A Saturday card reading

What a strange day this has been. I think it's because the weather has been gloomy, rainy, cool and foggy now for days. I've been spending a lot of time deleting emails that I allowed to build up. I almost have them down to a manageable level but I wonder how to keep the emails from building up again. I know people who delete every email as soon as they read it. I don't know how to do that. Why? One of the reasons is because I don't deal with the emails when they come in. I get rid of the junk/spam right away, the ones the spam filter doesn't catch. But others I just glance over and tell myself I'll read them later. When is later? I answer the ones that need my immediate attention and read my horoscopes, and take care of the reading orders that come in. I get emails with links to interesting sites that I want to visit but don't have time, so these often pile up. I wonder how other people handle emails.

So today, feeling a bit weary from the gloomy weather, the deleting, and wondering what i was going to write about, I chose three cards from the Voyager tarot page. I like clicking on the card a day which I often do, but today I felt like I needed three cards. Yes I know these cards are small on here but if you click on them they should open up and you can see them larger.

The first card that came up was the child of wands, the seeker. Wands is like the fool child in the major arcana cards. Wands represents spirituality, seeking, looking for my truth. This is interesting because Wednesday I started posting my tarot articles and started with the fool. She is showing up in a different way in my reading today. Also I've been networking all over the place, twitter, blogging, my space, facebook, ning. I am seeking, networking, sharing my spirituality with my blogs.

The next card I pulled was the three of worlds, summer nurturing. Oh boy this is speaking to me big time. Where did Mrs Sunshine go? Yes I know nurturing has other meanings which also apply but I need to see the sun, to get out, to enjoy the flowers, walk downtown, see the buds on the trees turn into the green leaves of summer. It's been a cold winter and I am really looking forward to summer as most of us are. Nurturing refers back to the Empress, who protects her creations and waits patiently for her babies to grow and develop. That is what I am hoping all this networking will do. I had a reading awhile ago about networking, getting myself out there and that is what I've been doing. It has been enjoyable for the most part and I've rediscovered my love for writing which had basically been dormant. With blogging I am nurturing my creativity again which is fun. Another way I am nurturing is when the weather warms up I will take time away from the computer and go out into nature so I can recharge my inner batteries.

My third card is the chariot. This is an interesting card. It is all about motion and goes right along with the rest of the reading. Seeking, childlike, creating, networking, manifesting my plans. I've been setting goals and am committed to manifesting my success. I can help you how to manifest your success too with my readings. In the reading I had about networking and getting myself out there I was told my intuition would grow and I would be seeing more and not using tools in my work. This has been happening too. If you look at the chariot in other decks it is a man on a chariot who is not holding the reins. It is all about moving ahead with the mind. I will talk about this more in the next few weeks of the tarot classes when we get to our chariot card.

Oh yes if you want to pick your daily card go to the voyager tarot page and click on the card a day. Don't forget, we'll have our second tarot class on Wednesday, so join up and let's communicate and discuss the cards.

Hope you have a blessed weekend ^I^ angel Hugs :)

Wednesday Tarot class

Every Wednesday I will be giving you a free tarot card class. I will be talking about one card a week using the major arcana cards, the main ones. I will be showing you how you can use these cards without memorizing each one, but using your intuition and learning what the card means to you when you see it. This can be a lot of fun and when we are finished you will be able to give readings for yourself or other people.

I’m not going to bore you with the history of the Tarot cards, but they tell the story of us and our inner growth. Each of us is or has lived each one of the cards. I will explain more as we learn more about the cards. If you want to study the Tarot, buy yourself a deck of cards. There are hundreds to choose from and no deck is right or wrong. Look at the different artwork on the decks and select the one that appeals to you. Trust your intuition.

If you want to change your life, shuffle the cards each day, asking “what is my message today?” If one or two cards fall out as you shuffle they are your cards for the day. If no card falls out, turn the cards face down, running your hands over them and pick one card that feel right to you. Turn the card face up and take a look at it. What catches your eye? Is it a color, a picture, a number, or the writing on the card? You might want to buy a notebook or set up a file on your computer and date the top of the page, then write down what you saw or what thoughts come to your mind. Write the first thought that pops into your head. Don’t stop to figure it out or if you are right or wrong. Just write. If there is a person in the card, imagine stepping into the card and talking to this person. Ask him or her “what do you have to tell me?” Try to have a conversation in your mind with this person. Again write down what you heard or felt. Later you can check back to see what happened during the day and if the card gave you a message. Be patient if you don’t get anything right away, just keep trying and above all, have fun. Don’t stress over it. If you don’t get any information pick another card.
Most Tarot decks are made up of seventy-eight cards. They are divided into the major arcana (22 cards) and the minor arcana (56) cards.

This week I will talk about the first card in the major arcana - Number zero - the Fool.
When you hear the word fool what immediately comes to your mind? Someone who does stupid things is silly or makes a laughing stock of himself, right? None of us wants to be thought of as fools do we? So we try to live our lives safely, acting sensible, normal and doing what is expected of us. Is that working for you? Are you happy plodding along, not taking chances, and worrying, being stressed? Whose life are you living? Are you in a career because your parents wanted it for you? Are your life choices yours or someone else’s? Is your relationship treating you nicely or are you doing all the work? Do you wish you had the courage to take risks, change your career, and live your passion? “ But I can’t throw out everything I’ve worked for to follow my passion?” “I’ve got kids to take care of; I can’t leave them to follow my bliss.” We all have reasons why this kind of thinking is not possible for us. Sure it looks good on paper, but of course it won’t work for us, most people feel. What about you? You don’t have to throw everything out to begin living your life. Just begin to examine your inner self and take one small step toward your new future.

Actually the fool represents our unlimited potential. The fool is not stupid, he is innocent. He has an open mind with the courage to see his life filled with adventures. Because he is trusting, he has no room in his life for fear and doubt. He trusts his instincts. How many of us are that trusting? How many of us have the courage to try new things, to have an open mind and to let go of our fears? How many mistakes did Thomas Edison have to make before he invented the light bulb? What if he had given up and closed his mind, fearing that he’d never invent anything? Yes someone other creative person would have come along and invented the light bulb, but how long would it have taken?

In the fool card is a large white sun shining above him. This shows that the fool is being guided from above, plus he is looking upward. The fool looks like he is about to step off a cliff into the great beyond. He has a knapsack on the end of a stick. In this knapsack are all the tools that he will need for his trip.
If your life is not working, try becoming brave like the fool. Ask for guidance from above – God, the Universe, the ALL, your Angels and Guides, whatever name works for you. Then trust that you will be guided. Know that you were born with all the tools you need – intuition, a sense of adventure, unlimited potential, Guides and Angels. Ask yourself in what area of your life do I need to act like the fool and take chances? Other words you can think of that correspond with the fool are: Be exhilarated and excited; Be active; leap; seek new ways; be adventurous; take risks; try a new state of being; expect a miracle; dare to be unconventional; get to know and love the child within you; be open minded and have a fresh point of view.
Next week we’ll talk about the Magician and how you can become the magician in your own life. Until then enjoy exploring your fool self.

My Angels Came Through For Me Again !

Yesterday I found myself in a rotten mood. My bones felt like they were made of bricks. I was so tired I could hardly hold my head up. What was wrong with me, I wondered? I felt so bad I sent an SOS to my angels. "HELP"! I screamed in my head. I've been using the meditation, Invocation to the angels, by Joan Borysenko. I bought the CD a few years ago and after listening to it for awhile, it's now downloaded into my brain. I call on the archangels Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael. These angels are neither male or female, they are more androgynous. I sense more they are energies rather than personalities if you know what I mean.

Uriel is the angel of clarity, so I ask him/her to please show me what is wrong and help me find answers. Uriel always comes through, sometimes that same day, sometimes I get my answer the next day, but she never fails me. I see Uriel in front of me, facing me, strong and powerful.

To my left I see Gabriel and ask for help with my fears. Why am I feeling so afraid? Please help take away my fears or at least show me how to help myself.

In back of me is Raphael, the healing angel. I can feel his strength holding me when I hurt or filling me with healing energy. Raphael is so strong and so caring. He has helped me many times over the years.

On my right is Arch Angel Michael! What a powerful one he is! He is like God and is filled with wisdom and power. Doreen Virtue wrote a whole book on archangel Michael.

During this meltdown yesterday my dear husband suggests we go out for a walk and I about bit his head off thinking how can I walk with brick filled bones? Then I felt a nudge - "go" it said, "even if you just get outside and walk slow." We live on a mountain and walking to the top takes energy, and I didn't feel like I had any.

The afternoon was beautiful and I practiced being in the now instead of thinking about being in a bad mood, tired or how I'd been feeling. I breathed deeply of the spring air and silently thanked the daffodils for being so beautiful. Daffodils always remind me of smiley faces :) We walked slowly up the mountain and it didn't hurt after all, my bones felt like bones again and I started feeling better. We walked down the side road and just as we reached our neighbors mailbox we saw her walking down her driveway. This woman is very artistic and paints beautiful pictures. She's 85 and lives alone. We talked and then she invited us in to visit, which we did. I learned she'd been having a bad day and she apologized for her messy house and other things. I said, "you should see my office if you think this is a mess." She smiled and then showed us some of her paintings. I told her she could probably sell her paints and make some money. She laughed and said the ones she wanted to sell were the ones she liked to look at. We had a lovely visit and she thanked us for coming in saying how much better she felt. I told her I had been in a really bad and depressed mood but I also felt better. We helped each other.

I've been thanking the :angel gang" ever since and telling them "wow you really do good work." I was amazed how they brought the two of us together at the perfect time.

The link to the angel meditation is here. You might want to call on these angels for yourself. They are here to help us all. Just don't forget to thank them!

Oh yes, I don't believe in coincidences!

^I^ Angel Hugs

Do Dreams foretell the future or they digestive upsets?

Are dreams wishful thinking, digestive upsets or can they tell the future? Tell me what you think after reading my strange story. This is from my journal, page 1610

On the night of September 27, 1965 I dreamed I was in a very unusual plane that had no top. It was a giant vehicle and I knew it was on a test run. I was forced to go in this plane by two strange men. My son was with me and we were terrified.

We flew into a jungle-like area and the air felt steamy and oppressive. Dark skinned people were running terrified down these huge mountains. They were screaming and crying and the air was filled with thick smoke, steam and hot rain! Our plane seemed to soar over these mountains and because it was topless I felt drops of hot rain burning my scalp. I told my son to shield his head with his hands so his hair wouldn't catch on fire.

Suddenly I awakened and my head was burning. I sat up in bed and felt my head but it didn't feel hot. I walked into the bathroom, turned on the light and peered closely at my scalp in the mirror expecting to find blisters, but I saw nothing unusual. The experience was so vivid that I wrote it down in my journal and went back to sleep.

The next night I related the dream to my spiritual group. Jane remembered the volcano eruption in the pacific that was uppermost in the news. She showed me the newspaper, the headlines screaming, "2000 islanders vanish as Philippine volcano erupts!" The article went on to say that a long dormant volcano erupted, sending flames and smoke towering 15,000 feet in the air. "The eruption set off towering electrical storms which spectators described as terrifying. Ash and lava rained for miles around .. thousands watching from the outer shores of Lake Taal were covered in mud - a mixture of ash and lava thrown up with mountains of water."

Our group met weekly to discuss spiritual topics and do automatic writing. So we asked our guide who called himself Enzee about the dream and he said yes it was my dream and was a prediction and was given to me for proof that I was psychic. He said, "now do you believe? " We were all totally amazed! We felt like I had been shown this volcanic eruption in astral travel.

I recently found this article in my journal and had to Google the eruption just to make sure it really happened and to my amazement there it was, "On September 28, 1965, Mt. Taal erupted again, launching a cloud of steam over 10 miles into the air and sending fiery rocks hissing into the surrounding lake. The lava flow from the blast killed 350 people. Taal still erupts to this day, a constant threat to the people that share the island with it." Since they are 12 hours ahead of us, it was happening at the time of my dream.

Let's Play Treasure Mapping

Do you want to play a fun game that could help you manifest your most exciting dreams? This is called the Treasure Mapping game. A treasure map is about looking for pictures that represent what you want to manifest in your life. If you want a new car you get some automobile magazines or magazines with auto advertisements and cut out a picture of the kind of car you want, and hang it somewhere where you can see it often, like on a mirror in your bathroom or on a wall. This is just a small example of treasure mapping. What if you wanted to get married and go on a fabulous honeymoon? You could round up some travel and wedding magazines and start cutting out picture of what this looks like to you. If you wanted to go on a cruise you'd find some magazines with people having fun aboard a ship

Even better, you can get yourself a large poster board and paste or glue these pictures on it. You could buy a journal or a notebook and fill it with pictures. I've done both. It is amazing when I look back on what i pasted in my treasure map, how much I've manifested.

Catherine Ponder, author of The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity writes, "Truly nothing is impossible for the imagination to accomplish. But perhaps you are thinking, 'I am not yet well versed enough in the imagining power of the mind to get results as you have described. Isn't there some simple way I can begin training my imagination to produce such results for me?'"

Yes there is! That is why creating a treasure map for yourself is so powerful. You cut pictures out of magazines of what your desires look like and it gives your imagination a picture to focus on to produce "rich results." Some also call it a wheel of fortune. They take a poster board and draw a big circle on it and divide the circle into pie shapes, which represent different areas of their life. One can be money, another friendships, a third could be romance, and on. Each of us has our own special desires and dreams. One woman wanted to go on a vacation but she had to take care of her sick mother. She made herself a treasure map / wheel of fortune about a vacation. She was able to take her mother to Florida and was actually invited to stay at a friend's house free of charge - at the height of the winter tourist season. Her mother was able to stay warm, which helped her health improve. So see, miracles still happen.

Along with pictures you write affirmations under the pictures like - "Divine Intelligence knows where my perfect job is for me and by focusing on the kind of work I desire, Divine Guidance is bringing me my prefect job for the pay I want." Then don't watch the scary news about the economy. That only feeds into fear. You can say, "The Divine plan for my life is manifesting now in my every experience for manifesting my desired job."

If that is too wordy then make up affirmations that feel right for you. You can cut out words and phrases from magazines to create your affirmations. Let me give you a warning though. A friend wanted a baby but she forgot to put a picture of a man on her treasure map, only a picture of a woman and a baby. Guess what happened! She ended up as a single mother! So watch what put on your treasure map, watch what you wish for.

We are always creating whether we are aware of it or not. Each thought we have is a creation. It vibrates when it is sent out and the Universe immediately begins to send back experiences that vibrate at that same vibrational energy or cycle that we send out. Yes this is a bit simplistic to be sure, but the law of attraction does work.

So get some white poster board, some colorful pens and a stack of magazines, a glue stick, scissors and some creative sayings. Let's pull out our favorite inspirational books and copy phrases from them to add to our treasure maps. You can Google affirmations or if you have any of Catherine Ponder's writings you will have all kinds of uplifting affirmations to add to your treasure map/wheel of fortune. Maybe you could get together with people of like minds and have a treasure map party. Don't invite anyone who is a nay sayer or who is a downer. "You are the only thinker in your mind, Louise L Hay says so have fun with this and create the life you want for yourself. Don't give up. Add things to it, make it fresh from time to time. It does take a little time to change habits and begin thinking in different, more creative ways.

Happy Treasure Mapping !

Pay your bills with Joy

I can hear you now, "what, is she crazy? I hate paying bills! How can anyone pay their bills joyfully?"

Now that you've expressed your skepticism, let me explain. Do you want to be prosperous, attract abundance, have more than enough to pay your bills? Of course you do!

Here is an exercise that works for me. When I sit down to write out checks, it gives me a chance to really tune in and think about how truly prosperous I really am. I feel the abundance in my life, the true, unfailing wealth that is my inheritance.

"How can you feel rich when you're sitting there writing checks that are depleting your bank account," you ask? Good question, let me explain.

First of all, I believe in a rich universe where there is no lack! Second I know I am a child of the all-encompassing, creative Universe, so I'm automatically heir to all this goodness and wealth. But so are you, brother, sister, friend of all good!

Ok now that we understand who we are, let's move to the next step.

You may even be asking why is the economy in the pits right now? It isn't because there isn't enough but more because of greed and mismanagement and FEAR. Fear always blocks our good.

Now you may be asking, "If I'm so rich why am I struggling to pay my bills?" Or, "why am I driving around in a beat up old car," or "why don't I have my dream home?"

Because you haven't been thinking of yourself as an enlightened, rich, dynamic child of God! You've probably been limiting yourself, believing you don't deserve. I'm not being judgmental but maybe you're focusing on what you don't have, what is lacking in your life. I know I've been there many times. I've been scared and started dwelling on lack. What did I create but more lack. Instead we have to start looking around at what we do have and start giving thanks. Being grateful and giving thanks opens our vibrations up to receiving more. So we can give thanks for our blessings no matter how small. Remember how Jesus blessed the small amount of loaves and fishes before they multiplied? This is what He was teaching.

So when I write checks I mentally visualize 100 times that amount coming back to me and I play with ideas about what I'm going to do with all that money. Say I paid a phone bill for $80. I hold the check in my hand and see $8,000 coming back to me, or visualizing an extra $8,000 in my account. I affirm it is here, meeting all my needs, wishes, goals and what I'd do with it. Then I bless everyone the check touches from the mail person to the book keeper who deposits it. This keeps me from feeling like I'm losing $80 because I just paid the bill. Of course I keep track of my bills and accounts and don't run out and spend $8000, that would be stupid. You can do this even if you're paying bills online. Just imagine this money doubled or tripled coming back to you. At first you may not be able to visualize 100 times the amount coming back so start with ten times and work your way up to 100. But above all, enjoy yourself! Have fun with this exercise and tell me how it worked for you.

Happy Prosperity !

How are we feeling this week?

Tonight I asked the cards how we are collectively feeling this week and the six of Crystals, confusion came up.

Then I asked what are we confused about and the child of Crystals came up, the learner.
Actually these are not bad cards, they just show that we are a bit overloaded with wonderful, creative ideas. Crystals are all about the mind and our thoughts. What are we thinking? How can we learn to think more positive? How can we get rid of our negative and fearful thoughts ? So many of us are going through cleansings, feeling out of sorts, feeling like we don't belong anyplace which adds up to confusion.

If any of you are following the energy alerts from Karen Bishop, there was a new one posted today. She talks about how we are feeling and why. I invite you to go here and read this new article so you will understand more of what the energies are:

So to close try to be kind to yourself and take some deep belly breaths, listen to soothing music, take nature walks and try to be in the now. You can even dance with your angels. They'd like that.

^I^ Angel Hugs to you all, Jean Maurie

These tarot cards are from the Voyager deck at voyager tarot

How are we feeling this week?

I asked the cards how we are collectively feeling this week and this is what came up:

Did you ever get caught reading Confession magazines?

"Are you reading that junk again"? Mother used to say when she'd catch me reading a confession magazine. "Why don't you read something educational?"

In case you don't know, the confession magazines consist of True Story, True Confessions, True Experience, Secrets and True Love. There used to be a lot more back in the 60s and 70s. They were supposedly written as true stories and didn't have a by line to "protect" the writer because these were the writer's deep dark secrets.

I was addicted to reading these stories and figured since I loved writing and kept a journal, I'd try writing some stories for them. I didn't have a typewriter back then so mother let me borrow hers, not knowing what I was doing with it. Ha ha. When she found out she knocked on my door and said, "God told me to take my typewriter back because those aren't the kinds of stories He wants you to write." Of course I was furious - not at God but at her, but what else was new.

I was so excited when I learned that the writer's Digest was offering a correspondence course in confession story writing. I signed up for the course and ended up selling my first story that I wrote for the course. I remember the day I received the acceptance letter. I was finally a published author!!! The name of my story was The Remarkable Tests that Saved our Marriage. It was published in the May 1975 True Experience magazine.

I sold a bunch of stories for the next ten years. Some of the titles are: My astrologer is always right.. I'm going to have an Exciting New Marriage

My Rival's Initials are C.B. and Death Can't make me Cry- both published in May 1977 True Experience.

The Secret I Discovered that made me Sexier

All I want to do is please my husband

My Mother's Strange Gift from the Grave

There are more and one of these blogs I'll post one of these stories.

I didn't get rich but I was paid $175 for one and $400 for another with everything in between. And no you aren't going to read my best selling book because I'm not writing it.

So what do YOU have to confess? I used to call myself The Confessor on CB radio. I'm a good listener, so if you want to get anything off your chest, feel free.

My Angels Help me all the time

Yesterday I talked about how my astrology chart helped me understand myself better and how I learned about balance in my life. I wrote about how I was helped to work through being agoraphobic for 30 years.

Today I want to talk about how I learned about angels, how they helped me and how they can help you. Did you know you have angels and unseen guides around you all the time? Some people teach that we have one guardian angel, others say we can call in the archangels at any time, and others teach that we have many angels around us. I choose to believe that we have at least 5 angels with us at all times. I've learned that before we were conceived we worked with our Guides to decide what adventures we wanted this lifetime and what lessons we wanted our soul to learn. We chose our parents, we chose our astrology charts and we even chose who we wanted to learn and have adventures with. In other words, say we wanted to learn how to love ourselves better. So we worked an agreement with other souls who wanted to help us. Maybe someone was mean to us in our life and we didn't like feeling this so we worked hard to learn to overcome feeling bad. That lead us to start searching for reasons why we felt so bad and what could we do to help ourselves. So we found out that once we started loving ourselves our vibrations changed and the person who was being so mean left our lives. They were one of our greatest teachers. This is simplistic, I know, but it is just a small example. While we were setting these "adventures" up with our Guides and other souls, we also got to select our angels who would come with us and help us through our adventures here on this earth plane.

"Then why don't we remember this?" You might ask? Because when we were inside our mother's womb we drank from the water of forgetfulness. I mean if we remembered everything it wouldn't be such a challenge would it? Have you ever noticed how humans seem to learn the most through their struggles? Of course we don't have to but that is how we've been programmed. Now that the Law of Attraction and the Secret have entered our consciousness we are learning we can create better things for ourselves without such struggles. But back to our angels...

Did you know that our angels can even help us find good parking places if we ask? Imagine it is raining and we want to go to the mall. It is raining so hard that if we parked 3 rows back we'd get soaked, so we can ask our angels to find us a parking place near the entrance and they will. I remember many times when we lived in Florida we'd like to park at the Lake Worth beach overlooking the ocean. But we'd have to get there early or all the spots would be taken. Now I'm talking about parking on the first row right along side the ocean. Many times when we asked our angels to help us find a parking place there someone would be getting ready to back out and often they'd leave money in the meter so we not only got a good spot but didn't have to pay for it.

"Isn't that too trivial for the angels?" You ask? No it isn't. Our angels love to help us in any way they can. But we have to ASK. They are not allowed to interfere. One of my favorite books is Angelspeake by Trudy Griswold and Barbara Mark. In this book they teach us how to write to our angels and get our own angel messages. http://angelspeake.com/ I highly recommend this book.

Joan Borysenkso has a CD that I use all the time calling in the Archangels to help us. It is called Invocation to the Angels. She talks about Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael. Here is the link to the interview about how she calls on these angels for everything: Arch Angel Invocation She has a CD with explanation on how to use these angels and then a wonderful meditation. Once I learned and practiced this, I am always calling on them to ask for help and guidance, healing and - well for everything. It feels like I am surrounded by wonderful protection and love.

So yes YOU too have angels and guides you can call on and believe me, if we allow them to help us and get our egos or our worries out of the way and LET them help us, they will - in miraculous ways. Next time I'll tell you how they brought me my husband when I had NO idea what I was doing.

So tons of Angel Hugs to you and know that your angels love you now and forever no matter what. They are always there for you too!

Jean Maurie

What is the Tarot Card for 2009

What is this year 2009 all about? James Wanless of the Voyager Tarot created a great video talking about this. I invite you to watch it and see how it relates to your life.

Voyager Tarot Card for 2009

Agoraphobia and Astrology

Last time I talked about being agoraphobic for 30 years. In case you don't know what Agoraphobia is, it is fear of the marketplace. I started and facilitated Agoraphobics Anonymous in Palm Beach County in the middle 70s. We had speakers come in to talk to us and we learned that agoraphobia is the fear of having a panic attack. We learned that those of us who had these fears had a lot of "what if" thoughts. "what if I have a panic attack and lose control and make a fool out of myself?" "What if I get too scared and can't drive home?" On and on these what if thoughts would fly through our minds, scaring us. We learned how to change these thoughts and now that I look back, a lot of this relates to the Law of Attraction. What does Abraham tell us about thinking? He says to find a better thought. In our therapy sessions we were taught cognitive thinking - how to change the what if thoughts to more positive ones. We were taught to focus on something besides how we felt or what "might" happen, even if we had to start counting backwards from 100. Just don't think the worst thoughts.

Ever since the 1950s I was studying affirmations and going to classes about positive thinking. I also went to the mental health center for hypnosis. All these helped me, but it wasn't until I got my first astrology reading that things began to click. Since I have my sun and moon in fixed signs and opposite each other, it helped me understand myself better. My sun is in Taurus and my moon is in Scorpio, basically opposite each other. My astrologer told me one of the things I was here to learn about was balance. How true that is! I used to not be able to eat one cookie, I'd have to eat the whole box. I used to smoke but never just one cigarette after dinner like my husband could do, I was up to 3 packs a day when I finally was able to quit. Some days I flat out didn't want to be married and wanted to run away and other days I was perfectly happy being the "housewife and mother." I learned that because I had my moon and sun in fixed signs it was a bit harder for me to let go of things than it would be for people who had mutable or air signs. However I am very thankful for my Sagittarius rising sign. It is helpful to have at least one fire sign to help me release.

My Saturn is in my 3rd house in Pisces and right now Uranus is there giving me a chance to blow that
Saturn out of the water and help me communicate more easily and even become more psychic. I'm excited about this.

So my introduction to Astrology through understanding my own chart has helped me so much to get over being agoraphobic. Oh I still have my moments but now I have many tools to use if and when I get anxious. One thing is I'll never tell someone "just get over it," because it isn't that easy. I've learned compassion, patience and yes things could have been easier but hey I have more empathy and understanding about people and their problems than I would have if I hadn't had my own stuff to work through. Am I finished? Ha ha, I'm not dead yet!

As I sit here writing and thinking what to say I'm looking at my beautiful vase of daffodils. I love daffodil time and spring.

I lived in Palm Beach County for 47 years and it was a wonderful place to live. I am grateful for the time I lived there but when my husband retired in 1999 we decided we needed a change. We were visiting the Asheville, N.C. mountains for several years when gradually we knew we needed to move up here. So in 2000 we did.

What is interesting is that New Years Eve in 1999 we had a turn of century party. We invited our friends who believed in creating their own reality by the way they thought. So we had a bonfire in the back yard and gave everyone paper and pen to write out what they didn't want to bring into the new century. Then we had everyone throw their paper into the fire and watch it go up in smoke which is all about cleansing and changing our energies. We invited everyone to write out their goals, dreams and wishes for the new century. The newspaper got wind of our ceremony and showed up. We were one of the groups featured in the paper about what we did for celebrating the new century. It was quite powerful.

Everyone's goals and dreams actually manifested too. It seems everyone either moved or changed jobs ... We sold our house and moved up to the mountains. It's been quite an adventure.

Another interesting thing is that I was agoraphobic for 30 years and didn't travel, eat out, or go to movies. I didn't see my first mountain until I was 50. I remember driving in the first time I saw the Smoky Mountains in the distance and I thought there was a big storm brewing. I thought, "holy cow, this looks ominous." The closer we got the more I realized these were mountains. The sight of them took my breath away because they were so beautiful.

We were visiting some friends who had moved up from Fla a few years back. It was October and they took us sightseeing along the blue ridge parkway. My eyes leaked the whole time as I feasted on the gorgeous orange, red, yellow leaves. I kept singing to myself that hymn, "for the beauty of the earth". God made the mountains and then She painted them! What a gift.