Fog Adventures Before Breakfast

This morning it was very foggy outside so we decided to go for a ride and see if we could take some pretty pictures.

We drove up to Jump Off Rock in Laurel Park 

 We were surprised how sunny it was because down below it was quite foggy.

When we walked up to the rock we were above the fog and the mountains were peeking through the clouds.  It was quite a beautiful sight.

Then the fog started rolling back in but the sun was streaming down through.  It reminded me of the Light from above that I hear about in guided meditations. So I had Bernie take a picture of me with the light streaming down over me. I felt like I was receiving Angel Healing. 

The Light of God Surrounds Me
The Love of God enfolds Me
The Power of God Protects Me
The Presence of God watches over me
Wherever I am, God is
Unity Prayer for Protection by James Dillet Freeman


Simone said...

I can feel the magic... Beautiful! Love the pictures! Thank you for sharing your experience, I am benefitting from the great energy!


Jean Maurie said...

Thank you for commenting Simone. I'm glad you liked this and am benefiting from the great energy. It was fun.

Norene said...

Beautiful pictures, Jean. Coming out of the fog and into the light!