Bad Haircut

Usually when I get a haircut my natural waves kick in and my hair looks pretty nice.   But this time, although I thought she was cutting my hair the same way everyone else does and it looked nice as I sat in the chair, it turned out awful.

This is combed.  Where did my waves go?  How can one cut the waves out of a haircut?  Not knowing anything about cutting hair I just don't understand.  It is too short to go back for a re-do and yes it will grow out.  I intend to take this picture with me for my next haircut and ask "how did this happen?"

See the difference?

Oh wait, that's not really me but I like the haircut.

This is really what my hair usually looks like when it is cut right.

Yes I know there are a lot more important things to think about.  And I know my hair will grow out and I can get it cut better next time - hopefully.   Actually I'm a bit amused. I might as well laugh! I try to find the humor in situations when I can and I know I am blessed in many ways.

Taking Time For Ourselves without Feeling Guilty

I grew up in the 40's and absorbed the teachings of what a good wife and mother should be like.  Always have the house clean, the ironing done, dinner on the table when the husband comes home from work. (Not that I was able to live up to these teachings)  Don't bring up important subjects in the evening because he has had a hard day at work and needs his relaxing time... and more. I remember feeling guilty if I wanted to read a book if there were dirty dishes in the sink or if I hadn't ironed my husband's work shirt yet.  Oh so much time wasted feeling guilty about not being enough.

Fast forward to 2017 - everything has changed (or has it)?   Women work outside the home, they can order their dinner on the phone and pick it up on the way home.  Or order boxes of food to be delivered to the door to be cooked.

But women still stress over being enough no matter what era we were raised in.  I wonder how my Granddaughter does it all with a full time job, two sons and a big house.

I want to add that I like things better now.  When hubby retired he took over the housekeeping and laundry.  I haven't ironed since I gave it up years ago.  I still love to cook but I don't need to ask "can we go out to eat" anymore.  I know and love myself better.  

Taking time for ourselves is so important.  If we give ourselves away to everyone else we can get overloaded and it can make us sick.  So we need to take OUR time - whether it is reading a book, chatting with our friends or taking a nice long bubble bath.

What do you do to destress?  Do you feel guilty when you take time for yourself?

Why I Love Facebook

I got 279 Birthday wishes just on Facebook yesterday! I feel wrapped in a special blanket of love! 279 birthday greetings! Before Social Media I was lucky to get ten birthday cards. Sure people say it's better to write a letter instead of texting or posting on Social Media. They can have their opinion but I thoroughly enjoyed my Facebook Birthday Here is a sampling of some of the posts I received.

Facebook actually made a video for me.

There were funny Greetings

Sweet and pretty ones too

Happy Birthday, Jean! May your new year be filled with love, joy, health, peace, prosperity, and abundance!

Happy Happy Birthday Jean Maurie. The angels love you and so do I. I hope you have a wonderful celebration and wonderful year ahead.

I wish you all that your Heart desires...

Happy Birthday Jean! Have a lovely day and a fabulous year ahead...  and lots more..

I got a lot of free coupons from restaurants for desserts and several places sent me coupons for actual FREE meals including one of my favorite Asian restaurants.  

Oh yes, I can't forget the Amazon gift certificate from a friend.
So how could I not feel loved?  The greetings are still coming in! So thank you from my heart to all of you who took the time to make my birthday special including my son who phoned me and my husband who took me to dinner and shared the day with me.
A special thanks to Facebook for all you do so people can celebrate their special days.