Wanna Play? - Day 5

I love playing online games. They relax me.  For anyone who is familiar with astrology,  I have my sun in the house of play, games, creativity and gambling.  Thank goodness I'm a Taurus because I won't become addicted to gambling but I am sort of addicted to gaming.

Monopoly is my favorite.  I just learned that monopoly is played in financial schools.  I play with the robots and they can really be jerks at times when I want to trade a property with them.  Or they can be outrageous and offer exorbitant dollars for my property.  Once I saw two robots trading the same property back and forth, each time they charged higher prices.  It was funny. One day I'll try playing a human.  

Here's another one of my favorites. Gin Rummy.   Sometimes those pesky robots can go Gin or knock so fast it makes me wonder how they cheat.  I wonder what it would be like to be a programmer for online games.  I admire them. 

I have to be in the mood to play Trivial Pursuit because #1 I'm not good at it and #2, it's fast.

Bernie and I play Scrabble together sometimes and that's fun.

I play these games on pogo.com.  Every day they have 2 games for the day where we get 1,000 tokens for each game we win.  On wednesday we get to play selected games for badges and tokens.  I've earned 2892 badges that I can't do a thing with.  LOL  But these games are fun for me and help me when I get depressed or stressed. Playing games is just another tool in my toolbox of life.


Ellie-TheForgottenMuse said...

I love online games too, I've not played any of these. But I have done words with friends on FB. I love the candy crush games too.

Rach K said...

I like gaming, playing theme hospital 2.0, sims, bookworm, neverwinter, minecraft. Gaming is fun.