They called me the CLUTTERBUG

I spent 75 + years unable to organize my stuff and they called me the Clutterbug.  I love books and magazines.  Plus I saved piles of papers that had been stuffed in folders from years ago.  I am also a writer and saved every article I could find about writing plus all those rejections and half written stories.  My files were overflowing and the tops of my file cabinets were piled high with unorganized books - smaller books on the bottom that would crash to the floor periodically.  My office was a MESS. How to declutter? Where to start? What is keeping me from letting go?  Who am I without my clutter? Did I feel incomplete without my books, magazines and papers?

With the help of Rick Wilkes' coaching  and Thriving Now  I got uncluttered enough to actually downsize and move.  I thought I was doing well, and I was.  But Rick Wilkes and Carol Look created a Free webinar to help with getting rid of clutter.  I joined and was amazed to discover I still have clutter issues.  6000 + emails! Yes that is part of clutter too!  Yes it bothers me!  Yes I want to delete them and have more control over my emails!
I was also amazed to learn I had FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) What if I miss something? What if I don't have something anymore? What if I need it some day?  That is why I moved too many books, too many papers and too many magazines! So I still have more to do but I know it will get easier.  How? I joined the free webinar and it helped me so much I got the Clutter program.
Would you like to watch the Free webinar and see if you have clutter issues or find ways to make your surroundings and your mind more peaceful?  Ok here it is!

Cool isn't it! And so informative!  There is a place there to sign up if you want to join the clutter program.  You can join it here too.  I am so excited to have released a lot of clutter in my life that I just want to share it with others.  I'm also looking forward to releasing 6,000+ emails of my own and healing my FOMO!

Angels Showing Up In Our Lives

Last week I wrote about ways Angels show up in our lives.  I mentioned sensing them around us,  hearing guidance within or audibly, seeing orbs, sparkles, or flashing lights.

Today I'm going to talk about other ways we can sense our angels are around and how they can give us answers.

Have you ever had a dream about an angel or  awakened 
with a clear solution to a problem you have been worrying about?  Some people have received ideas for novels, articles and even inventions.  Paul McCartney dreamed an entire melody and when he woke up he played it on the piano.  Did his angels give this to him? Who can say for sure but it had to come from somewhere. Other well known people have had inspiring dreams like Albert Einstein, the creator of the sewing machine, Elias Howe and more. Sure you can say it is our subconscious mind that brings in the dreams.  But when we talk about seeing and hearing angel messages and channeling, our imagination comes in too. When people say they got an angel message or a good idea, people scoff and say, "It was only your imagination."  Many have said, "it felt like I was making it up, or it was only my imagination."  So ask for help and when you receive a message or what feels like an answer trust your imagination.  Say something like, "okay maybe it does feel like I made it up but for now I will relax, test it out and see if it feels right."  If you are grieving about someone who has passed over and you have a dream about them accept it.  So it might feel like your imagination playing tricks on you but why not just let yourself enjoy the contact?  Did your angel create the opening for you to hear your loved one?  

 Other signs letting us know our angels are around are Feathers 

Angel Clouds 

Coins - A friend was worrying about her elderly mother and wondering if she should consent to letting her have a painful surgery or not.  The Doctor said she would die without it but the mother had already suffered through years of dementia. She would not know why she was in pain after the surgery but my friend didn't want her to die either.  As she was trying to decide, suddenly she started seeing dimes almost everywhere she went. Dimes and more dimes, especially when she was feeling not to consenting to the surgery.  Even though she agonized over the decision, she didn't give her consent and her mother survived without the surgery.

I have also found pennies, quarters and dimes when I've been thinking about a prosperity issue.  A shining penny led me to the house we recently bought.

I like to think that maybe license plates can be an angel message.  What if someone was having a bad day or really worrying and stressing as they were driving to work, or doing errands and they looked over and saw this 
I know I would see it as a message that indeed I do have helpful angels around and I would be able to relax a bit and know my answers were coming.  I could have been asking for a yes and if I saw this plate or others with similar messages I would feel definitely guided.

Many often see number sequences like 4:44, 11:11 and others.  My angels nudge me somehow to look at the clock and I see these combinations often.  I see them mostly when I am worried about something. When whatever it is has been solved I don't see those numbers much until something else bothers me.  It always makes me feel more peaceful after seeing them.  Others see number sequences on receipts or on their car dashboard.

Have you had experiences with Angel Guidance? If you would like to share I would love to read what you post.  Either comment here on the blog or under where you read it.  Thank you and remember that YOUR ANGELS LOVE YOU NOW AND FOREVER!

How Do Angels Show up in Our Lives?

The other day I posted a question on my Facebook page "If your Guardian Angel appeared in your living room what would you ask her/him about?" I got a lot of interesting comments and one from a non believer who said she would wake up.  

This got me thinking about how angels show up in our lives. 

Some people just sense their angels around them.   I was taking a shower one day getting ready to go to my dermatology appointment. I was anxious because many other times he had found some basal cell skin cancers and I was getting tired of getting cut on.  I didn't want to go.  Suddenly I sensed and saw in my mind's eye a huge angel in my shower.  I was taken aback a bit but not scared.  I "heard" him say I wasn't going to get cut on today so don't worry.  I felt myself beginning to relax even though I was a bit skeptical. But sure enough, the doctor didn't find anything new on my skin, so my angel's message was right on.

 Some hear angels, either like I did when I got the angel message in the shower and others actually hear a voice.  There have been stories about people who were about to get into an automobile accident who heard a voice saying "Put your foot on the brake now"  or "Turn the wheel to the right" and other warnings.   I was alone in my house one day way back when and I heard a voice as plain as could be that said, "find out about computers."  I was startled because I was alone and I asked, "What?" The voice said clearly "Find out about Computers."  I didn't even know what a computer was but I thought I'd better see what computers were about and I'm glad I did.  It changed my life and I started doing online chat readings, email readings and skype ones too.  I read for people all over the world thanks to computers and my angel's instructions.

Many call on and get answers from Jesus.  I am not saying Jesus is an angel but who knows?  What is an angel anyhow? Do they have to have wings?  

 Some people see lights when they ask for guidance from their angels.  They can be sparkles of  beautiful colors, flashes of lights, bubbles or orbs.  

 Other people feel pure love when their angels are around.  

How do you sense your angels are around you?  I would love to hear your stories.  Post them in the comments below if you feel like sharing.

I will write more about this in future blogs. So until next time just know that YOUR ANGELS LOVE YOU NOW AND FOREVER!


Falling In Love

I just finished watching one of my favorite movies, Falling In Love.   I've lost count how many times I've seen this movie.  

As I watched, I wondered about fate, chance, destiny and whether some part of our lives have been programmed.  Do we choose our paths or is it destiny? Does the Law of Attraction work in all cases or is there more to life than we can even imagine?

Do we meet by chance?  How many chances do we get to meet with the one love in our life?  How many loves can be the one?  Is there more than one person/soul we are meant to be with?  Can we have successive real loves?

If we are married and meet this special person would it be enough to see them occasionally?  Would it be okay to sleep with them?  Or would it be best to walk away?  Is there one answer?  I don't feel there is one answer.  I don't believe anyone should judge another because who really knows?  There are so many various circumstances, so how could there be one answer, one way for everyone to "behave"?  
What is love? Why do people get married? Goodness there are so many different reasons.   So many different stories. 

What is your story? Is anyone brave enough to share?  

Of course you can always private message me on Facebook and share your story or email me at  
Or maybe you just want to keep your story to yourself.