Is Your Life A Journey or a Joy?

I just watched this video (posted below) on Facebook and felt tears well up and roll down my face.  It brought up some strong emotions.  

I wonder how many of us followed the rules, trying to "get there" but it didn't work.  Did you? What are your experiences?  I would love to read them if you feel vulnerable enough to share.

The rules to be a good daughter, student, wife, mother... Clean the house when I'd rather be writing or dancing.  Have dinner on the table when my husband came home from work. Feeling guilty because I wasn't out working.  Or even feeling guilty while writing because I wasn't doing laundry or vacuuming.  

This might sound whining and maybe it is. This is how we were brought up in the 40s.  I've been unlearning.  

Here is a poem I loved and would read when I felt guilty writing or playing.  It helped some.


Rachel said...

I love Alan Watts so much !!! <3 <3

{S} said...

Such a powerful view of life. Wow.