Fly Free or Schedule?

Day 18 - Share a life hack.

My schedule is pretty light so I use a Celestial Guide to list my appointments.   It shows where the planets are for that day and in what signs.  In the back of the Guide is a month by month list of what is going on with the planets, full moons, eclipses, when Mercury goes retrograde or direct. It is very handy for me.  I've used these for many years.

I will admit that I want to be more of a fly by the seat of my pants person.  I so dislike schedules.  Of course I have to have them but hey if you wanna go out to dinner just call me or I'll call you and see if we're free.

I get my haircut at a walk-in place and if they are too filled up I leave and go back another day.

Of course I can't do that with clients and doctor or dentist appointments but I leave a lot of room for myself.  

Just the other day after reading the blog I posted with a video with Alan Watts I realized, "Hey I'm 81, what goals am I trying to reach?"  Why hurry?  Why do I have to work so hard on myself?  Who am I trying to change for?  When am I going to realize "I'm pretty good right now, so just sit back, write, play your games, enjoy your husband and indulge in binging with Netflix or Hulu, blog if you want but be here and now, not in the past or future."

Here is a self-care blog I wrote in May.


Leslie Reiki at Shamanic Lair said...

Ooooh I love that guide! I may have to give it a try myself. Thanks for a peek into the lighter side of not liking scheduling. It has taken me many years to follow a schedule but still allow some room to breathe.

Jean Maurie said...

You're welcome Leslie. I had to follow school schedules, doctor and dentist schedules, hospital schedules, schedules getting my husband off to work, my child off to school, etc etc. Enough already. How do you schedule?