Angel mesage for you!

Angel messages for each sign for June 2009. Use your sun sign message, moon sign message and ascendant message for your angel message for the month.

Aries: We hear your thoughts when you call on us. We’re here for you. Stop for a moment and listen.

Taurus: If you could see us the way we see you, you would be astounded! You are beautiful in our eyes. Let your light shine.

Gemini: We’re downloading ideas to you, so don’t discount your imagination. We use it to communicate with you.

Cancer: Your desires are possible; ask us to help you fulfill them. We are overjoyed when you keep us busy.

Leo: We stand beside you awaiting your questions. You are never alone but we don’t snoop. When you call we answer, so pay attention to subtle messages and ask for signs.

Virgo: We whisper in your ear, brush your cheeks lightly with our wings. Take a minute to feel us beside you. You are never alone.

Libra: Call on us for strength. Ask us for directions. Give us your worries. We love to keep busy.

Scorpio: Life is meant to be an adventure. Take us with you, we will soar your worries away and bring you bouquets of flowers. When you smell the sweetness know it is from us.

Sagittarius: You have many options. Life is not static and you aren’t stuck. Let us show you the way around and through as we light your way.

Capricorn: Music sooths your soul. Let us inspire you to dance and sing, even if you can’t carry a tune – your songs are beautiful to us.

Aquarius: Talk to us and let us guide you. You don’t need to struggle if you will only let us light your way. Take us with you. Fill up your car with us. We love our trips together.

Pisces: We talk to you in your dreams and your imaginations. Yes it is us. Trust yourselves more and know we are there.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Jean,

Well, I'm a Sagittarius, my moon is in Aries, and my ascendant is Capricorn. Good angel messages, I guess. The angels definately know that I can't carry a tune! Haha.

Hope all is going great for you.



Cat said...

Thank you :)

Lovely Angel messages.

MO Min Pin Rescue said...

These are wonderful Jean! :) I'm a Pisces.