Eighty years and 5.9 months. Where did time go? One minute at a time. One hour, one day, one week, and so on.

How many weeks have I been alive? According to How Long Have I been Alive: Its been 2,540,100,810 seconds, 705,583 hours,29399 days,  4199.9 weeks, 965.9 months.

What have I done with this time?  Ah, many things.  Had lots of experiences.  What were my favorites?  So many... I am grateful for so much.  When I think of how many beats my heart made to keep me here, I feel so blessed.  I met so many cool people during my time on earth.  Many have passed on but I meet new ones all the time.  I am blessed for my wonderful husband.

I didn't even have TV when I was born, now we have Social Media where we can communicate with people all over the world.
I belong to a new moon prayer tribe on Facebook and it's international!

I have my ThrivingNow tribe and we're also international.   

My friend in Sweden was traveling to north Sweden and I was able to chat with her while she was riding and she sent me some pictures of the town they drove through.  How awesome is that?

I am so glad I lived to see it all.  What more exciting things am I going to experience?  

Yes I've had some regrets but who hasn't?  

Do you feel like your days are flying by?  What are you doing with them? Are you having fun or struggling? If you feel vulnerable enough I'd love to know if this blog brought up any feelings for you.  Post them below or private message me if you want.  I hope you are having an awesome life. 

My Snuggle Ducky

When I was three I was put to bed in what was called a "Snuggle Ducky". I was zipped up, laying on my back, my arms over my head unmovable. The "Snuggle Ducky" was tied to my crib. I don't remember feeling trapped. I must have felt secure. But now I can't stand to sleep in a bed with sheets tucked in at the bottom or sides. I also have a history of feeling trapped. No wonder!

Fear, Panic Attacks, Anxiety I felt all of these

When I was a child I had many surgeries to repair a cleft lip and palate.  I was told to be a "good girl" and a "big girl" and don't cry.  But I was terrified.  I told my mother I was nervous and she said, "Little girls don't have nerves."  Why am I writing about this?  Because as a child I couldn't flee.  I couldn't fight.  So my emotions and fears froze inside.  I had to wear a cuff that prevented me from reaching up and pulling out my stitches so I felt even more trapped.

I became phobic and when I went to school I looked different and was hard of hearing.  The kids called me quiver lip and more.  One little girl said she'd be friends with me when we were alone but when others were around she wouldn't be my friend.  I accepted that but it hurt.  I didn't learn how to stand up for myself.  I had a stomach ache every morning before I went to school and actually looked forward to being sick so I could stay home from school and not feel stressed.

The teachers didn't know how scared I was, they just thought I was trying to get away with doing my school work or they thought I was stupid.  I often sat in class staring out the window wanting to run home but I knew they would bring me back to school.

Having not dealt with any of these fears, they turned into Agoraphobia, the fear of having a panic attack and losing control.  For many years I thought someday I was going to go crazy and get locked up in a mental institution.   I used to call it "my problem" having no idea what was wrong with me or how to get help.  People would tell me to just get out there and be brave.  I had been "brave" for too long.

Why am I talking about this now? Not to make anyone feel sorry for me but to explain that I was traumatized by not being able to flee or fight.  All these fears were locked down within and came out as phobias.  I had many types of therapies and everything helped a little but it wasn't until I found Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Thriving now that I really got help.  When we experience a series of traumas our primitive brain does everything it can to protect us, to try and keep us safe.  For me my primitive brain helped me feel safe by making me scared to go to doctors, dentists, school and I don't even like to get my hair cut.  I am getting better though thanks to learning about the Primitive Brain and how to make it my friend and sooth it.

There is a wonderful course that I took and was greatly helped that is starting again.  It is called Reprogramming Your Primitive Brain.  Anyone who signs up before midnight on Thursday gets a free 20 minute tapping session with Rick Wilkes either by Skype or phone.  Rick Wilkes and Cathy Vartuli have helped me so much and I have many tools now if a panic attack starts.  I am still a work in progress but I've come a long way.

So if you have anxiety or feel unsafe, have a problem with self-worth you might want to take a look at the Reprogramming Your Primitive Brain Course.  There are tapping videos, meditations, phone calls you can participate in and more.  You didn't need to experience the kinds of trauma I did to feel unworthy or have self-esteem issues.  There are many "small traumas" that can trigger these kinds of feelings.  Tapping is amazing and very simple.  I continue to feel more confident and happier.  I hope you will too.

With Love, Jean Maurie 


Have you ever had a day when you felt foggy in the brain and couldn't seem to make any decisions?  I think we all have.  

Does it feel like this?

Or this?

I love riding through the fog but I sure don't like it in my head.  On those foggy head days I just kick back, take some self-care and wait.  Or maybe I tap on "Feeling foggy and fuzzy brain."  Feeling like this can be from overload, trying to make too many decisions, stress and more.

When I allow myself to feel my feelings without pushing them away or pushing them down by using affirmations, I usually feel better the next day and sometimes even later that same day.  The sun begins to shine.  That's not to say affirmations don't work or aren't helpful. They are as long as we aren't using them to cover up and push down feelings we need to acknowledge.  If I do use affirmations and I hear "yeah but", that's what I need to pay attention to and clear.  Then the affirmations have a better chance of working.

Maybe it is a fuzzy, foggy sun but at least the fog is beginning to clear.   If we wait long enough the sun does come out and we start feeling better and hopefully getting more clarity.

Now this feels like clarity to me! Full sun shining, lighting up the picture, lighting up my life with new ideas, new answers for those difficult decisions and peace.

I can help you with your decisions with a tapping session, an angel reading and more. 



Love, Jean Maurie

Is Your Life A Journey or a Joy?

I just watched this video (posted below) on Facebook and felt tears well up and roll down my face.  It brought up some strong emotions.  

I wonder how many of us followed the rules, trying to "get there" but it didn't work.  Did you? What are your experiences?  I would love to read them if you feel vulnerable enough to share.

The rules to be a good daughter, student, wife, mother... Clean the house when I'd rather be writing or dancing.  Have dinner on the table when my husband came home from work. Feeling guilty because I wasn't out working.  Or even feeling guilty while writing because I wasn't doing laundry or vacuuming.  

This might sound whining and maybe it is. This is how we were brought up in the 40s.  I've been unlearning.  

Here is a poem I loved and would read when I felt guilty writing or playing.  It helped some.


Have you ever had a favorite piece of clothing that you can't let go of?  I have one right now.  

This is my favorite shirt.  I liked it so much that I ordered two of them.  I don't remember what happened to the other one but I've about worn this one out.  I bought it from The Mountain  and no I'm not getting compensated.  I sent them this picture to see if I could get another shirt like this but they said they didn't usually repeat a style.  So I'm going to enjoy this as long as I can.  It's so soft too, so it's also a comfort shirt.

Fog Adventures Before Breakfast

This morning it was very foggy outside so we decided to go for a ride and see if we could take some pretty pictures.

We drove up to Jump Off Rock in Laurel Park 

 We were surprised how sunny it was because down below it was quite foggy.

When we walked up to the rock we were above the fog and the mountains were peeking through the clouds.  It was quite a beautiful sight.

Then the fog started rolling back in but the sun was streaming down through.  It reminded me of the Light from above that I hear about in guided meditations. So I had Bernie take a picture of me with the light streaming down over me. I felt like I was receiving Angel Healing. 

The Light of God Surrounds Me
The Love of God enfolds Me
The Power of God Protects Me
The Presence of God watches over me
Wherever I am, God is
Unity Prayer for Protection by James Dillet Freeman

Playing Grownup

Remember how we used to play "Grownup" when we were children? This little girl took it a few steps further. She liked watching makeup videos on her ipad and she asked her mother if she could make her own video.  Here's the result.  I could see myself doing this as a child too, but we didn't have the technology.
I used to play bride and dress up too - see pictures below.  And as you can see the pictures are black and white.  No ipads or computers back then.  I like now so much better. 

Playing Bride

Playing Dressup


How many of us can allow ourselves to be in the moment like this?  Little boy spots a fun looking puddle and wants to explore it.  How many parents would say, "get away from the puddle, you'll get your shoes wet."  Or "hurry up I don't have all day!"  But no, this child is allowed to play in the puddle, getting his shoes all wet.  When he's done he is done.  Sigh, I love watching this.  I hope you do too.

Signs We Might Miss if We're Not Tuned In

Today when I got out of the car at Wal-Mart, I looked down in the parking lot and saw a safety pin.  Hmm, is this a sign, I wondered. Then I laughed to myself.  What a dork, thinking a safety pin is a sign.  Who am I kidding?  But the thought stayed in my head. Usually I find pennies in parking lots, not safety pins.

When I got home I logged into Facebook and onto the angel group I belong to.  As one of the administrators there I private messaged the others and asked, " I saw a safety pin on the ground when I got out of the car. Do any of you think that it is a "sign" ... safety... or am I just grasping at straws?

"Hmmm...if your first instinct was that it is a sign then it probably is. I would explore what a safety pin means to you, personally." Gale replied.

Yes it was my first instinct but then I laughed. It stuck with me though so I do think it means something. I was having a lot of anxiety this morning as I went to the doctor's to get my blood drawn for cholesterol and all that malarky. I think stuff came up from my childhood with those planets retrograde and my solar return with a lot of planets in my 12th house. So the safety pin works actually.

"Perfect then," Gale said,

Ha ha, I didn't trust my judgment and had to ask. Learned something here too

"Indeed...but I think we all go through that, Jean...moments of uncertainty. Perhaps the greater lesson here was that in asking, you reminded all of us the importance of trusting our instincts."

Karen jumped in and said, "I agree with Gale trust your first instinct on seeing the pin". She went on to say, "Something you weren't looking to see and weren't even looking for as a sign but if it came to your mind as a sign then it was one."

Next Karen reminded me of a picture I'd posted on my Facebook page this morning when we got behind a slow moving tractor and added, "Just saw this and thought to myself perhaps this is another sign to relax and take it easy."

Sure enough, another sign that I missed.   "Everything is under control and everything happens in due time".   

This is especially meaningful for me too because we're downsizing, putting our house up for sale but we don't know for sure where we're going.  "Everything is under control and everything happens in due time."  I want to remember this.

I looked up safety pin in the urban dictionary and found this:  "A holy object that can be used for multiple purposes. Putting things together. A pin used for fastening things especially cloth, which has a round end into which the sharp end points, so that it is covered and cannot stick you."  Ah, protection! Nice!

Oh how I love talking to my earthly angel friends.  We help each other see things differently and we post angel messages, angel cards with so much love on the angel page.

So pay attention to your own signs.  Try not to doubt your intuition so much.  I know it's easy to doubt just like I did today but if you pay attention and trust you will probably start seeing even more signs that speak to you with meaningful messages.


They called me the CLUTTERBUG

As my husband and I near our 80th birthdays we decided we want to downsize.  We live in a big house with 14 stairs from the garage to the upstairs and carrying bags from the grocery store is still doable, but cumbersome.  We want a house on a single level.  So it's time to de-clutter or as Rick Wilkes from Thriving now says, "Right sizing."  What feels good to keep? What do I want to release?   

Each time we moved I packed 50 boxes of books and magazines.  I have 7 full bookcases.  Why?  Because I loved my books and had a hard time getting rid of them. I thought I was okay with this until I was on a call about clearing clutter.  As I listened to the call a lot of emotions came up.  Tears were streaming down my face.  I didn't realize how emotional I was about my cluttered bookcases.  Why was I having so much trouble releasing books?  They felt like my friends. Or maybe I thought I'd need them sometime.  How many angel books does a person need?  How many Astrology and Tarot books did I need to keep?

As Rick suggested, "hold a book in your hand and see on a scale of zero to ten how you feel about it.  If it's less than a 7 can you let it go? " He suggested tapping on any emotions that came up.  I started doing this and easily filled up 2 boxes that I took to a spiritual book store and actually made some money! I have two more boxes filled to take to the same store and two boxes filled to donate to our library for the Friends of the Library book sale.  I could send books to be sold on Amazon.com for an Amazon gift card.  

This is what right sizing looks like! This feels good, more peaceful.

We also cut the cable on our tv too because the prices kept rising and it just didn't feel right to pay that much anymore. We bought an outside antenna for local stations and a Roku.  Then we subscribed to sling tv and saved over $80 a month.  I feel more peaceful about releasing the TV clutter too and my TV watching habits have changed for the better. 

So if you want to experience right sizing for yourself you might want to take a look at this clearing clutter program that helped me so much.  You'll get to listen to the tapping call I was on and there will be another call this month that you can participate in.  

Clearing Clutter with EFT

What's My Purpose

All my life I've wondered what am I supposed to be doing with my life. What's my purpose?  I struggled, studied, felt like I wasn't doing enough, beat myself up, felt unworthy.  What if it isn't that hard?  Today I found this and suddenly I relaxed, felt better about myself and took a deep breath!  I've been doing this all along. Maybe it's enough.  

This Time Together by Carol Burnett

I just finished reading a delightful book, THIS TIME TOGETHER, Laughter and Reflection by Carol Burnett.
Carol wrote many short chapters, short stories about the people she met during her wonderful career. Many of these stories were hilarious, like how Tim Conway would play his part the way it was written during the first taping but during the next take, he used his own outrageous skits that had everyone rolling on the floor.

Other stories were touching like the dying girl named Kathy. Somehow Carol knew she had known this girl someplace and they bonded. Carol was with her when she died.

Bob Mackie designed all the costumes including the infamous dress from Gone with the Wind - the drape. Each of these wonderful stories are just several pages which kept the book so interesting and fast reading.

After I finished I wished I could have a chance to sit down and chat with Carol face to face.

I used to be a fan of the soap, All My Children but Carol was addicted. She tells a funny story about when she and her family were in Lake Como, Italy. A telegram came outlining the soap's weekly recap but the person delivering it thought all the bad news was about her family and dreaded showing it to her.

Letters from Joan Crawford was funny and so was the way they met. Carol and Lucille Ball (I love Lucy) felt like they'd always known each other, another wonderful story.

I was surprised to read that Carol married a younger man. Go Carol!

So if you want some fun and light reading I think you'll enjoy This Time Together by Carol Burnett. I did. The book is interspersed with pictures of her and the people she writes about and also, about the amazing signs she got from her daughter Carrie who died right before the play they wrote together was produced.

Watching the Stars

Wouldn't it be fun to be able to lay outside at night and watch the stars? I wish I knew how to do this without attracting bugs. I'd probably fall asleep and that would be okay too as long as a bear or other critter didn't come along. I guess campers get a chance to watch the stars. But laying on top of a hill? I don't have a bucket list but this looks like an awesome experience to have. Have any of you done this?

The Voices in our Heads - Which ones are we feeding?

This video spoke to me.
What voices do we listen to in our heads? What if we affirm that we are calm and confident but we really aren't? What do we do with that thought? It's not good to ignore it because it will either chase us until we listen and love it, or it will bury itself and show up in our bodies as aches, pains and illnesses. Or if we're not aware of feelings in our body it could show up as shopping addictions, drinking or eating too much, gambling addictions and more. I like to pay attention to those voices and thank them for speaking to me so I know what I need to release. There are many ways to release - meditation, talking to a friend or therapist, and more. My personal way is using Tapping, (Emotional Freedom Technique). Once I release these feelings and old voices in my head I feel more peaceful and loving. What helps you?

In our new video brought to life by Gobblynne Animation, featuring Sharon Salzberg, Sharon narrates a story about how mindfulness allows us to see our thoughts and feelings as they are.
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