Caterpillars in Therapy

This week I am pleased to have a guest blogger who has agreed to share his inspirational article with us. Thank you David.  

Caterpillars in Therapy 
 by David Cronin

 The story of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly is a common idea in spiritual literature. The image is a powerful metaphor for the transition we sometimes undergo in our lives. I wonder if the caterpillar really knows what is about to happen as it creates its cocoon. Does it ever question the first stirrings of change birthing inside of itself? Does it experience terror as all the ways it has ever identified itself as start to dissolve?

 I can just image a caterpillar, let's call him Barry, starting to feel something he's not quite sure of, going to see a therapist, a ladybug named Louise.

Barry: "You know, I just don't feel quite right these days. I really can't put my finger on it. Something is just off."

Louise: "Tell me everything I need to know to understand this completely."

Barry: "Well, it just feels like I am not really here some how. Nothing seems to hold the same value for me. It's all so confusing and I might add, more than a little unnerving."

Louise: "How so?"

Barry: "Well, it feels like something just wants to bust out but I have no idea what it is. And on top of that I have no idea what life will be like should whatever this is actually busts out. It's like I am afraid to let go yet I can't hold on anymore!! It's really freaking me out!!"

Louise: "I understand, thank you. Tell me something you are afraid to say."

Barry: "I HATE THE TASTE OF LEAVES!!! Phew, boy does it feel good to finally just come out and say that. I mean, I'm a caterpillar for Pete's sake, that's what we do. I used to love them; couldn't get enough of them. But now I am just sick of them. If I never eat another leaf it will be okay with me. But this is all I have ever known so what does this all mean? Who will I be if I am not a leaf-eater?"

Louise: "Thank you for being honest with what you are feeling. Tell me what is true for you."

Barry: "True for me? Well, I am tired. And very sacred."

Louise: "I understand. Tell me something that feels untrue for you."

Barry: "Untrue? Well, I guess that I am "supposed' to always be a certain way. I mean, I can change, experience new things."

Louise: "Thank you. Tell me something else that is true for you.

Barry: "You know, what is REALLY TRUE for me is that I just want to lie down and wrap myself up and sleep! But I am just too sacred to surrender into that. I am afraid if I do I will never come out."

Louise: "I understand, thank you. Tell me something else that feels untrue for you."

Barry: "Well, I guess it feels untrue that I would NEVER come out.

Louise: "I get it, thanks. Tell me something else that is true for you."

Barry: "Well, if I am really honest, I would have to say that this is something I just have to do. I don't really understand it; I don't know what is going to happen but, you know, I just have to do it. It feels like truth that I am just being pushed by some powerful force and I have to just surrender to whatever this is. This feels really clear to me now. I feel much better. I'm still a little scared, but much clearer about things."

Louise: "Good. Tell me an action you can take now"

Barry: "I'm going to go to my favorite spot, wrap myself up and just surrender to whatever life has in store for me."

Louise: "Thank you. Our time is up. Is it okay with you that we end this session?"

Barry: "Yeah, this has been great. I will stop by after I come out and say hello if that's okay. You will recognize me won't you? I hear you see a lot of caterpillars."

Louise: (smiling to herself) "Yes, of course I will."

There are times in our lives when we feel that all the ways we identified ourselves as start to shift or fall away. Perhaps the best thing we can do is simply surrender; or at least find a ladybug named Louise to talk to.

David Cronin is the owner of
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Welcome to the first day of Spring 2012. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac this is the earliest spring in 116 years.
Spring is my favorite time of year. When I think back to the springs of my childhood in south Jersey I remember finally being cut loose from my bulky snowsuit. I felt like the little kid on The Christmas story who got all bundled up and couldn't move. Mom was a bit over protective thinking if I was warm enough I wouldn't get sick. I sweat a lot. Ha ha. Next came Easter with new clothes and my shiny patent leather shoes. I loved the Easter music in church too. After church my cousins would drive up from Md and we hunted for our Easter baskets at our Grandmother's house. Jellybeans and coconut filled chocolate eggs were my favorites.
My birthday is in May and when I was ten I was finally able to ride my bicycle in the street where there never was much traffic. At the end of May school let out for the summer. What a wonderful feeling to be free for 3 whole months to read, play hopscotch, catch fireflies and play hide n seek until dark. When I was a teenager we moved to Florida and spring took on a whole new meaning. I spent as much time as I could on the beach.
I asked my Facebook friends what spring meant to them and Lori talked about being able to get back to riding horses, my son said surfing without a wet suit, Deb said, rain, lightening and thunder, popcorn, blankets and giggles. Karyn said, honeysuckle and the earth smelling fresh. Others said planting their gardens,picnics, apple blossoms, tulips and bare feet. What wonderful memories! I thank you all for participating. Now I want to hear what your favorite memories are about spring.

What Time is it in Your World?

We move our clocks ahead this weekend to daylight savings time.  We have an atomic clock in our kitchen and it starts spinning fast to catch up with the time change. 

The time change made me think about time.  What time do you live by?  The hurry hurry one or do you savor every minute?

Feeling Blessed

I have been pulling a Tarot Card for the day for the past week as per an agreement with two other Tarot readers when we were on a blogtalk radio program and on camera last Sunday afternoon on the tarot guild.  The host could not log into his show because of technical difficulties, so the three of us agreed to come up on camera and teach an improptu class.  It was fun and that was when we decided to shuffle the cards, pull a card for the day and blog about it.  Each of us has our own style and it's been fun.  Here is my card and blog for today.

Here it is almost 7am.  I feel so totally blessed this morning!  I could not have pulled  a better card today if I tried.  Why?  Because last night we spent the latter part of our evening in the basement after we were told we were 26 minutes away from having a tornado moving through our area.  We'd been under a watch all evening when they broke into our local TV station telling us that tornado warnings had gone up for Transylvania county, which is the county just south west of us in Western North Carolina (WNC).  They said it would be over Henderson county (us) in 26 minutes.  We hurriedly filled some plastic bags with necessary items like our pills, keys, wallet, cell phone and headed for our basement.  Luckily we are networked and wireless so I could get online with my I-pad and Bernie with his laptop.  We played words with friends and I posted on Facebook. 
We both closed our eyes and surrounded our home and the whole area with a big bubble of protection visualizing angels standing guard.  The weather cell weakened and the all clear was announced.  What an evening! We try to see experiences like this as adventures.
I send love, peace and healing to all those in other states that were damaged.
Thank you Sun for appearing today as my card.  Thank you Universe, God, Source and angels for keeping us safe.

Jean Maurie