Hodgepodge - Day 29

 Only one day left with blogging with Effy.  Gosh April went flying fast.  When I saw her invitation to join the blog-a-long it was already April 2.  But I caught up and now we're almost at the end.  That doesn't mean we have to quit blogging though and she is going to do another one in the fall.   Yay. Thank you Effy Wild.

I need a cook top and because of Covid the store I was going to get it from couldn't even order it until the middle of June.  Last night before shutting the computer down I saw an ad for a cooktop from another store and it said it would be delivered and installed around May 8 2021. I was so excited and put it in the cart.  But I didn't finish the order.  Hubby decided to call this morning and some customer support person in Pa that we could hardly understand said yes we could get it by that date.  Then we got disconnected. So he called again and this time we were told that it was back ordered and wouldn't be here until the middle of June.   I'm shaking my head like was this ad a come on?  I don't feel they were going to be able to deliver the cooktop in May at all.  Maybe, but it was such a disappointment.   We have maybe one burner that might work.  I bought one of those hot plates to use.  I have my instant pot, portable oven and microwave. But I was so excited last night thinking I could cook again on all four burners.  

After a few tears I got over it and am thankful for having gotten our vaccinations and so much more.  I could do a gratitude list but I've got one going on in my brain.  



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