Working and Playing With Angel Cards

You have angels around you at all times whether you realize it or not. Isn't it comforting to know this? Do you want to know how to work with your angels? There are many ways. A fun and exciting way is to get some angel cards and shuffle them while asking "What is my message for today?" If you want to know more I invite you to listen to my radio program with Radleigh Valentine, who creates Angel and Tarot cards with the angel lady, Doreen Virtue. We had such a wonderful visit with him. Radleigh is such a sweet, lively, informative guest.
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Photobombed Selfie in the library - or why don't we act our age?

So we are in the library and I had to play with my new Galaxy Note II Smart Phone. I love taking pictures of all kinds of things. This one is just a random shot inside the library.
I also like to take Selfie pictures - not for ego but just for fun. Here's what I got
Someone photo bombed me. I wonder who it was. Maybe this guy?
Yes this was him, himself, sometimes known as Mr. Hungry. So what's the point? It's like someone said, "You and Bernie become more like kids every day." That made me smile even though people always say, "act your age," not to us but that's what we've heard all our lives. We say why? The older we get the more fun we have. The moral of this is to just enjoy life and be silly when you want. We do!