How Do Angels Show up in Our Lives?

The other day I posted a question on my Facebook page "If your Guardian Angel appeared in your living room what would you ask her/him about?" I got a lot of interesting comments and one from a non believer who said she would wake up.  

This got me thinking about how angels show up in our lives. 

Some people just sense their angels around them.   I was taking a shower one day getting ready to go to my dermatology appointment. I was anxious because many other times he had found some basal cell skin cancers and I was getting tired of getting cut on.  I didn't want to go.  Suddenly I sensed and saw in my mind's eye a huge angel in my shower.  I was taken aback a bit but not scared.  I "heard" him say I wasn't going to get cut on today so don't worry.  I felt myself beginning to relax even though I was a bit skeptical. But sure enough, the doctor didn't find anything new on my skin, so my angel's message was right on.

 Some hear angels, either like I did when I got the angel message in the shower and others actually hear a voice.  There have been stories about people who were about to get into an automobile accident who heard a voice saying "Put your foot on the brake now"  or "Turn the wheel to the right" and other warnings.   I was alone in my house one day way back when and I heard a voice as plain as could be that said, "find out about computers."  I was startled because I was alone and I asked, "What?" The voice said clearly "Find out about Computers."  I didn't even know what a computer was but I thought I'd better see what computers were about and I'm glad I did.  It changed my life and I started doing online chat readings, email readings and skype ones too.  I read for people all over the world thanks to computers and my angel's instructions.

Many call on and get answers from Jesus.  I am not saying Jesus is an angel but who knows?  What is an angel anyhow? Do they have to have wings?  

 Some people see lights when they ask for guidance from their angels.  They can be sparkles of  beautiful colors, flashes of lights, bubbles or orbs.  

 Other people feel pure love when their angels are around.  

How do you sense your angels are around you?  I would love to hear your stories.  Post them in the comments below if you feel like sharing.

I will write more about this in future blogs. So until next time just know that YOUR ANGELS LOVE YOU NOW AND FOREVER!


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