Fun Saturday

My Tarot message today is 

"Don't be a stick in the mud! Get out there and play like a carefree child. That's what is most needed to get your creative juices flowing once again. You need to reconnect with your "inner child" today. Don't let minor arguments or misunderstandings get under your skin." 

Actually this is how I was feeling this morning. It was nice and cool outside so we decided to go downtown Hendersonville to the sidewalk antique show.  I love old magazines and they had some, mostly LIFE magazines but I was looking for Redbook or Ladies Home Journal.  I love reading what we were being told to do as "good wives" back in the 1940s and 50s. But I didn't find any so we decided to just sit and relax for a bit. 

The city enlarged the sidewalks this winter so there is more room for tables and places to sit.

So here I am, watching people and enjoying the 68 degree temperature.

Bernie is enjoying himself too.  

We got hungry so we went to Cracker Barrel because they have this delicious chicken and rice dish with mushroom gravy and lima beans.  This is one of my favorite meals. 

 I also like cornbread with honey.  Mmm.  I get two meals out of this one.

We walked around in the store after we ate and I spotted the cutest display of dolls.  It took me back to my childhood when I'd have tea parties for my dollies.

Aren't they adorable?

 Here is the little toy stove.  I loved playing house and choir leader and teacher with my dolls.  I had a fantastic doll house as a child and loved to rearrange the furniture.  The dollhouses and toy kitchens are so much more elaborate than we had as children.  But what we didn't know, we didn't miss.  

I hope you enjoyed my Fun Saturday with me.  

Jean Maurie

Let's Dance

A friend sent me this in an email and I smiled all over myself as I watched it. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.