Blogging Day 3 Addicted to Magazines


Ok now I got that out of the way.  Before we moved I downsized big time.  I got rid of a lot of my magazine clutter.

Yes I still have a few piles of magazines I want to go through, like my Writer's Digest issues and The Sun magazines. I think I got rid of my pile of Twilight Zone magazines but there are still some boxes in the shed to go through, so maybe I didn't.  I sort of hope not.

Now I have other ways to get magazines that satisfy and feed my addiction. (I don't consider all addictions bad).  My library offers RBdigital.  Here is where we can download magazines electronically as in "borrowing" from the library. This includes Readers Digest, Our State (NC), National Geographic, Taste of Home, Better Homes and Garden, Oprah, Food Network, Quilting, Rolling stone and more... I can enlarge the pages on my ipad, phone or computer to make the print easier to read. It's like reading a large print book.  Oh yes, we can borrow books and audio books on RBdigital too.

I also subscribed to Texture.  What a fabulous place this is for feeding my magazine addiction.  I got a 30 day free trial and after that I had to pay.  I love PEOPLE magazine so that is a bit extra.  But my office isn't cluttered like it used to be.  All my magazines are online now.  I even subscribe to Writer's Digest and The Sun online.  Every time I get groceries I look at the magazines as I stand in line and before subscribing to Texture I would impulsively grab a People or Woman's World as a reward to myself.  Now I look at these displays and realize I really am saving money and clutter.

No more piles of magazines!!!


Shandy said...

I love Texture! And newsstand for those digital ones I don’t have on texture. The only thing I miss is the ability to cut them up after.

Jean Maurie said...

Yes shandy, if one wants to make a Treasure map or collages Texture and online magazines wouldn't work too well. I forgot to mention in the blog that our library also has a table where people clean out their magazines and donate on the table. I gave a lot of mine there. So when I am at the main library I peruse the table. The other day I picked up and older Psychology today and Guidepost issues. These are not offered on Texture or digital for borrowing. Thank you for replying.

Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

I have a few stacks of magazines around that were someone else's. They were going to discard them, so I thought I'll just look for collage elements from them. Instead my piles have grown LOL When I'm done looking through them or eventually just giving up the thought of doing so, as long as they are fully intact, I donate them to the Thrift stores so that someone else can enjoy them.

I used to subscribe to Writer's Digest and one other writing magazine. I miss getting them sometimes, I still have a few old issues from when my subs were active.

Unknown said...

How awesome are magazines for real! I use them when everyone else is finished and cut out words and collage items for my journals. I absolutely love them.

Jean Maurie said...

Yes Elle, mine grew and grew and grew. LOL. My poor husband hauled boxes of them down the stairs. He was so patient.

I get Writer's Digest Digitally now on Zinio. I like being able to click on the links listed in there.

I donated a lot of mine to the library.

Jean Maurie said...

Paula , I used to cut out words from magazines and post them on treasure maps I made for myself. I also donated magazines to a friend who was teaching how to made treasure maps and went to her classes. It was fun but I think I'd like to do more creating digitally and print them.