I Need to Laugh - Day 12

Luckily I am blessed with a quirky sense of humor. It has gotten me through a lot of things.  I had my lips sewn together when I was sixteen and it was one of the funniest and most memorable six weeks in my life. I had a big white bandage covering my mouth when 3 college men came visiting their landlady who shared my hospital room with me.  They took one look at me sitting on the bed. "Look a girl that can't talk back!" One guy exclaimed.  I know this might not be funny these days but like I said, I have a sense of humor and it was many years ago. They trooped over and we had a great time.  I had to write notes because obviously I couldn't talk. I do wish I'd kept those notes.

I was staying with my aunt at the time and when I needed to get her attention I'd make a mmmm noise. Her dog knew I was talking to him and he'd run over and mmmm back.  My aunt and her partner would start laughing and of course I milked it for all I could.

There were other funny memories and I hope I always keep my sense of humor.

Laughing is so good for us that I created a fun page on Facebook where I post goofy, hilarious and yes some stupidly funny stuff on there.  If you want to visit and get some laughs come visit JM's Fun Page.

I love smiley's too. Here's a croc I bought. Yes I have the other one.

My sweetie likes to laugh and play too. 
How would you like to see this at your front door before Covid of course.

That's a good place for them. 

Yes, that's me in all my goofiness 

I'm enjoying blogging during the month of April with Effy and the wonderful blo
ggers here.


Susan @ A Slice of My Life said...

All those smiley faces make me grin! I agree, its important to be able to laugh...even if it's at yourself!

Sue B said...

Love this, Jean! So fun. I agree with the need to have a great sense of humour. Love your comment about the croc and having the other one. Lol.

Cheryl Turtlemoon said...

We all need to laugh and be fun sometimes. Life’s too serious! Love those crocs!

Renee said...

Same! Humour is my coping mechanism and how much I laugh is my litmus test of how well my headspace is doing. Loved this!

Empire of the Cat said...

Wow your smiley crocs look great. I'm intrigued why you had to have your mouth sewn shut! That sounds awful. Brings a whole new meaning to "my lips are sealed" lol. Elle xx

Nicole said...

I adore those crocs!