Blogging Day14 - Dabbling with Art - My Way

I've been reading your blogs on here and many of you are sharing your art.  I went through a little spell of wondering what am I doing on here? I have not posted one thing about art.  Then the "little but not so quiet voice" within said, "You do create art. You take pictures!"  Yes I love taking pictures.  When my husband and I go out for a walk mine ends up being a stroll because I'm often stopping to take pictures.   He wants to get his heart rate up and I want to get my art heart rate up.   

A leaf I brought home from my walk

Playing with soap bubbles

I also like playing on Picmonkey, a digital art program.  I created some things on there that I will share with you.  I'm not trying to advertise though. 

Morning Sun Rays I photographed

Picture I found on the internet which I added to Pic Monkey

Online picture I loved

I have painted and sketched.  I don't know what's holding me back but something is.  I painted this years ago.  

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Jana said...

Love seeing your photos