives so we are happier, more creative, attract love, peace and abundance to us. Can you imagine your life being that happy? You have the fortitude, inner strength, courage, passion, wisdom, endurance and patience within IF you want to tap into these God-given gifts.

Strength’s Advice:

Become more courageous
Be creative, state your ideas
Establish your territory, your boundaries, and act magically
Be yourself, its time to break through and create
Find your place of strength and create your power spot
Be the artist of your own life, so use your imagination and be creative.

Are you excited yet by your possibilities? Next week we will make friends with the Hermit. He has an interesting story to tell.

^i^ Angel Hugs,

Jean Maurie

Happy Lightening bug watching

Hey y'all do you like the fire flies as much as I do? I remember as a kid chasing them around the yard. This was in New Jersey. When we moved to Florida in 1953 we still had fireflies. I don't know when we realized they weren't around anymore. I think it is when they cut down the trees for the condos and paved everywhere. I really missed those little buggers. Maybe we'd see one in a real dark place but they were few and far between.

Now that we live in the mountains of western North Carolina I can enjoy the lightening bugs again. They should be coming out about now.

Anyhow, enjoy the music, take your shoes off and watch the relaxing video.

^i^ angel Hugs,

More fears come up to be healed

Here it Saturday. What a difference a day makes. I was yelling at the voices last night telling them they'd better be real or I didn't want anything to do with them. When I woke up this morning there were the pains again. I hadn't felt them all night and I'm thinking WTF. I've been trying to get to the bottom of them. So as I laid in my recliner trying to wake up but sorta not wanting to, I realized there were 7 fears lurking there pinching me in my gut. "Listen to us," they were saying. "If you listen to us we can be on our way." So I tapped (when I say tapped I don't mean on my stomach but there is this tapping routine I learned through the EFT classes, online, and in DVD's I bought. (www.emofree.com) I tap on acupressure points, which do release and heal emotional issues. So I tapped about 6 rounds this morning and really let the fears speak to me. I know I have more releasing to go but my stomach feels a lot better today!!!

I decided to pull some cards to see what my message is for today. Interesting, I got some of the same cards as yesterday. Today the journey card came up first and yes this is a journey toward healing myself and my fears. It has been quite a journey over these 73 years. I didn't know enough to work on them as a child, all I learned was to push down, be strong and clench. I started on the healing journey when I was about 35. Before that I didn't know I had a brain in my head. One day I was sitting in a used book store with some friends who were all college graduates and I was holding my own in the conversation. That was when I realized, hey I'm not so dumb after all. So from 35 to 73 I've been working on myself through different modalities from hypnosis, "primal scream", meditation, astrology, past life regression,and how to get over agoraphobia, etc. I wonder if there is any end to the journey? I don't think we ever get to a point when we've learned it all and we're done. But I know we can feel a hell of a lot better and I expect to.

This leads me to my next card which again is gift. I do love the gift of healing, feeling better, liking myself better, becoming more unafraid. Next is marriage again, still working between the feeling side of myself and the head and rational side. It is good to be balanced. Not only am I working on myself emotionally but I am giving up colas for a few days anyhow. The voices told me to get down in the basement and dance, that will loosen me up. Have I done it? No but I'm gonnna.

The hidden card is really nice. It's money/reward. Yes I feel that when I get through this I will be rewarded. I will have more knowledge to use to help my own clients and have more to write about too. Plus isn't feeling better a reward all by itself?

Happy weekend with tons of ^i^ hugs,

First blog with Gypsy cards

Here is my first blog with the new Gypsy cards that I bought from Lorielle. (Hey baby what's your card) I really resonate with these cards.

I, too, am reading Writing Down Your Soul by Janet Conner and the voices told me to pull out the cards and write about them. So I did.

I was writing about my stomach being upset. All my feelings settle in my stomach or back and I'm going through some sort releasing - not in the stomach but in my emotions. I use EFT (www.emofree.com) which is called tapping. I've gotten in touch with some deep childhood issues when I had many surgeries for repairing my cleft lip and palate. I was so scared. I remember when the hospital called to schedule my surgeries my mother would be doubled over with stomach pains and I asked her what was the matter, she'd say "nothing." I guess she thought she could protect me by not telling me how scared she was. A child knows. I'm talking about 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 years young. I don't remember how it all went before 4 but I had my first surgery at 10 days old. Anyhow, when I was tapping I was able to feel the pain of this scared little girl who wasn't able to talk about the fear. They told me to be a "good little girl and don't cry." So I didn't. Naturally the pain and fear had to be stored somewhere. Tapping helped release some of it but my stomach has been a bit upset since. I know there is more stuck emotion down there.

My first card is gift. Believe it or not I feel that all of this pain and fear is a gift only because it has made me search deep and uncover beliefs and what is really going on inside. Yes it would be nice not to have pain but we, as humans often learn our greatest lesson through pain.

My second card is marriage. To me this meant going between my feelings, my head and my heart. It is like a merger of these three parts of me. With the tapping and the writing I am going from my emotions to thinking and then trying to open my heart. When I was feeling my little girl's pain and fear I imagined holding her on my lap and opening my heart to her, telling her it is ok to feel. Because it is. Feelings are here for a reason and when we allow ourselves to feel all our feelings whether good or bad, painful or excitement, we don't stuff them anymore. They are genuine, real.

My third card is thought. Ah, thinking about an upset stomach and worrying about it will create more tension and more fear. If I keep going over and over about it in my mind I keep feeling the upset. That is what many teachers teach, that what we give our mind to is what we create in our lives. But boy is it hard not to think about things when they are bothering me.

I also use CD's by Belleruth Naparstek, from www.healthjourneys.com. I have about 6 of her cd's from panic and anxiety, to a healthier sleep, to relaxation and pain, weight loss and more. I even have one for self confidence. She takes me through this wonderful guided meditation to relax the body and then there is about fifteen minutes of affirmations that are powerful. So I'm using these too and that is when my stomach feels the best.

My hidden card is letter. I am getting so many wonderful emails with links to tapping places online that are free. I also feel that all the releasing I am going through will be a wonderful "message" for me and is a message for me to keep releasing and working on myself. I will get some good messages from them. The image on the letter card has birds on them as if delivering a message. Birds also represent psychic messages and I know I am opening up to be more psychic and will get more "letters/messages" as I clear out the old emotional baggage.

So it is going to be interesting to see what else is going to come up and what cards I will draw.

^I^ Angel Hugs, Jean Maurie

Hi and welcome to Wednesday’s Tarot class. This week we will be looking at the Chariot. If you take a look at this card in the Rider-Waite deck you will see a man who looks like a king, standing in a carriage. If you notice, the city is behind him, so he is in uncharted territory The Chariot stands for the human personality. . The Charioteer is the symbol of the King who is victorious because he has received his initiation from the first 7 of the Tarot cards He holds in his right hand – the dominant and willful side of the body - a wand, just like the one that we saw on the Magician’s table, which represents bringing the magic rituals into practical experiences. He uses the wand and his mind to control the sphinxes, which seem to be pulling the chariot, but without reins. They are black and white - contrasting again, just like the pillars in the High Priestess card and the Hierophant card. So if the Charioteer doesn’t observe his mind and allows the sphinxes to have free rein, his chariot could start spinning in circles, due to the pulling in either direction from the Sphinxes. Also because of their polarity, know that the journey will be a combination of positive and negative experiences, just like our lives. Because the Sphinxes have human faces, they represent the evolution of the human spirit. The canopy above the Chariot is filled with stars representing the celestial influences he can use to gain his victory. This also tells us that we have guidance and protection in our journeys through the unknown. If we feel scared during our journeys and adventures, we only have to look up to our Higher Powers again. The charioteer can be either sex. Some see him as the son or daughter of the Empress and the Emperor. The Charioteer represents ourselves as we evolve through our human consciousness. In Genesis it says God rested on the 7th day. In olden times this card was named Victory. We are victorious when we realize that we are the vehicle that creates change in our lives. The Chariot’s astrological sign is Cancer, which is represented by the moon, intuition, sensitivity and receptivity

How can you become the Charioteer in your life? Do you dare take the message of the fool child to make changes in your life? Or are you stuck in the same old rut, unhappy, knowing something has to give, but living in fear? Remember in our study of the Tarot that we were given tools for our journey. We are the Magician in our lives. From the High Priestess we have learned to go within for answers and to wait patiently until these answers come. Our Empress taught us to know we have to nurture the seeds that we planted and that we need to use our creativity, imagination and realize our world of possibilities. We need to get in touch with our intuition and listen to its messages for our highest good. Our Emperor taught us that we can build our wonderful Empire by knowing and using our innate power to create and manifest and nurture our ideas. We learned to stop running around getting opinions from others and trust our intuition from our Hierophant. The Lovers taught us to love ourselves so we can love others and to communicate from our higher selves. As the charioteer we are ready to move out into the world and begin to create what we want our life to be about.

This week pretend you are the Charioteer, move out into the world, knowing you have all the tools at your disposal, and do something different. Remember, you can turn within for guidance, you can look upward to your Higher Self, and you can begin to trust the messages that come to you from your creative mind. You can listen to your intuition and begin trusting what you hear. Start keeping a journal if you haven’t already started and write about your experiences becoming each of these cards. No you won’t be successful every time – none of us are because we are on a journey, learning what each one of us needs to become happy, at peace with ourselves and successful. Each one of us has a different meaning of success and happiness. Use this study of the Tarot to learn what works for you and who you are deep within. Try not to let anyone discourage you. In fact, as you are learning it would be best not to discuss this with others unless you know they will understand. When we hear discouraging and negative messages it drags us down and that is not where we want to go. We want to stay in our power!

The Chariot’s advice is:

Have a goal; plan the routes you will use to achieve your purposes
Be centered and aware at all times despite changes
Be at home within yourself as you travel your spiritual path
Be adventurous, explore
Keep your options open so you can act quickly and efficiently
Create your future; allow new ideas to come through your dreams and meditations

Next week we will move to a new level of the Tarot and learn about our Strengths. Until then happy traveling.

Tarot graphic comes from http://www.usgamesinc.com/

^i^ Angel Hugs

Nostalgic Saturday

Somehow I found some old videos of my favorite actress and singer from way back when - Doris Day. I'm sure some of you remember her. She was born in 1922 but she is still alive. One of these videos is with her and Perry Como. He was also one of my favorites. Hope you all enjoy sharing nostalgic memories with me.

Free Wednesday Tarot Class

Hi and welcome again to our Wednesday Tarot class. This week we are going to talk about the card everyone wants to get in their readings, The Lovers. Those of you who have Tarot cards, take a look at the Lovers. In the Rider-Waite deck, the lovers are two naked people standing outside. The woman is looking up toward a huge angel in the sky and above the Angel is the Sun. The man is looking at the woman. This means that the male energy needs to get direction from intuition, which is usually thought of as a feminine energy. That is why he is looking at her while she receives direction from her Higher Self, the Angel. Each of us has male and female energy within, so when we talk about feminine intuition, know we all have it whether we’re male or female. The Lovers suggests spiritual growth through expressions of man’s feminine nature.

Behind the woman, is the apple tree of temptation that God told Eve not to eat of the knowledge of good and evil. God named everything and called it good. Before Eve ate the apple, they were innocent and knew nothing about evil. Let’s call evil negativity, worries, fear because that is what evil is all about – only seeing the bad, only thinking the worst, retaliating. Many times we humans have to learn our lessons the hard way, walking through our fears, overcoming our negativity, solving our worries. Sure all this is painful, but we often don’t appreciate what we have until we’ve lost it, like when Adam and Eve were banished from the garden.

The Hebrew name for the Lovers card is Zain, meaning sword. In the tarot cards, swords represent air, the sign of Gemini, mental attitudes, discrimination, and choice. Yes swords look menacing but they don’t have to be. The sword has two edges, one for knowledge, and the other to wound or kill. Before one uses a sword he has to think first, prior to making that decision. If you remember, there was a sword on the magicians table, which represents our tools for our life’s journey. How will you use your sword? Will you try to gain spiritual knowledge, look at your life’s possibilities? Will you plant your seeds in a fertile garden and nourish them with love and caring? Or will you throw it all away in haste and anger because you feel trapped and unable to see other possibilities?

The Lovers is number 6, Gemini, the twins; God, Goddesses, our subconscious selves and our super conscious selves, communication. Remember the Angel above the Lovers and think how much easier our lives would be if we would turn to our Higher selves and listen before flying off the handle at our lover, because our feelings are hurt. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and this is one of the main problems between lovers, not communicating. To help us communicate, we can use the polarity between the male and female or opposite points of view. We need to look at their side as well as our own in order to understand what our lovers are feeling. Communication is a two way street. We also have to listen to what the other is saying, not interrupt even if we don’t agree. Listen, then repeat what we heard and try to understand. Attack feels easier than forgiving, so we need to watch what we say.

“How can I attract my true love to me?” You ask. By being love! Loving yourself is first. How can you give away what you don’t have? If you don’t love and respect yourself you are going to attract people into your life who treat you exactly the way you feel about yourself. People will leave, they won’t call when they say they will, they will continue to prove to you that you are not worth loving. But if you learn to love yourself, you will then love from a place of wholeness, and with your heart open, your true love will appear and treat you kindly, respectfully. So if your love life is unsatisfactory, use this experience to grow and discover what part of you needs healing in order to love fully. Look toward Arch Angel Raphael, the angel of healing that presides over the lovers card. Ask him to help you find your true love. And remember, God made you and She didn’t make junk. Put that on your mirror to memorize as you look at yourself each morning, when you start your day. Remember, You deserve to be loved and your angels always love you, no matter what!

The Lovers advice:

See another’s point of view
Empathize – feel what others feel
Open your heart up and communicate instead of hiding your feelings
Ask yourself if you accept him or her as she is, instead of trying to make them into who you want
Be flexible and express your true self
Have the courage to stand naked with your feelings and thoughts.
Turn to your Higher Self and your relationship Angels for guidance on how to love and get love

All images come from http://www.usgamesinc.com/

Next week we will talk about The Chariot. Until then, know that your Angels love you, now and forever.

^i^ Angel Hugs, Jean Maurie

Song for Sunday

This song makes me feel rather sentimental. Do you get sentimental about songs? What songs do you like? I love Michael Buble. I love his song everything. I tried to learn it while taking singing lessons but had a lot of trouble with it because of the range. I might try singing it again.

There is this VCD set of karaoke songs I am thinking of buying. Ten of them for $59. They say it plays pictures on the backgrounds with the words scrolling over the pictures. I wonder how hard it would be to see the words. They offer Think of Laura by Christopher Cross. I can't seem to find it anyplace on karaoke. Sure I could sing with him but wouldn't have the words in front of me. I love that song. When I used to watch General Hospital during the time of the Luke and Laura wedding, Laura disappeared and they would always play Think of Laura and I'd bawl. It still brings tears to my eyes. I love to sing it. I also like singing Arthur's Theme by Christopher Cross. It comes from the movie Arthur with Liza Minnelli and Dudley Moore.

I could go on and on about music and what I like but I'll save some more for another time.