Photobombed Selfie in the library - or why don't we act our age?

So we are in the library and I had to play with my new Galaxy Note II Smart Phone. I love taking pictures of all kinds of things. This one is just a random shot inside the library.
I also like to take Selfie pictures - not for ego but just for fun. Here's what I got
Someone photo bombed me. I wonder who it was. Maybe this guy?
Yes this was him, himself, sometimes known as Mr. Hungry. So what's the point? It's like someone said, "You and Bernie become more like kids every day." That made me smile even though people always say, "act your age," not to us but that's what we've heard all our lives. We say why? The older we get the more fun we have. The moral of this is to just enjoy life and be silly when you want. We do!


My mother's mother, my grandmother, who we called Mumph, wrote birth dates, marriage dates and death dates in this book.  I inherited it when my mother died.  As an astrologer I've found it fascinating to learn the birth dates of most of my relatives. She even posted birthdates of people she knew from my father's side of the family, so this is a treasure.  Each page has a quotation on it for each day.

Today is November 23rd.  The quote for today is "I see the crescent promise of my spirit hath not set.  Ancient founts of inspiration well thro' all my fancy yet."   By Locksley Hall.

This is an old book and quite fragile. I didn't know that my father was a Capricorn, born on January 14 1917 until I got this book.   My grandmother on my father's side, an Aries born April 9, 1891.

I wonder why my grandmother wrote all these down.  Was she interested in astrology or did she just like to remember people's birth dates?  I know it is a treasure for me.

Thank you dear Mumph.  I hope that what I've written will be so much fun for my Granddaughter and Great Grandson to read. 


Here we are the week before Thanksgiving, a time in the United States when we stop and think about all we have to be grateful for.   This past Thursday my co-creator Maggie Lukowski and I talked about gratitude on our radio show, Personal Empowerment for your soul,  with our guest Julie Zipper. 

Julie Zipper is an Agape Licensed Spiritual Counselor. She helps people plug into their God-Self, access their pristine inner wisdom, and create a life of purpose, authenticity and love. She has a show on You Tube entitled, "Creative Meditation," as well as being the co-creatix of a cyber school for the soul,
She lives in Asheville, NC with an old soulmate, her dog, and an amazing Spiritual Tribe that is shifting the planet to a higher frequency of love.

We had fun exploring ideas about playing the gratitude game and we shared some of what we had to be thankful for. 

You can listen to the show here

Vulnerability, Sex and You

Do you feel ashamed of your body and don't want to get into a bathing suit?

Do you feel nervous about something and don't want anyone to know about it?

Do you have a hearing problem or another problem that keeps you from going to movies or public places?

Are you afraid to date because you are a larger woman or feel like everyone else is prettier, smarter, more successful? Are you afraid to talk about sex? Do you keep your sexual fantasies to yourself instead of sharing them with your lover or partner?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I invite you to listen to this radio program, Personal Empowerment For Your Soul with me and my co creator Maggie Lukowski. We talked with our special guest Cathy Vartuli about all these subjects and more. (the show is here you just have to run flash)
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Breathtaking Videos Of Earth - We are all ONE

Our beautiful EARTH from the Astronauts view. This gave me goose bumps from head to toe as I watched this video and heard how the Astronauts felt. This is OUR Planet EARTH! Yours and Mine!

OVERVIEW from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.

Personal Empowerment For Your Soul Radio show

On my show last Thursday my co-host, Maggie Lukowski and I talked with Rick Wilkes of Thriving Now about feeling vulnerable, co-creating with our angels, guides and our tribe. We had a wonderful, heart-felt discussion that included being sensitive, caring and loving.  I hope you will enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed talking and sharing together.

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Have you ever felt free enough to dance and shine?

I saw this on Facebook this morning and had to post it.  As a child I would have danced like this but, of course as I got older I wouldn't let myself feel this vulnerable and free.  Why do we lose our sense of spontaneity as we age?  It's all about should's and don'ts and what will they think? 

Memories of my grandaughter

This video reminds me of when my granddaughter Tiffany was little. We got her a toy kitchen for Christmas one year.  Every time we went over to visit she used to take me by the hand and say, "come in my room Meema".  Then she would "cook" me a meal in her little kitchen.  I loved playing with her.  Now she's a wife with her own house and her own real kitchen cooking up her own special meals.  I wonder if she remembers these fun days of her childhood. I sure do.

Tiny Apartment in New York City

I was sitting here cleaning out some old emails and came across this video of a very small apartment this lady lives in. She's a writer and lives in New York City. She has organizational skills or this wouldn't work for her. As I was watching the video I almost had trouble breathing. No way could I live in a space this small.

 I remember one summer we borrowed a camper from a friend my husband works with so we could see if we liked camping. It was way too small. I think I stayed one night and then went home the next day.

Way back when, I dreamed of living in New York City for a year. It didn't happen but I thought about it for years. My cousin lived there and invited me to spend the weekend with her. This was back in 1954 and what a wonderful weekend it was. I sometimes wonder why I didn't ask her to help me find a job and a place to live in the city. I have no regrets now, thank goodness. This video of the lady's small living space brought back memories for me. Do you think you could live in a space this size?