Bears in Hendersonville, NC

Every May the new bears are revealed in downtown Hendersonville, N.C.   It is a yearly event and in October they are auctioned off and the proceeds go to charity.  One year they tried apples but it didn't go over very well.  It is fun to go downtown and see these adorable decorated bears.

Bearfootin' 2019 | Downtown Hendersonville, NC from Taylor Heery on Vimeo.
I hope you enjoy the video and the cute bears.


Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

Those are all so awesome!! It's hard to pick a favorite!

Jean Maurie said...

I want to go downtown soon and take a picture of each one. I think if I go to the visitor's center I can get more information about who painted each bear and of course on which corner or store front they are. I'm glad you like them Ellie.