500 Words a Day. Day 1

500 words a day –


I just joined the write 500 words a day challenge. What was I thinking?  I’m not sure if I will work on a short story or just blog every day. I do have a lot to write about  - angels, astrology, eft, tapping, crazy thoughts and more.

I wonder what a story would be like if a gal was going through her mother’s FB page because the mother wasn’t able to for one reason or another and she found some startling private messages.  Or should I say shocking.  What would she do? What would the shocking messages be?  Why isn’t the mother able to get on FB.  Or would the girl find stuff on the mother’s computer or Ipad? Or even iphone?   I was thinking sort of like when the son and daughter found the mother’s letters in the book/movie The Bridges of Madison County.  I was sort of sorry that she didn’t run away with the photographer but I can see why she didn’t.  I probably wouldn’t but it sure would have been tempting. I cry buckets every time I see that movie.

Another movie I love is Defending Your Life with Albert Brooks.  Albert’s character dies and goes to the judgment place.  He gets a chance to see a review of his life, but they show him only times that he was afraid and didn’t act on something because of the fear.   They ask him about it and he always has an excuse.  In other words, he fails and is getting ready to get sent back until the last scene with Meryl Streep.  I won’t give it away but what an awesome movie.

This made me think what good Is it to die with good credit?  If I died with good credit and went before the judgment place they could show me all the times I didn’t do something because I thought I couldn’t afford it.  They’d show me all the fun or trips or nice things I could have bought.  Now that I was dead they could show me how little being out of debt matters.  Unless it was to help my family by not being in debt.

Wow 368 words already. That was fast.

I’m thinking of taking some of my old confession stories that I sold 20 years ago and re doing them. I sold them for all rights so I can’t sell them again as is.  I could change things and bring them up to the age of technology.  I wrote a CB (citizens band) story where the boy who went surfing with friends was late getting home and his family communicated with other CBers along the network to find out where he was.  Ha, I don’t remember where he was. Guess I need to read the story again.  I wonder if CB radio still exists like it did back in the 70s or was it the 80s? I enjoyed it. We went to dances and found ourselves dancing to country music.  We didn’t used to like country music until then. But that was the time when country music was going through it’s own changes.

Until tomorrow.

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