Are you Potty Trained Yet?

 What if this world we're living in is "not even beyond the cosmic equivalent of potty training"?

Right now with the pandemic it sort of feels like it.  I mean look at the politicians and how they are blaming each other instead of using their status (I won't even say the word power) to solve this Covid-19 virus.   
Here it is five months since us older folks are told to stay home.   

People are saying masks don't work and even the president only wears his mask when he wants to.  He even claimed
 on Wednesday that catching the coronavirus was “a blessing from God”

I'm reading a book: Afterlife Adventures: Life After Death Stories/What Happens When We Die/Is There Proof?  by William Fergus Martin. He's the one I quoted from about potty training and he goes on to say, "Yet that takes nothing away from our potential and what we will eventually become."

I'm fascinated and when I see the news and all the political blaming ads I think, "Potty Training class".  

Yes I will vote but I'm going to stop allowing myself to get any more upset by the potty training classes and focus more on spreading love, angel blessings, joy and laughter. This does not mean I don't care because I do but I need to take care of myself now.  Too many aches, pains and stomach aches from watching potty training antics.  

So if you want a few laughs come on over to my FUN page. And take good care of you.  You have guardian angels around you who are waiting for you to ask them for help.  They love you and that's the start of another blog. 

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