Anxious But Let's Get it Done - Day 21

Since I'm fully vaccinated I'm catching up on things that I've put off since staying isolated from Covid.

Today is getting my teeth cleaned and seeing if I need a tooth pulled.   After a childhood filled with surgeries, doctor appointments, dentists and braces, I have every right to feel anxious. Sometimes I am more anxious than others.   Today I am anxious but not focusing on it except for writing a blog about it.  I am feeling bits of warm pulses of anxiety energy running through my body.  I allow myself to feel it instead of pushing it down.  I do some mental eft tapping, take some slow deep breathing and blow out the anxious energy. Thankfully I have more tools to use now than when I was a child.  Back then I just swallowed my fears and suffered a lot of stomach aches.  

This is how I feel about going to the dentist.

Going to the dentist

Rewards are important and I've been thinking what I will give myself.  I know I want to get a new phone, so that will be a possible reward.  Depending on today's outcome will decide if food will be a reward. 

I'm blogging every day in April with a wonderful, creative, caring group of over 300 bloggers on Effy's Blog-a-thon.


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