More fears come up to be healed

Here it Saturday. What a difference a day makes. I was yelling at the voices last night telling them they'd better be real or I didn't want anything to do with them. When I woke up this morning there were the pains again. I hadn't felt them all night and I'm thinking WTF. I've been trying to get to the bottom of them. So as I laid in my recliner trying to wake up but sorta not wanting to, I realized there were 7 fears lurking there pinching me in my gut. "Listen to us," they were saying. "If you listen to us we can be on our way." So I tapped (when I say tapped I don't mean on my stomach but there is this tapping routine I learned through the EFT classes, online, and in DVD's I bought. ( I tap on acupressure points, which do release and heal emotional issues. So I tapped about 6 rounds this morning and really let the fears speak to me. I know I have more releasing to go but my stomach feels a lot better today!!!

I decided to pull some cards to see what my message is for today. Interesting, I got some of the same cards as yesterday. Today the journey card came up first and yes this is a journey toward healing myself and my fears. It has been quite a journey over these 73 years. I didn't know enough to work on them as a child, all I learned was to push down, be strong and clench. I started on the healing journey when I was about 35. Before that I didn't know I had a brain in my head. One day I was sitting in a used book store with some friends who were all college graduates and I was holding my own in the conversation. That was when I realized, hey I'm not so dumb after all. So from 35 to 73 I've been working on myself through different modalities from hypnosis, "primal scream", meditation, astrology, past life regression,and how to get over agoraphobia, etc. I wonder if there is any end to the journey? I don't think we ever get to a point when we've learned it all and we're done. But I know we can feel a hell of a lot better and I expect to.

This leads me to my next card which again is gift. I do love the gift of healing, feeling better, liking myself better, becoming more unafraid. Next is marriage again, still working between the feeling side of myself and the head and rational side. It is good to be balanced. Not only am I working on myself emotionally but I am giving up colas for a few days anyhow. The voices told me to get down in the basement and dance, that will loosen me up. Have I done it? No but I'm gonnna.

The hidden card is really nice. It's money/reward. Yes I feel that when I get through this I will be rewarded. I will have more knowledge to use to help my own clients and have more to write about too. Plus isn't feeling better a reward all by itself?

Happy weekend with tons of ^i^ hugs,


MO Min Pin Rescue said...

Awesome Job, Jean! I love your interpretations of the cards! And the fact that you are getting to the bottom of some really deep issues! Yay!

Jean Maurie said...

Thanks Lori. I even went down and stretched and danced a little like the "voices" told me to. LOL Can you imagine anyone reading this and saying, "she hears voices?" LOLOL