Not Allowed Outside for 14 years

Imagine never being allowed to leave your house for 14 years unless you were accompanied by your parents! That's what happened to 6 brothers. 

I watched this on ABC 20/20 last night and was so fascinated that I rewound it and watched it again.  

These brothers, are called The Wolfpack.  For some reason they had access to movies.  10,000 movies!  They watched movies all day and memorized them.  Then they began to act out the movies and made props and costumes.  

After their father covered the windows so they couldn't see out, their claustrophobia got worse and one brave 15 year old boy named Makunda had to escape, so he went out after the father left to get groceries. He put on one of the masks from their movie props so his father wouldn't see him on the street.  He didn't know his address and wandered into a hospital and a grocery store.  With the mask on, it scared people and someone called the police. They started questioning him but he was told never to talk to strangers so he didn't answer and they took him to a hospital mental ward where he stayed for a week.  He loved it there.  As he said in the program he was curious.  His curiosity and need to get out helped change the dynamics for his brothers and mother.  I was totally immersed thinking what it must have been like for this family.  

Soon the other brothers got out and as fate would have it, since their whole life was about movies, the first person they met was a female film producer. She was fascinated in their story and documented their story and filmed their experiences as they discovered what life was like outside their home.   It is showing in theaters now and I'm looking forward to seeing the movie.  Here is a trailer of the documentary.

They were remarkably resilient and are now working.  Maybe it's because they were so connected and helped each other.  It makes me wonder what I would have been like had I had a twin sister or someone who helped me. Not that I was locked in my house but being agoraphobic is a bit similar. I wonder if any of these men will have problems later. Was this traumatic for them? Or was their bonding enough?  I certainly wish them well.

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