My Snuggle Ducky

When I was three I was put to bed in what was called a "Snuggle Ducky". I was zipped up, laying on my back, my arms over my head unmovable. The "Snuggle Ducky" was tied to my crib. I don't remember feeling trapped. I must have felt secure. But now I can't stand to sleep in a bed with sheets tucked in at the bottom or sides. I also have a history of feeling trapped. No wonder!


Marji said...

Jean---Thank you for this posting! It's the first confirmation I have ever seen of my own experience. I hated the confinement of this bizarre device. I can only guess at its purpose--possibly to keep a child from touching herself. I'm glad you had a comfortable Snuggle Ducky experience. Marji

Unknown said...

My mother always told me how much she HATED this device. Today I found hers. Such a strange thing. 😂. It is in remarkable shape for it’s age.