South Florida with mountains

What a lovely thought! If Florida had mountains or Western North Carolina had an ocean I would be in total heaven. I do miss the beach and ocean but love the mountains. I know people living in certain parts of California can drive to the ocean in a short time and still see mountains. You can't do that here though. I had 47 wonderful years living in South Florida from 1953 to 2000. I never saw a mountain until I was 50. We missed the four seasons after growing up in Pa and NJ. So when my husband retired we decided to move to the mountains. I had 47 years laying in the sun, swimming in the ocean, playing in my family's pool. Such wonderful memories. Then I see this picture and think, wouldn't it be wonderful to have the best of both worlds. I know people live in Fla in the winter months and come up here in the summer, but what the heck, why not have it all? I know you are probably saying Florida isn't that far away you could go anytime. Yes we could if we were travelers but we aren't. I'm still trying to remember how to fly. Guess that would mess up the air traffic controllers and who knows, they might try to shoot me down. Oh well, I can use this wonderful picture for a relaxing meditation.

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Suzanne Lanoue said...

Nice picture!

How far is the drive for you from where you live to Florida?

Yes, pretty much if you live anywhere in Southern California you are not too far from beach, mountains, desert, city, just about anything you want. But it's very expensive to live there now.

Jean Maurie said...

It's 700+ miles and we don't drive straight through. I know it isn't much but we are not big travelers like other people. We usually stop in Jacksonville and then get to West Palm by 1 or 2pm. Our son drives straight through and is worn out. Last time he flew. That isn't cheap either.

It is expensive to live in Fla too with the cost of homeowners insurance.

Thanks for the comment. :)