Afraid of Escalators

I'm afraid of escalators! I will avoid them at all costs. I will go to the back of a store to find the elevator rather than ride an escalator. I get all sweaty and feel dizzy when I step on to one. I wonder will I miss the step? What if I fall? I don't know if this is an unreasonable fear or not. I'm not even sure I need to get over it.

Today when we were at the Barnes and Noble in the Asheville mall I was upstairs where my favorite genre of books are. After I browsed awhile I saw some writing how-to books along with dictionaries way in the back of the store. Bernie had gone down to another store to do an errand and said he'd look for me upstairs. I was standing by the railing waiting for him because if I went back to where the writing books were he'd have a hard time finding me. While waiting I was watching people riding the up escalator. One man was actually reading a book as he stood on those moving stairs. Another gal ran up the stairs. A couple were leaning sideways toward each other conversing. Everyone seemed so calm as if riding an escalator was an every day occurrence, nothing to be afraid of. I guess one can calmly practice riding an escalator in their minds and use EFT to tap on the fear. Do I want to? Does it matter? Do we have to get over every fear we have? What do you think? Do you have any fears that stop you from doing things you'd like to do?

P.S. I don't like riding down escalators either.

Wouldn't it be nice if life was more like this?

Someone sent me a link to this in my thriving now forum. I got thinking about it and wishing life could be more like this and less of a struggle. Of course it could be boring if life was like this every day. But if you find yourself struggling you can imagine pushing this in your mind and hearing the sound.

Wishing you an Easy Day today ♥♥