Old Video Game Memories

Here are some video games we liked back when. Many a time waster but fun. What do you "waste" your time on? Or is it a waste when we enjoy playing games? It's up to each one of us to decide what is fun for them. Did you have a favorite video game?
I used to body surf in the ocean but not on waves like these. The ocean is wonderful, so changeable. Sometimes it is flat with no waves and the morning sun sparkles as if the ocean is coated with beautiful jewels. Then the sea gets rough like this, to the surfers delight.

Thanksgivings now and then

While I was sitting here at my computer on this Thanksgiving 2012, someone posted a picture on Facebook of a group of people sitting around the dinner table totally disconnected from each other. I stared and stared at it thinking how much the world has changed. This got me thinking about thanksgiving's from my past. Look at the difference between these two pictures.
What a difference between these two gatherings! Isn't this amazing how the people in the first picture are all connecting electronically. They don't even seem to see the food waiting to be eaten. It looks like they don't even care.

In the second picture people are smiling at each other, probably talking about the turkey that's being put on the table.  

Here's another group connecting. How times have changed!  Yes they are all connecting - yet in different ways.  I love the fact that we aren't stuck at home waiting for phone calls anymore now that we have cell phones.  I love that computers, cell phones and Skype can connect each other over the world. A person who is alone with a cell phone or a computer doesn't have to feel totally isolated.  But human connection is important too.  I am thankful that we have choices!  I am thankful for the people in my online thriving now group and for my Facebook friends too.  It can be too easy to isolate ourselves with all the electronic opportunities available.  This has all given me a lot to think about. How about you?

Listen to psychic Channeler Kim O'Neill on Angels Monday

Here is a special Angels Monday Nu Life radio program with our special guest - Writer, author, Kim O'Neill. Kim has been voted Houston's top Psychic by Houston Press Magazine, has been psychic channel for nearly 25 years. She conducts private channeling sessions for an international list of clients from all walks of life - physicians, attorneys, entertainment professionals, and many more. She has established international motivational seminars and workshops designed to help people transform their lives and greater spiritual awareness. She is a frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows. She is also the author of the best-selling book HOW TO TALK TO YOUR ANGELS and THE CALLING. I hope you enjoy listening to Kim on this special Angels Monday show.
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Monday Musing ~ All You Have to Do is Dream

Today I'm honored to have a guest blogger, Jenny Watson who is a Life Coach. Her blog spoke to me when I read it this morning and I hope it speaks to you too.

Haven’t quite received your wish just yet? Still waiting for that promotion, that true love, that creative project success? No worries, just keep dreaming about it. Hold on tight and visualize it as if it already is in existence. Pretend you already have it or experience it, use your imagination and get dreamy! The more you put energy into feeling it existing, the quicker you will see results. So whenever you are feeling stuck or frustrated, just get into daydreaming mode and get your heart stirred up again! “Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind. “~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I read Jenny's bog this morning and started thinking about dreams coming true. I did hold all of it in my imagination and wanted to become one of those readers like those that I went to for help. I wanted to do more creative projects and by golly holding onto the dream and working toward it does work. I may not be famous nor do I really want to but I give good readings, I write blogs and I have a radio show. I'm also about to get to be certified as an angel card reader by Doreen Virtue!! I am so excited!! I'm just saying that if we dream, visualize, practice, imagine how it will feel - it works! So I asked Jenny if she would like to be my guest blogger today because what she wrote can help so many people. It IS possible for us to have our dreams!!

Thank you Jenny ♥♥

Jenny Watson's Blog
We took a drive Tuesday October 16 2012 to Bat Cave and Lake Lure where Dirty Dancing was filmed.  I took some videos with my Flip Video camera and made a nice meditation movie I thought I would share with you. The music is Hilary Stagg's Edge of Forever.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words Day 8

Crazy old lady Frazier, that’s what they called her.  She sat at the window in that dark house rocking, rocking all day.  Nobody ever saw her outside, just by that window watching everyone.  Was she crazy? Everyone thought she was.  We all thought the house was haunted too.

My friend Harriet lived across the street from her and when I’d go over to play we’d see the old lady sitting there staring.  It creeped me out and I felt scared.  They say she lost her mind when her husband died but I never heard how many years ago it was.  I was a child then and time meant nothing to me. Everyone grown up felt old.
That day after Christmas Harriet had come over to play but mother told me I had to clean up my room before I could play. Harriet was allowed in though.  I was sitting on the floor in my room trying to put things away but I had so many toys I didn’t know where to put what.  I got everything I wanted for Christmas and even things I didn’t – like that perfumed soap set. 

“Harriet, let’s wrap this soap and toothbrush set up and you can take it over to old Mrs Frazier’s house, ok?”, I asked.  

Harriet eagerly bobbed her head up and down with excitement.  I don’t think anything scared her.  

“Let’s write a note and put it in the box,” Harriet suggested. 

“What should we say, Merry Christmas to the craziest lady in town?”

We hoo ha’d with laughter and agreed that wouldn’t be nice.
But the note we wrote was even worse.  We put it in the box and wrapped it up in pretty paper.  “Here, I said, you take it over and come back and let me know what happens.”
While I waited, I started to get this dark feeling in my stomach.  It hurt and I started crying and bent over in pain.  I guess it was one of my first feelings of sheer guilt, although I didn’t recognize it at the time. Then I started thinking what if this made the crazy lady even crazier and she chased Harriet with a knife? What if she killed my friend?  I was scaring myself so bad I started shaking and I peeked out the window to see if Harriet was running back.

“Sarah are you cleaning your room?” Mother yelled from the living room. 
“Yes Mommie” I answered as I moved some toys around making cleaning up sounds.  “You better be or else,” she threatened.
What was taking Harriet so long; I worried when I looked out again and didn’t see her.  What if she’s laying on the sidewalk bleeding?  I wanted to rush out and rescue her but Mother wouldn’t let me out and if I told her what we did, she’d ground me forever. 
Finally after what felt like an hour Harriet came back with the box of wrapped up soap and scents.

“Oh am I glad to see you, “I almost cried, “I thought maybe she was running after you with a knife or something.”

Harriet had this almost unreadable expression on her face as she told me how she walked up the dark steps, rang the doorbell and Mrs. Frazier opened the door. She thrust the box in her hand and said, “Merry Christmas.”

“Oh aren’t you the sweetest thing, thank you, “the old lady said smiling and started to open the package.

Harriet turned and walked away but when she got to the sidewalk suddenly the box sailed over her head and landed in front of her. “You’re a nasty little girl,” the old lady yelled, “don’t ever come near my house again!” And she slammed the door.  Harriet picked up the box and brought it back to me.  

I don’t know whatever happened to that box but I took out the note, tore it in little pieces and threw it away.  I didn’t want Mother finding it and asking questions. But it will forever haunt me.  I’d written “Here’s a box of soap and perfume for you because you stink”
This is a true story and every time I see a house like that I remember poor old Mrs. Frazier, who was grieving and lonely after her husband died. Is this what the kids in the neighborhood would think of me if my husband died – that I was a crazy old lady who never left her house?  

Karma's a bitch!

This blog was inspired by my writer friend Lori L Clark who posts a picture a day for anyone to use as a writing exercise.  Writing exercises bubbles up the creativity within me and I love it. Thanks Lori.
WFMAD Day 21 – Welcome to the Write Fifteen Minutes A Day Challenge
Post of origin: Laurie Halse-Anderson

Today’s prompt: Start with this opening line: “I had never jumped out of a window before, but…” Don’t stop writing for fifteen minutes. Don’t think, don’t worry, don’t edit, don’t plot. Just keep the pen moving, or your fingers tapping the keys. Stand back and let it flow.

I never jumped out of a window before but that day I was so hot and I was sitting naked in a cool tub.  Suddenly my son came screaming in the house with yellow jackets following him.  He was covered with them.  I leaped out of the tub bare ass and all, grabbed him, threw him in the tub, turned on the shower.  I was hoping the colorful, mean suckers would drown.  The whole time Rob was screaming as bees crawled in his ears, up his nose and God only knows where else. As I turned the water to hotter, I felt burning sensations on my naked body.  I leaped up and did a stop stinging me dance while trying to kill the bees.  Finally I hopped under the shower too as I was getting stung over and over.  God, what else can we do to stop these bees? I thought as panic was beginning to rise.  Somehow I have to get us out of here.

I jumped out of the shower, slid on the wet floor, banged my head on the side of the toilet and forced myself not to pass out as I kept being stung.  Somehow I managed to pull myself up and throw open the window.   “Follow me Rob,” I screamed as I jumped out of the window and landed on my knees in the grass.  There we were naked on the ground outside our house. I started screaming for help.  The neighbor man next door heard my cries and ran toward me.

“What’s wrong Milly?” He asked.

“Call 911”

Luckily he was carrying his cell phone and so he dialed.  Then I heard him cry “Ouch”.  I saw him start brushing himself off as he hollered again.  “I’m being stung and I’m allergic to bee stings”, he cried in panic.

I felt bad for him but just then I heard the sounds of sirens and knew help was on the way. 

We were all taken to the hospital for numerous bee stings.  Luckily we didn’t suffer any bad after affects.   I called my husband, who called the exterminator and a bee keeper.  I wasn’t about to go back into that house unless I was sure there were no more stinging creatures inside.

Kim O'Neill Speaks about her experience with Angels

This is an interview with Kim O'Neill, who channels Angels. I have her paperback book How To Talk With Your Angels, which is a good book. This morning I was checking out Facebook and saw where someone had won a 30 minute reading with Kim. She offers this once a month, so I hopped over to her web site, signed up for the contest and saw she has a book called The Calling all about how she was disillusioned about her work, marriage and she wanted more out of life. This is her story on how her guardian angel connected with her. She now channels angels. Of course I had to buy the book, so as I read it I can talk about it more. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this interview with Kim.


Meryl Streep Movie Club book

I've been reading the neatest book.  It's called The Meryl Streep Movie Club book.  I don't know about you but I love Meryl Streep movies.  My favorites are Defending Your Life,  Heartburn, Falling in Love, Bridges of Madison County, and It's Complicated.  I see I still have a lot more to watch yet.  Yay!

Two sisters and their cousin are called back to the Inn on the coast of Maine where they all once lived, for a shocking announcement. Each have complicated lives and they are hardly speaking.  Each week they gather together to watch a Meryl Streep movie and afterwards they talk about how the movie relates to their lives.  One's husband is having an affair, the other is looking for the father of her baby and the third is trying to decide who she really loves.  Since I love Meryl Streep's movies too I had to read it.  I couldn't decide whether I wanted to own it but when our library got it I put my name on the request list. When I started reading it, I knew it was good enough to read again - and I don't usually re read fiction books.  So I bought it for my kindle.  Funny, I've watched Defending Your Life, Heartburn, Falling in Love and Bridges of Madison County over and over.  I'm so glad Mia March wrote this book and I hope it will be made into a movie too. 

Fun Saturday

My Tarot message today is 

"Don't be a stick in the mud! Get out there and play like a carefree child. That's what is most needed to get your creative juices flowing once again. You need to reconnect with your "inner child" today. Don't let minor arguments or misunderstandings get under your skin." 

Actually this is how I was feeling this morning. It was nice and cool outside so we decided to go downtown Hendersonville to the sidewalk antique show.  I love old magazines and they had some, mostly LIFE magazines but I was looking for Redbook or Ladies Home Journal.  I love reading what we were being told to do as "good wives" back in the 1940s and 50s. But I didn't find any so we decided to just sit and relax for a bit. 

The city enlarged the sidewalks this winter so there is more room for tables and places to sit.

So here I am, watching people and enjoying the 68 degree temperature.

Bernie is enjoying himself too.  

We got hungry so we went to Cracker Barrel because they have this delicious chicken and rice dish with mushroom gravy and lima beans.  This is one of my favorite meals. 

 I also like cornbread with honey.  Mmm.  I get two meals out of this one.

We walked around in the store after we ate and I spotted the cutest display of dolls.  It took me back to my childhood when I'd have tea parties for my dollies.

Aren't they adorable?

 Here is the little toy stove.  I loved playing house and choir leader and teacher with my dolls.  I had a fantastic doll house as a child and loved to rearrange the furniture.  The dollhouses and toy kitchens are so much more elaborate than we had as children.  But what we didn't know, we didn't miss.  

I hope you enjoyed my Fun Saturday with me.  

Jean Maurie

Let's Dance

A friend sent me this in an email and I smiled all over myself as I watched it. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Birthday and Wedding

I can hardly believe it's been this long since I posted a blog, but yep it has. My 76th birthday was May 6 and I got almost 200 birthday greetings on my facebook page. I felt like I was wrapped in a huge blanket of love. The nice part is that all of the well wishes are still on my timeline.

The day before my birthday our granddaughter got married in Florida. We were unable to attend and I struggled with a lot of emotions. Happy for her, sad that we weren't there. So May was a mixed bag of fluctuating emotions.

Yes every year we do get a chance to start anew. As I work with my EFT Group, Thriving Now, I'm experiencing myself in new ways every day. I'm excited about all the new possibilities ahead for this year.

So I'll be posting more frequently again.
Today on Ellen's show she showed us in her own funny way how Siri works on the Iphone.  I had heard about it but I don't have an Iphone so I hadn't actually seen it work.  This made me think of a DOS program I used to have way back when computers were very expensive and we had to use floppy disks to get any programs to work.  Plus we only had 64 KB of ram.  I won't say "those were the days" because I love all the speed and memory we have today, but the Commodore 64 was a fun machine and I played a lot of games on them.

The DOS program that reminds me a little of Siri was called Dr. Sbaitso.  Does anyone remember him?  I could type a question and he would answer it with his limited programmed language.  Here is an example:

One night when my Grand daughter was spending the night with us, she was playing with it.  She was about 5 or 6 and she got bored, so she typed "Goodbye".  Dr. Sbaitso said, "I'm not finished with you Tiffany."  Her eyes got real big, she leaped out of the chair, tore out of the room and insisted that all the doors and windows be shut and locked.  It was quite funny, but not to her.  The next morning she was brave again and wanted to play Dr. Sbaitso to see what he'd say. She remembers this twenty five years later.

Here's a tribute to Dick Clark.  We loved watching American Bandstand.  Dick loved his work and the music. What fun to love what you do!  I love listening to music and dancing too, how about you?

Healing with Powerful Affirmations

I found this beautiful video on You Tube and wanted to share it with you.  The creator said it is infused with powerful healing energies.  I felt them and I hope you do too. 

Caterpillars in Therapy

This week I am pleased to have a guest blogger who has agreed to share his inspirational article with us. Thank you David.  

Caterpillars in Therapy 
 by David Cronin

 The story of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly is a common idea in spiritual literature. The image is a powerful metaphor for the transition we sometimes undergo in our lives. I wonder if the caterpillar really knows what is about to happen as it creates its cocoon. Does it ever question the first stirrings of change birthing inside of itself? Does it experience terror as all the ways it has ever identified itself as start to dissolve?

 I can just image a caterpillar, let's call him Barry, starting to feel something he's not quite sure of, going to see a therapist, a ladybug named Louise.

Barry: "You know, I just don't feel quite right these days. I really can't put my finger on it. Something is just off."

Louise: "Tell me everything I need to know to understand this completely."

Barry: "Well, it just feels like I am not really here some how. Nothing seems to hold the same value for me. It's all so confusing and I might add, more than a little unnerving."

Louise: "How so?"

Barry: "Well, it feels like something just wants to bust out but I have no idea what it is. And on top of that I have no idea what life will be like should whatever this is actually busts out. It's like I am afraid to let go yet I can't hold on anymore!! It's really freaking me out!!"

Louise: "I understand, thank you. Tell me something you are afraid to say."

Barry: "I HATE THE TASTE OF LEAVES!!! Phew, boy does it feel good to finally just come out and say that. I mean, I'm a caterpillar for Pete's sake, that's what we do. I used to love them; couldn't get enough of them. But now I am just sick of them. If I never eat another leaf it will be okay with me. But this is all I have ever known so what does this all mean? Who will I be if I am not a leaf-eater?"

Louise: "Thank you for being honest with what you are feeling. Tell me what is true for you."

Barry: "True for me? Well, I am tired. And very sacred."

Louise: "I understand. Tell me something that feels untrue for you."

Barry: "Untrue? Well, I guess that I am "supposed' to always be a certain way. I mean, I can change, experience new things."

Louise: "Thank you. Tell me something else that is true for you.

Barry: "You know, what is REALLY TRUE for me is that I just want to lie down and wrap myself up and sleep! But I am just too sacred to surrender into that. I am afraid if I do I will never come out."

Louise: "I understand, thank you. Tell me something else that feels untrue for you."

Barry: "Well, I guess it feels untrue that I would NEVER come out.

Louise: "I get it, thanks. Tell me something else that is true for you."

Barry: "Well, if I am really honest, I would have to say that this is something I just have to do. I don't really understand it; I don't know what is going to happen but, you know, I just have to do it. It feels like truth that I am just being pushed by some powerful force and I have to just surrender to whatever this is. This feels really clear to me now. I feel much better. I'm still a little scared, but much clearer about things."

Louise: "Good. Tell me an action you can take now"

Barry: "I'm going to go to my favorite spot, wrap myself up and just surrender to whatever life has in store for me."

Louise: "Thank you. Our time is up. Is it okay with you that we end this session?"

Barry: "Yeah, this has been great. I will stop by after I come out and say hello if that's okay. You will recognize me won't you? I hear you see a lot of caterpillars."

Louise: (smiling to herself) "Yes, of course I will."

There are times in our lives when we feel that all the ways we identified ourselves as start to shift or fall away. Perhaps the best thing we can do is simply surrender; or at least find a ladybug named Louise to talk to.

David Cronin is the owner of
Changing Times Books and Gifts
The Village Commons
911 Village Blvd., Ste 806
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
Phone (561) 640-0496
Welcome to the first day of Spring 2012. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac this is the earliest spring in 116 years.
Spring is my favorite time of year. When I think back to the springs of my childhood in south Jersey I remember finally being cut loose from my bulky snowsuit. I felt like the little kid on The Christmas story who got all bundled up and couldn't move. Mom was a bit over protective thinking if I was warm enough I wouldn't get sick. I sweat a lot. Ha ha. Next came Easter with new clothes and my shiny patent leather shoes. I loved the Easter music in church too. After church my cousins would drive up from Md and we hunted for our Easter baskets at our Grandmother's house. Jellybeans and coconut filled chocolate eggs were my favorites.
My birthday is in May and when I was ten I was finally able to ride my bicycle in the street where there never was much traffic. At the end of May school let out for the summer. What a wonderful feeling to be free for 3 whole months to read, play hopscotch, catch fireflies and play hide n seek until dark. When I was a teenager we moved to Florida and spring took on a whole new meaning. I spent as much time as I could on the beach.
I asked my Facebook friends what spring meant to them and Lori talked about being able to get back to riding horses, my son said surfing without a wet suit, Deb said, rain, lightening and thunder, popcorn, blankets and giggles. Karyn said, honeysuckle and the earth smelling fresh. Others said planting their gardens,picnics, apple blossoms, tulips and bare feet. What wonderful memories! I thank you all for participating. Now I want to hear what your favorite memories are about spring.

What Time is it in Your World?

We move our clocks ahead this weekend to daylight savings time.  We have an atomic clock in our kitchen and it starts spinning fast to catch up with the time change. 

The time change made me think about time.  What time do you live by?  The hurry hurry one or do you savor every minute?

Feeling Blessed

I have been pulling a Tarot Card for the day for the past week as per an agreement with two other Tarot readers when we were on a blogtalk radio program and on camera last Sunday afternoon on the tarot guild.  The host could not log into his show because of technical difficulties, so the three of us agreed to come up on camera and teach an improptu class.  It was fun and that was when we decided to shuffle the cards, pull a card for the day and blog about it.  Each of us has our own style and it's been fun.  Here is my card and blog for today.

Here it is almost 7am.  I feel so totally blessed this morning!  I could not have pulled  a better card today if I tried.  Why?  Because last night we spent the latter part of our evening in the basement after we were told we were 26 minutes away from having a tornado moving through our area.  We'd been under a watch all evening when they broke into our local TV station telling us that tornado warnings had gone up for Transylvania county, which is the county just south west of us in Western North Carolina (WNC).  They said it would be over Henderson county (us) in 26 minutes.  We hurriedly filled some plastic bags with necessary items like our pills, keys, wallet, cell phone and headed for our basement.  Luckily we are networked and wireless so I could get online with my I-pad and Bernie with his laptop.  We played words with friends and I posted on Facebook. 
We both closed our eyes and surrounded our home and the whole area with a big bubble of protection visualizing angels standing guard.  The weather cell weakened and the all clear was announced.  What an evening! We try to see experiences like this as adventures.
I send love, peace and healing to all those in other states that were damaged.
Thank you Sun for appearing today as my card.  Thank you Universe, God, Source and angels for keeping us safe.

Jean Maurie

After I'm Gone

I'm reading Then Again by Diane Keaton, a memoir she wrote about herself and her connection with her mother. Diane found journals her mother wrote - 85 of them. After reading the first page it made me wonder about my own journals. I have 15 filled notebooks I started in 1963 right before JFK's assassination. They are dated and most of the pages are numbered.

I also have a box of letters that Bernie and I wrote to each other before we were married in 1958. He was in the Navy and it took almost ten days before I'd get a return letter. Now that e-mails are so fast do people actually correspond? I'm glad I have these letters, but like my journals, who would want to read them? What will happen to them when I'm gone - when both of us have left this earth plane? Will my Son want to cart around all this as he moves, will they be stored in a warehouse? Who would care?

I remember when my mom died, my step father was tossing a lot of things I grabbed. Mom was a noted Amateur Radio operator who received plaques for different accomplishments.

My journals are about my life, healing fears, overcoming agoraphobia, different therapies I've been through, my growth as an astrologer, tarot card reader and much much more. I would like to write my memoirs someday but don't know where to start. Again, who would want to read it? Someone suggested I donate them to a college and I wondered why. One thing I do know is that I'd be delighted if I found journals written by my mother or my grandmother.

Glorious sunrise over the ocean

I spent many a morning looking at this scene during the years I lived in South Florida. I have this beautiful memory to remember. Whenever I want I can close my eyes and in my imagination I am back there. In fact it is one of the pictures I use for meditation. The water was warm and I'd stand in the light that the sun cast upon the ocean and feel myself being healed. Nothing mattered as I stood in the now of the sunrise. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Thank you Lightning Videos.

The Law of Attraction is like the Internet - What's Your Password?

Our brains have been compared to computers in many ways and no computer has been able to duplicate the brain. The brain and the computer need energy. The computers need electricity or battery power to run and our brains need nutrients and oxygen. When the computer breaks it can be fixed by adding new parts or, in other cases we can buy new computers or upgrade them. Try adding new parts to the brain or upgrading them. It hasn't happened yet.

The Law of Attraction is like the internet. What is your password? Watch this video and let's discuss.

Afraid of Escalators

I'm afraid of escalators! I will avoid them at all costs. I will go to the back of a store to find the elevator rather than ride an escalator. I get all sweaty and feel dizzy when I step on to one. I wonder will I miss the step? What if I fall? I don't know if this is an unreasonable fear or not. I'm not even sure I need to get over it.

Today when we were at the Barnes and Noble in the Asheville mall I was upstairs where my favorite genre of books are. After I browsed awhile I saw some writing how-to books along with dictionaries way in the back of the store. Bernie had gone down to another store to do an errand and said he'd look for me upstairs. I was standing by the railing waiting for him because if I went back to where the writing books were he'd have a hard time finding me. While waiting I was watching people riding the up escalator. One man was actually reading a book as he stood on those moving stairs. Another gal ran up the stairs. A couple were leaning sideways toward each other conversing. Everyone seemed so calm as if riding an escalator was an every day occurrence, nothing to be afraid of. I guess one can calmly practice riding an escalator in their minds and use EFT to tap on the fear. Do I want to? Does it matter? Do we have to get over every fear we have? What do you think? Do you have any fears that stop you from doing things you'd like to do?

P.S. I don't like riding down escalators either.

Wouldn't it be nice if life was more like this?

Someone sent me a link to this in my thriving now forum. I got thinking about it and wishing life could be more like this and less of a struggle. Of course it could be boring if life was like this every day. But if you find yourself struggling you can imagine pushing this in your mind and hearing the sound.

Wishing you an Easy Day today ♥♥