Wednesday's Free Tarot Class - Death

Hi and welcome to our Wednesday Tarot class. This week we’re going to talk about one of the most dreaded cards of the deck, the one that scares everyone when it comes up in a reading. Death! Death is a word we don’t use much in our culture. Instead we say, “he passed,” “she crossed over,” or “he made his transition.” That’s one indication of how scared we are of the word death. However when we get the death card in a reading, it very seldom means the death of a person.

Do you want to see something interesting? Take a look at the death card XIII in your Rider-Waite deck. See the flag he is carrying? There is a blooming rose on the flag. Now take another look at the Fool card, number zero. The Fool is carrying that rose in his left hand. He brought it with him all the way through his life adventures. It represents his clarity of purpose that he desired to bring into his series of adventures. Now the rose is open on the flag of the Death card. It now signified life, the mystical rose of life – mars and life force.

Now see, you don’t have to be scared anymore. Death just means change. When we make any kind of change, something has to go – a habit, a way of saying something - which equals a little death. Look at the card again. Do you see the sun rising between the two pillars? This represents a new dawn, a new day and denotes immortality. We are eternal, and just because our bodies die, doesn’t mean our soul our spirit dies. Old ideas and old ways of doing things have to pass away because if the didn’t we’d all become stagnant.

Another exciting aspect of the death card is that it represents the departure of the age of Pisces where those who needed to control us through fear; rigid rules and secrecy ruled the world. This is represented by the standing figure of a bishop on the right side of the death card. His body language looks like the shape of a fish – Pisces. Now we’re in the first stages of Aquarius when secrecy begins to fall away, trust emerges and people start helping each other instead of being so greedy and mistrustful. This is where we are now- we are beginning to see the openness that is budding, we keep hearing how there is not enough money for different programs that could help humankind. But this, too, is passing. Greed is toppling – as we are witnessing the fall of well known companies. We truly are entering into a new age and you and I begged our Guides and Angels to be allowed to be here at this time to help usher in this new age of equality, humanness, love. They told us it wouldn’t be easy but we said we could handle it we were strong enough. Now here we are and things are looking a little chaotic and scary, huh?

We can find a lot of help from thinking and remembering the other Tarot cards we’ve been studying. The fool has the courage to strike out on his own, our magician lays his tools in front of himself and learns how to use them, the priestess goes within and communicates with her guides and angels before taking action, our empress nourishes her precious creative imagination, the emperor develops these ideas and shows his pioneering spirit and courage, the hierophant continues to grow and learn, and the angel protects the lovers who learn to communicate. The charioteer learned to move through adversity with is mind, leaving fear thoughts behind, our hermit goes within to rest, being patient and waits for guidance. The wheel of fortune continues spinning, teaching us what goes up eventually comes down and visa versa. We can always call on our inner strength and while we’re doing this we just have to hang around waiting for the next phase of our adventure while letting go of our hang-ups.

So instead of fearing what is happening in our lives and in our world, we can call on these aspects of ourselves that we learned in the other cards. Sure, there will be turmoil, confusion and yes, it can be a bit uncomfortable at times as we watch change unfold. What do you need to let go of in your life that scares you? Are you scared because you just turned 30, 40, and 50? What transformation are you preparing for in your life or career? Did you just lose your job or did a love you were counting on leave? Are you trying to hold on to people or situations that don’t work anymore? We experience many deaths in our lifetime, so think of the death card as change and begin to embrace change in your life. Don’t be afraid because change means growth, moving on. The Hebrew letter for death is Nun meaning Fish. Fish is symbolic of the powers to regenerate and the water sign of Scorpio rules death.

Death’s Advice:

Shedding old skin
Letting go of old ideas, beliefs, regenerating
Expressing our feelings so we can release them
Get rid of clutter in our minds, bodies and surroundings to make way for the new
Rejoice in your new opportunities.

Next week we will look at Temperance. Until then,

Angel Hugs, Jean Maurie

New Computer - software, where's the software?

I got a new computer this week. My other one was 5 1/2 years old and it was acting like it was 95. It sputtered, locked up and I had to reboot at least every three hours, especially when I was farming. Farming? Yeah I have a farm on facebook. Why? Good question, but its fun as long as I don't have to harvest every day. Pumpkins take 4 days and then I have 4 days to harvest them.

I was able to buy a new DELL computer with windows xp professional. I wouldn't have bought it if I'd had to deal with Vista. I've heard so many bad things about that Operating system.

I got my computer backed up by my computer guru "my brother" and he upgraded some programs for me, so I am on a learning curve right now, trying to figure out why a newer version of a program won't work the same as the older version - like saving pictures in email. It works completely different but at least I have more color choices for my fonts.

I have to install my astrology program and the love and destiny card software and paint shop. I dreaded all of this but it will be worth it in the end.

OH yes our Flat screen TV died that we bought ourselves for Christmas. It was an Insignia, Best Buy's brand. It took them 9 days to get to us to check it out. Finally on Friday someone came and said it was the power supply and told us to go to the store and get it replaced. So we upgraded and bought an LG. It is nice and has a good rating in Consumers.

So this has been an electronic week for us. Tiring, exciting, frustrating but fun.

Happy Father's day to all the father's out there.

Wednesday FreeTarot class Hanged Man

Hi and welcome to our Wednesday Tarot class. This week we are talking about the number XII card which is the Hanged Man. That sounds scary doesn’t it? A hanged man? How can he possibly part of the plan?

Take a look at him in the Rider-Waite Deck. He looks pretty uncomfortable doesn’t he hanging there with his feet tied to a branch? The Hebrew name for the hanged one is Mem, which means water. What happens when you see your reflection in the water? It’s upside down isn’t it? By taking a 180-degree turn in your thinking and the way you look at your life, you are able to understand something that previously was incomprehensible to you. The prison is in our minds and so is our freedom.

The astrology sign for the hanged man is Pisces. It is a water sign ruled by the planet Neptune. He was the Roman God of the seas and oceans. Neptune is the higher power of Venus, representing matters psychic, or hidden spiritual insights, illusions, and flashes of insights. The hanged one gives us a chance to see life from another viewpoint. (Fortunately you don’t have to be tied to a tree to see your life from another angle.)

The hanged one follows the Justice card and the Chariot card and it helps to remind us that life doesn’t have to be a struggle that we can just hang around some times and wait. When I see the hanged one in a reading I will usually see its time to just hang out a bit, to make sure this is the road you want to travel. The Hanged man is number 12, which represents the 12 months of the year… also going back to the 1, which is the magician who has all the tools for success and the 2, which is the High Priestess, who meditates before she speaks or acts, and 3, the Empress, who nurtures her creative ideas.

Those of you who love the water, who can relax in the water and love to ride waves, you can identify with the hanged man. We can surrender ourselves and just float in the sea, giving up our struggles. Even if you don’t live near water, you can relax in your bath tub. I often counsel my clients to cleanse their auras by standing under the shower and let the water cleanse them. It is a ritual that is healing and energizing.

Another way you can look at the hanged man is, is he or she is learning from their hang-ups? Do you have any bad habits that are preventing you from realizing and living your dreams? What if you just let go and asked your Guides, Angels or Higher self to show you a new perspective about yourself to help you succeed? Are you giving too much of yourself to others and being a martyr? If so, how can you let go of that?

I read an interesting article about a woman who died and was getting a chance to look at her life review. She got to see how her actions affected others lives. She was a do-gooder. She did the homework for someone because they wanted to go out and be with their friends. But the person never learned to take responsibility, never learned how to learn. Whenever someone over slept she’d take his or her car pool. She thought she was being nice. Instead the person who overslept never learned how to be accountable. There were other examples of how, by doing too much for others, she prevented them from learning what they came into this lifetime to learn. She forgot how to honor herself. How many of us are guilty of doing this to ourselves? I am not advocating selfishness, but sometimes we do for others what they need to do for themselves.

Many times we live too much in our heads – always trying to figure things out, always worrying, wondering what to do next, asking ourselves why we aren’t happy. Maybe if we took time to take another look, make a 180 turn in our perspectives, see life from a different angle, we can begin to let go and look at our lives from the eyes of our authentic self, instead of what we think everyone else wants us to be. Think about taking a little time off and just hang out with yourself. Take the phone off the hook, put a do not disturb sign on the door and be alone with yourself. Put some music on and dance alone. Yes it might make you feel silly, but isn’t changing the whole point? Maybe sit down with paper and pen, or at your computer and ask yourself where your life seems to be heading and what you can do to change it. Brainstorm! Write down everything you can think of even if it doesn’t sound rational.

The Hanged Man’s advice:

Do the opposite of what you normally do; be unconventional.
Patiently work through your hang-ups.
Suspend your beliefs for awhile.
Go with the flow.
Talk with your angels, guides and higher power.
Let go and Let God (or the universe or what works for you)
Look for your strengths instead of your faults.

Next week we will explore a card that scares a lot of people – Death – and how we all have to die mini deaths in order to grow.

If you want to know how the Hanged man works in your life you can email me at my web page:

Angel mesage for you!

Angel messages for each sign for June 2009. Use your sun sign message, moon sign message and ascendant message for your angel message for the month.

Aries: We hear your thoughts when you call on us. We’re here for you. Stop for a moment and listen.

Taurus: If you could see us the way we see you, you would be astounded! You are beautiful in our eyes. Let your light shine.

Gemini: We’re downloading ideas to you, so don’t discount your imagination. We use it to communicate with you.

Cancer: Your desires are possible; ask us to help you fulfill them. We are overjoyed when you keep us busy.

Leo: We stand beside you awaiting your questions. You are never alone but we don’t snoop. When you call we answer, so pay attention to subtle messages and ask for signs.

Virgo: We whisper in your ear, brush your cheeks lightly with our wings. Take a minute to feel us beside you. You are never alone.

Libra: Call on us for strength. Ask us for directions. Give us your worries. We love to keep busy.

Scorpio: Life is meant to be an adventure. Take us with you, we will soar your worries away and bring you bouquets of flowers. When you smell the sweetness know it is from us.

Sagittarius: You have many options. Life is not static and you aren’t stuck. Let us show you the way around and through as we light your way.

Capricorn: Music sooths your soul. Let us inspire you to dance and sing, even if you can’t carry a tune – your songs are beautiful to us.

Aquarius: Talk to us and let us guide you. You don’t need to struggle if you will only let us light your way. Take us with you. Fill up your car with us. We love our trips together.

Pisces: We talk to you in your dreams and your imaginations. Yes it is us. Trust yourselves more and know we are there.

Free Wednesday Tarot Class - Wheel of Fortune

Hi and welcome to our Wednesday Tarot lesson. This week we will be exploring tarot card ten, The Wheel of Fortune. This card has many meanings. If you look at in the Rider-Waite deck, you see this big wheel in the middle of the card that looks like it is suspended in space. The eight spokes on the wheel represent the figure 8 we found over the Magician’s head and at the top of the Strength card. This expresses the message “as above, so below.”

The Wheel of Fortune represents cycles. Look at the cycle we’re in now. People are getting laid off, the stock market has had its ups and downs, the housing market is chaotic. Life is cyclic. What is down will always come back up again. What cycle are you in? Are you doing things the same old way and wondering why your life isn’t working? Take a look at your cycle and think about new ideas you can use so you won’t make fruitless choices over and over again.

At each corner of the Wheel of Fortune card are the fixed signs of the zodiac (Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo and Taurus), the four seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter), the four corners (north, south, east and west), the four elements (fire, earth, air and water). Notice they have wings, representing archangels. This means that everything we desire comes from our Higher Source. In the Rider-Waite deck, each of these figures has a book, meaning we are always learning. Lots of times when I get this card I see that my client is either in school or going back to school or about to take a class. We are all in the school of life, always learning. The snake at the side of the card represents the shedding of skin, the ability to start over.

The Wheel of Fortune in Greek means Kaph, a grasping hand. Grasping means to embrace, to comprehend, to know, to act boldly. Do you comprehend how you create your own fortune? Do you realize that you are a co-creator with God? Do you know that nothing happens by chance? I'm not talking about a ruthless kind of grasping but an understanding.

Fortune means good luck, realizing your destiny comes from working and being true to your visions. You make your own luck. If you’ve read any of the Law of Attraction books by Esther and Jerry Hicks you know that everything is vibrational and the vibrations we send out through our thoughts come back to us in the form of experiences. What do you want for your life? Have you made a plan, written it on paper or are you just hoping that things will fall into place for you? Are you living your life to please your parents, your friends or your significant other?

What is your passion in life? When you were a child, how did you visualize yourself as an adult? What turned you on? What got you excited? If you can think back to that time and remember your dreams when you were a kid, you will realize that this is what you wee supposed to be doing until someone told you that it wasn’t practical or that you wouldn’t make any money at it and talked you into another career. What is fun for you? What would you be doing if money was no object? To see your fortune is to grow, to discover who you really are and where your talents lay. Kaph also means the hand that grasps the golden ring of fortune. Remember the Emperor, the number 4 card? He created his own empire and when we follow his teachings we, too, can create our own wheel of fortune.

Speaking of good fortune, abundance and prosperity, I love the book, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder. It is in paperback and it is filled with wonderful examples of how people in her classes prospered during a recession. It has been a trove of inspiration since the early 60s when I was agoraphobic and broke. Yes, that is where I was, but using Catherine’s ideas about prosperity changed my life. It can change yours too. Since then, the Abraham Hicks books on the Law of Abundance have been published along with many other self help books. Catherine tells us why we deserve to be prosperous and outlines step by step many different ways we can manifest our good and live the kind of life we really want despite the obstacles that sometimes we can’t see past.

This is an abundant world. I’ve been awed by planting a tomato seed and growing a whole bush filled with tomatoes, each one filled with enough seeds to grow many bushes. The same is true with most other produce, trees, flowers and other crops. There is no lack in God’s world; it only exists in man’s mind.

So there is “Gold Dust in the air for you and me.” The Wheel of Fortune represents new beginnings and so many people are going through this. It only takes a small change in our thinking to change our lives. Are you ready? Let’s go for it!!

The Wheel of Fortune’s advice:

Recognize the cycles and turning points in your life and remember that you can start over.
Keep learning from your experiences and adapt accordingly.
Cultivate optimism, generosity and adaptability.
Move or change jobs to expand your luck.
Get still within and tap into your resources to create your own good fortune.
Consider other ideas and viewpoints – be creative.
Revolutionize and transform your ideas to get a handle on your destiny.

Next week we’ll explore the nature of justice.