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Hi and welcome again to our Wednesday Tarot class. This week we are going to talk about the card everyone wants to get in their readings, The Lovers. Those of you who have Tarot cards, take a look at the Lovers. In the Rider-Waite deck, the lovers are two naked people standing outside. The woman is looking up toward a huge angel in the sky and above the Angel is the Sun. The man is looking at the woman. This means that the male energy needs to get direction from intuition, which is usually thought of as a feminine energy. That is why he is looking at her while she receives direction from her Higher Self, the Angel. Each of us has male and female energy within, so when we talk about feminine intuition, know we all have it whether we’re male or female. The Lovers suggests spiritual growth through expressions of man’s feminine nature.

Behind the woman, is the apple tree of temptation that God told Eve not to eat of the knowledge of good and evil. God named everything and called it good. Before Eve ate the apple, they were innocent and knew nothing about evil. Let’s call evil negativity, worries, fear because that is what evil is all about – only seeing the bad, only thinking the worst, retaliating. Many times we humans have to learn our lessons the hard way, walking through our fears, overcoming our negativity, solving our worries. Sure all this is painful, but we often don’t appreciate what we have until we’ve lost it, like when Adam and Eve were banished from the garden.

The Hebrew name for the Lovers card is Zain, meaning sword. In the tarot cards, swords represent air, the sign of Gemini, mental attitudes, discrimination, and choice. Yes swords look menacing but they don’t have to be. The sword has two edges, one for knowledge, and the other to wound or kill. Before one uses a sword he has to think first, prior to making that decision. If you remember, there was a sword on the magicians table, which represents our tools for our life’s journey. How will you use your sword? Will you try to gain spiritual knowledge, look at your life’s possibilities? Will you plant your seeds in a fertile garden and nourish them with love and caring? Or will you throw it all away in haste and anger because you feel trapped and unable to see other possibilities?

The Lovers is number 6, Gemini, the twins; God, Goddesses, our subconscious selves and our super conscious selves, communication. Remember the Angel above the Lovers and think how much easier our lives would be if we would turn to our Higher selves and listen before flying off the handle at our lover, because our feelings are hurt. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and this is one of the main problems between lovers, not communicating. To help us communicate, we can use the polarity between the male and female or opposite points of view. We need to look at their side as well as our own in order to understand what our lovers are feeling. Communication is a two way street. We also have to listen to what the other is saying, not interrupt even if we don’t agree. Listen, then repeat what we heard and try to understand. Attack feels easier than forgiving, so we need to watch what we say.

“How can I attract my true love to me?” You ask. By being love! Loving yourself is first. How can you give away what you don’t have? If you don’t love and respect yourself you are going to attract people into your life who treat you exactly the way you feel about yourself. People will leave, they won’t call when they say they will, they will continue to prove to you that you are not worth loving. But if you learn to love yourself, you will then love from a place of wholeness, and with your heart open, your true love will appear and treat you kindly, respectfully. So if your love life is unsatisfactory, use this experience to grow and discover what part of you needs healing in order to love fully. Look toward Arch Angel Raphael, the angel of healing that presides over the lovers card. Ask him to help you find your true love. And remember, God made you and She didn’t make junk. Put that on your mirror to memorize as you look at yourself each morning, when you start your day. Remember, You deserve to be loved and your angels always love you, no matter what!

The Lovers advice:

See another’s point of view
Empathize – feel what others feel
Open your heart up and communicate instead of hiding your feelings
Ask yourself if you accept him or her as she is, instead of trying to make them into who you want
Be flexible and express your true self
Have the courage to stand naked with your feelings and thoughts.
Turn to your Higher Self and your relationship Angels for guidance on how to love and get love

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Next week we will talk about The Chariot. Until then, know that your Angels love you, now and forever.

^i^ Angel Hugs, Jean Maurie

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