Free Wednesday Tarot Class - Wheel of Fortune

Hi and welcome to our Wednesday Tarot lesson. This week we will be exploring tarot card ten, The Wheel of Fortune. This card has many meanings. If you look at in the Rider-Waite deck, you see this big wheel in the middle of the card that looks like it is suspended in space. The eight spokes on the wheel represent the figure 8 we found over the Magician’s head and at the top of the Strength card. This expresses the message “as above, so below.”

The Wheel of Fortune represents cycles. Look at the cycle we’re in now. People are getting laid off, the stock market has had its ups and downs, the housing market is chaotic. Life is cyclic. What is down will always come back up again. What cycle are you in? Are you doing things the same old way and wondering why your life isn’t working? Take a look at your cycle and think about new ideas you can use so you won’t make fruitless choices over and over again.

At each corner of the Wheel of Fortune card are the fixed signs of the zodiac (Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo and Taurus), the four seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter), the four corners (north, south, east and west), the four elements (fire, earth, air and water). Notice they have wings, representing archangels. This means that everything we desire comes from our Higher Source. In the Rider-Waite deck, each of these figures has a book, meaning we are always learning. Lots of times when I get this card I see that my client is either in school or going back to school or about to take a class. We are all in the school of life, always learning. The snake at the side of the card represents the shedding of skin, the ability to start over.

The Wheel of Fortune in Greek means Kaph, a grasping hand. Grasping means to embrace, to comprehend, to know, to act boldly. Do you comprehend how you create your own fortune? Do you realize that you are a co-creator with God? Do you know that nothing happens by chance? I'm not talking about a ruthless kind of grasping but an understanding.

Fortune means good luck, realizing your destiny comes from working and being true to your visions. You make your own luck. If you’ve read any of the Law of Attraction books by Esther and Jerry Hicks you know that everything is vibrational and the vibrations we send out through our thoughts come back to us in the form of experiences. What do you want for your life? Have you made a plan, written it on paper or are you just hoping that things will fall into place for you? Are you living your life to please your parents, your friends or your significant other?

What is your passion in life? When you were a child, how did you visualize yourself as an adult? What turned you on? What got you excited? If you can think back to that time and remember your dreams when you were a kid, you will realize that this is what you wee supposed to be doing until someone told you that it wasn’t practical or that you wouldn’t make any money at it and talked you into another career. What is fun for you? What would you be doing if money was no object? To see your fortune is to grow, to discover who you really are and where your talents lay. Kaph also means the hand that grasps the golden ring of fortune. Remember the Emperor, the number 4 card? He created his own empire and when we follow his teachings we, too, can create our own wheel of fortune.

Speaking of good fortune, abundance and prosperity, I love the book, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder. It is in paperback and it is filled with wonderful examples of how people in her classes prospered during a recession. It has been a trove of inspiration since the early 60s when I was agoraphobic and broke. Yes, that is where I was, but using Catherine’s ideas about prosperity changed my life. It can change yours too. Since then, the Abraham Hicks books on the Law of Abundance have been published along with many other self help books. Catherine tells us why we deserve to be prosperous and outlines step by step many different ways we can manifest our good and live the kind of life we really want despite the obstacles that sometimes we can’t see past.

This is an abundant world. I’ve been awed by planting a tomato seed and growing a whole bush filled with tomatoes, each one filled with enough seeds to grow many bushes. The same is true with most other produce, trees, flowers and other crops. There is no lack in God’s world; it only exists in man’s mind.

So there is “Gold Dust in the air for you and me.” The Wheel of Fortune represents new beginnings and so many people are going through this. It only takes a small change in our thinking to change our lives. Are you ready? Let’s go for it!!

The Wheel of Fortune’s advice:

Recognize the cycles and turning points in your life and remember that you can start over.
Keep learning from your experiences and adapt accordingly.
Cultivate optimism, generosity and adaptability.
Move or change jobs to expand your luck.
Get still within and tap into your resources to create your own good fortune.
Consider other ideas and viewpoints – be creative.
Revolutionize and transform your ideas to get a handle on your destiny.

Next week we’ll explore the nature of justice.

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