I Need Light, Lots of Light!

Day 14 Today's Nudge is to share something that isn't widely known about me.

I need light!  I need lots of light in my environment.

We recently moved into a 2 bedroom home so I had to get creative setting up my office/bedroom.  For a couple of months it felt gloomy in here and I didn't know what was wrong.  We had set my computer and chair up with my back to the windows.  I kept the blinds down.  I just didn't want to be in the room but I didn't know why.

Finally today I realized what I needed.  I needed not to have my back against the window.  I needed to raise my blinds and be able to see out.  

So we moved furniture around and now I can see out! I felt the difference immediately.  This is my office in progress. 

I have more space in front of me now and room to put a picture on the wall in front of me that will cheer me up even more. So I ordered this print in a larger size.  It will be here on Monday and I am excited to see it on my wall.

I don't need to be at the beach to enjoy it.  I remember so well what it felt like to lay on the beach and swim in the ocean.

So mentally I can imagine/remember how it feels and go there again in my mind.  This is a form of meditation and I can put on my headphones and listen to the sounds of the ocean or any relaxing music I want.

Let there be light and there is!


Judith-Ann said...

Hhhmmm. I might need a picture like that in my office too.

SLScheibe said...

I'm with you! I need lots of light too. It's reassuring, plus it's nice and warm when the sun shines through.

Rachel said...

And there was light!! ❤️

Tori B. said...

I'm the same! I love opening the blinds and curtains every morning to let the light shine in.

Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

I like to be able to look out the window when I am at my art table. But my room isn't quite big enough to allow me to have it in front of the window, so it's in the corner next to the window.
My easel is now in front of my window though, room enough or not, I need it there. There is just something magical about gazing out a window when you are in the midst of creating.