Eighty years and 5.9 months. Where did time go? One minute at a time. One hour, one day, one week, and so on.

How many weeks have I been alive? According to How Long Have I been Alive: Its been 2,540,100,810 seconds, 705,583 hours,29399 days,  4199.9 weeks, 965.9 months.

What have I done with this time?  Ah, many things.  Had lots of experiences.  What were my favorites?  So many... I am grateful for so much.  When I think of how many beats my heart made to keep me here, I feel so blessed.  I met so many cool people during my time on earth.  Many have passed on but I meet new ones all the time.  I am blessed for my wonderful husband.

I didn't even have TV when I was born, now we have Social Media where we can communicate with people all over the world.
I belong to a new moon prayer tribe on Facebook and it's international!

I have my ThrivingNow tribe and we're also international.   

My friend in Sweden was traveling to north Sweden and I was able to chat with her while she was riding and she sent me some pictures of the town they drove through.  How awesome is that?

I am so glad I lived to see it all.  What more exciting things am I going to experience?  

Yes I've had some regrets but who hasn't?  

Do you feel like your days are flying by?  What are you doing with them? Are you having fun or struggling? If you feel vulnerable enough I'd love to know if this blog brought up any feelings for you.  Post them below or private message me if you want.  I hope you are having an awesome life. 

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