Living Your Life's Purpose

Are you living your life's purpose or do you feel you aren't qualified? Do you feel the need to take another course or get another certification? Maybe you do but feeling the need to get another certificate or read another book might be a sign you don't have the confidence to live your dream. What's stopping you? Listen to this talk by Doreen Virtue, the lady who writes all the Angel books and angel cards. Maybe she will help you take that next step and get inspired to start living the life you've always wanted. If you feel you are sabotaging yourself by putting off what you want to do,here is help: Self-Sabotage
Happy 2013 and let's start living our dreams!

Old Video Game Memories

Here are some video games we liked back when. Many a time waster but fun. What do you "waste" your time on? Or is it a waste when we enjoy playing games? It's up to each one of us to decide what is fun for them. Did you have a favorite video game?
I used to body surf in the ocean but not on waves like these. The ocean is wonderful, so changeable. Sometimes it is flat with no waves and the morning sun sparkles as if the ocean is coated with beautiful jewels. Then the sea gets rough like this, to the surfers delight.