They called me the CLUTTERBUG

I spent 75 + years unable to organize my stuff and they called me the Clutterbug.  I love books and magazines.  Plus I saved piles of papers that had been stuffed in folders from years ago.  I am also a writer and saved every article I could find about writing plus all those rejections and half written stories.  My files were overflowing and the tops of my file cabinets were piled high with unorganized books - smaller books on the bottom that would crash to the floor periodically.  My office was a MESS. How to declutter? Where to start? What is keeping me from letting go?  Who am I without my clutter? Did I feel incomplete without my books, magazines and papers?

With the help of Rick Wilkes' coaching  and Thriving Now  I got uncluttered enough to actually downsize and move.  I thought I was doing well, and I was.  But Rick Wilkes and Carol Look created a Free webinar to help with getting rid of clutter.  I joined and was amazed to discover I still have clutter issues.  6000 + emails! Yes that is part of clutter too!  Yes it bothers me!  Yes I want to delete them and have more control over my emails!
I was also amazed to learn I had FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) What if I miss something? What if I don't have something anymore? What if I need it some day?  That is why I moved too many books, too many papers and too many magazines! So I still have more to do but I know it will get easier.  How? I joined the free webinar and it helped me so much I got the Clutter program.
Would you like to watch the Free webinar and see if you have clutter issues or find ways to make your surroundings and your mind more peaceful?  Ok here it is!

Cool isn't it! And so informative!  There is a place there to sign up if you want to join the clutter program.  You can join it here too.  I am so excited to have released a lot of clutter in my life that I just want to share it with others.  I'm also looking forward to releasing 6,000+ emails of my own and healing my FOMO!

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