Vulnerability, Sex and You

Do you feel ashamed of your body and don't want to get into a bathing suit?

Do you feel nervous about something and don't want anyone to know about it?

Do you have a hearing problem or another problem that keeps you from going to movies or public places?

Are you afraid to date because you are a larger woman or feel like everyone else is prettier, smarter, more successful? Are you afraid to talk about sex? Do you keep your sexual fantasies to yourself instead of sharing them with your lover or partner?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I invite you to listen to this radio program, Personal Empowerment For Your Soul with me and my co creator Maggie Lukowski. We talked with our special guest Cathy Vartuli about all these subjects and more. (the show is here you just have to run flash)
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Breathtaking Videos Of Earth - We are all ONE

Our beautiful EARTH from the Astronauts view. This gave me goose bumps from head to toe as I watched this video and heard how the Astronauts felt. This is OUR Planet EARTH! Yours and Mine!

OVERVIEW from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.