Fun or Proper? Day 2

All my life I've heard "dress your age", "what not to wear after 40", and all kinds of other RULES WE SHOULD FOLLOW.

WHY?  Who's to say what we should or shouldn't  wear?  Who made up these rules?  I am sure God doesn't care what we wear.

The older I get the less I like being told what to do or what rules to follow.

So .. A month from today I will turn 83 and by then I will be walking on these.

I like smiley faces, they make me happy. I like being happy no matter what age I am.

Instead of prim and proper like my Grandmother was I want to be like the lady who says when she is old she will wear purple.


Effy said...

I love those crocs so hard. <3

Rach K said...

Fun! I love imagining you in those crocs, you couldn't wear them and not smile. My mom used to say she'd be like the lady in that poem....your post made me realise, I'm not waiting, not another to book to have the rainbows in my hair I've been humming and thing about.

Jean Maurie said...

Effy these crocs are for sale now on You can love them so hard on your own feet if you want <3

Jean Maurie said...

Oh Rach, I am so happy you're going to have rainbows in your hair. I hope you post a picture.

BTW I have a smiley t-shirt too so I can wear it with my new smiley crocs when they come.

I have a step-sister who likes the shirt but said she could never wear it in public. Each to our own I say :) said...

YES! Hurray! I'm so glad you've decided to join us "weirdos."

No one gets to tell me how to think or feel. They're MY thoughts and MY feelings. I'll shout and emote loudly and, when I know and feel these things that I'm shouting to be true and known throughout the world, I'll tone the volume down and be content.

I'm so pleased for you - that you're taking power and authority of YOU and how you present in this world. It's freeing and the world needs more of it.