My Angels Help me all the time

Yesterday I talked about how my astrology chart helped me understand myself better and how I learned about balance in my life. I wrote about how I was helped to work through being agoraphobic for 30 years.

Today I want to talk about how I learned about angels, how they helped me and how they can help you. Did you know you have angels and unseen guides around you all the time? Some people teach that we have one guardian angel, others say we can call in the archangels at any time, and others teach that we have many angels around us. I choose to believe that we have at least 5 angels with us at all times. I've learned that before we were conceived we worked with our Guides to decide what adventures we wanted this lifetime and what lessons we wanted our soul to learn. We chose our parents, we chose our astrology charts and we even chose who we wanted to learn and have adventures with. In other words, say we wanted to learn how to love ourselves better. So we worked an agreement with other souls who wanted to help us. Maybe someone was mean to us in our life and we didn't like feeling this so we worked hard to learn to overcome feeling bad. That lead us to start searching for reasons why we felt so bad and what could we do to help ourselves. So we found out that once we started loving ourselves our vibrations changed and the person who was being so mean left our lives. They were one of our greatest teachers. This is simplistic, I know, but it is just a small example. While we were setting these "adventures" up with our Guides and other souls, we also got to select our angels who would come with us and help us through our adventures here on this earth plane.

"Then why don't we remember this?" You might ask? Because when we were inside our mother's womb we drank from the water of forgetfulness. I mean if we remembered everything it wouldn't be such a challenge would it? Have you ever noticed how humans seem to learn the most through their struggles? Of course we don't have to but that is how we've been programmed. Now that the Law of Attraction and the Secret have entered our consciousness we are learning we can create better things for ourselves without such struggles. But back to our angels...

Did you know that our angels can even help us find good parking places if we ask? Imagine it is raining and we want to go to the mall. It is raining so hard that if we parked 3 rows back we'd get soaked, so we can ask our angels to find us a parking place near the entrance and they will. I remember many times when we lived in Florida we'd like to park at the Lake Worth beach overlooking the ocean. But we'd have to get there early or all the spots would be taken. Now I'm talking about parking on the first row right along side the ocean. Many times when we asked our angels to help us find a parking place there someone would be getting ready to back out and often they'd leave money in the meter so we not only got a good spot but didn't have to pay for it.

"Isn't that too trivial for the angels?" You ask? No it isn't. Our angels love to help us in any way they can. But we have to ASK. They are not allowed to interfere. One of my favorite books is Angelspeake by Trudy Griswold and Barbara Mark. In this book they teach us how to write to our angels and get our own angel messages. I highly recommend this book.

Joan Borysenkso has a CD that I use all the time calling in the Archangels to help us. It is called Invocation to the Angels. She talks about Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael. Here is the link to the interview about how she calls on these angels for everything: Arch Angel Invocation She has a CD with explanation on how to use these angels and then a wonderful meditation. Once I learned and practiced this, I am always calling on them to ask for help and guidance, healing and - well for everything. It feels like I am surrounded by wonderful protection and love.

So yes YOU too have angels and guides you can call on and believe me, if we allow them to help us and get our egos or our worries out of the way and LET them help us, they will - in miraculous ways. Next time I'll tell you how they brought me my husband when I had NO idea what I was doing.

So tons of Angel Hugs to you and know that your angels love you now and forever no matter what. They are always there for you too!

Jean Maurie


Renie Burghardt said...

Interesting premise, Jean. Sorry I called you Jean Marie just before. I'm not sure I go with your total concept, but I know my guardian angels have helped me many times. When I was a child in Hungary during World War II, my guardian angel was at my side. I know this!

Astrology is fun, but I am not prone to believe everything about it. I do believe in the power of prayer though, for many of my prayers of distress were answered.

I will be back to read more. But got to run right now. Have a wonderful evening.

Hugs and blessings,


Jean Maurie said...

Hi again Renie, I don't feel astrology can tell us everything. It is only energy and it depends how we use this energy. It can give us roadmaps about the kind of energy and what to watch out for or what to use to help us. But HOW? That seems to be up to us.

I believe in prayer and visualizing and belief too.

So glad you know your angels are with you. Isn't it so comforting ! Talk to you soon.

Tons of Angel Hugs, Jean Maurie