Importance - Day 22

 Here it is after 10pm and I am just writing my blog for the day.   I spent the day very happy that the dentist appointment was behind me.  So relieved.  I continued with my sorting through papers and notebooks and made some good headway.  Took a nap, played some games, was on a zoom call.  

My blog today is a poem that I've loved for many years.  I'm sure many of us can identify.


Carol Combs

I've mending I must do and beds to make,
I should not sit and watch the red sun set
Behind the hills of afternoon; nor take
this time to dream when I have work. And yet
supposing that I go at duty's call
to make the beds and sweep the floor; what then?
these things have no great value after all,
tomorrow they must all be done again.
I have too many of such tasks to do;
Therefore, I shall forget them, every one,
And I shall sit and feel the rising dew
And watch the haze around the setting sun,
And I may find time for the housework too
When this, more important thing, is done.

This is sort of what I've been doing today in my own way.

I'm blogging every day this April with a group of creative, caring, loving people in Effy's blog-a-thong and it's been such fun reading and writing.



Empire of the Cat said...

How lovely, and kind of how I feel about housework lol Elle xx

Sue B said...

I'm glad your dentist appointment is behind you too and very glad that you had a lovely meandering kind of day. Love the poem. Many, many of my days are spent this way. (maybe too I'm sure there's no such thing!) Thanks for sharing. <3

Cheryl Turtlemoon said...

That’s a beautiful poem! I try to get all the stuff out of the way before I do nice things. Doesn’t always work though ;)

Donna said...

Ive never read that poem before, I love it! I really "should" get the busy stuff done before sitting down to the fun stuff, I just cant quite make it happen that way every day :)

Jean Maurie said...

I feel like this about housework a lot of times. I'm not sure what my house would look like if I lived alone. Probably a mess and I'd take a day and get it all done, then let things pile up again. Thanks for reading and replying Elle.

Jean Maurie said...

Thank you Sue B, I am so relieved to have that dentist appointment behind me. I am not sure that there can be too many meandering days like you said. Others might disagree but that's their problem. LOL Thank you for reading and replying.

Jean Maurie said...

No Cheryl, it certainly does not work trying to get things out of the way first. I remember back when, I used to sit in bed with my typewriter and write all morning. It was fun and yes I had some guilt for sure. Thank you for reading and replying.

Jean Maurie said...

Donna I am learning not to "should on myself". I said "learning" because I don't have it down pat yet. My coach is pretty good at it though.

Thank you for reading and replying.