First blog with Gypsy cards

Here is my first blog with the new Gypsy cards that I bought from Lorielle. (Hey baby what's your card) I really resonate with these cards.

I, too, am reading Writing Down Your Soul by Janet Conner and the voices told me to pull out the cards and write about them. So I did.

I was writing about my stomach being upset. All my feelings settle in my stomach or back and I'm going through some sort releasing - not in the stomach but in my emotions. I use EFT ( which is called tapping. I've gotten in touch with some deep childhood issues when I had many surgeries for repairing my cleft lip and palate. I was so scared. I remember when the hospital called to schedule my surgeries my mother would be doubled over with stomach pains and I asked her what was the matter, she'd say "nothing." I guess she thought she could protect me by not telling me how scared she was. A child knows. I'm talking about 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 years young. I don't remember how it all went before 4 but I had my first surgery at 10 days old. Anyhow, when I was tapping I was able to feel the pain of this scared little girl who wasn't able to talk about the fear. They told me to be a "good little girl and don't cry." So I didn't. Naturally the pain and fear had to be stored somewhere. Tapping helped release some of it but my stomach has been a bit upset since. I know there is more stuck emotion down there.

My first card is gift. Believe it or not I feel that all of this pain and fear is a gift only because it has made me search deep and uncover beliefs and what is really going on inside. Yes it would be nice not to have pain but we, as humans often learn our greatest lesson through pain.

My second card is marriage. To me this meant going between my feelings, my head and my heart. It is like a merger of these three parts of me. With the tapping and the writing I am going from my emotions to thinking and then trying to open my heart. When I was feeling my little girl's pain and fear I imagined holding her on my lap and opening my heart to her, telling her it is ok to feel. Because it is. Feelings are here for a reason and when we allow ourselves to feel all our feelings whether good or bad, painful or excitement, we don't stuff them anymore. They are genuine, real.

My third card is thought. Ah, thinking about an upset stomach and worrying about it will create more tension and more fear. If I keep going over and over about it in my mind I keep feeling the upset. That is what many teachers teach, that what we give our mind to is what we create in our lives. But boy is it hard not to think about things when they are bothering me.

I also use CD's by Belleruth Naparstek, from I have about 6 of her cd's from panic and anxiety, to a healthier sleep, to relaxation and pain, weight loss and more. I even have one for self confidence. She takes me through this wonderful guided meditation to relax the body and then there is about fifteen minutes of affirmations that are powerful. So I'm using these too and that is when my stomach feels the best.

My hidden card is letter. I am getting so many wonderful emails with links to tapping places online that are free. I also feel that all the releasing I am going through will be a wonderful "message" for me and is a message for me to keep releasing and working on myself. I will get some good messages from them. The image on the letter card has birds on them as if delivering a message. Birds also represent psychic messages and I know I am opening up to be more psychic and will get more "letters/messages" as I clear out the old emotional baggage.

So it is going to be interesting to see what else is going to come up and what cards I will draw.

^I^ Angel Hugs, Jean Maurie


MO Min Pin Rescue said...

Great draw and a wonderful interpretation. I think that these cards are really speaking to you and the more you work with them, the more they will come alive for you! Good work - with the cards and on your self-growth! Happy Carding!

Jean Maurie said...

Thanks for all your help Lori, I really appreciate it. Yes I love these cards. Happy self growth? LOL that is an oxymoron. But yes growth is good especially when it takes us to new levels.