Being Here and Present With My Life Day 14

"In Zen we learn there isn't some magical place we'll discover if we meditate long enough.  There isn't an "ideal you" who always remains calm and serene, untouched by the sadness of life. What we strive to learn is simply to be here, to be present with our lives."  Nate Kojun Hayes 

What if this is true? What if we struggled to meditate often thinking we'll reach that place where we always will be calm and serene?

What if we went through a lot of therapy thinking we'll reach that "magical place"?  What do we think that "magical place" will feel like?

I know I affirmed and affirmed and affirmed just like I was taught, thinking if I affirmed enough nothing bad would happen to me.  I really hoped it was true.  It wasn't.

Now all I want to do is simply be here and present.  I'm not sure how to do it but I'm curious and playing with the idea.  I'm not going to "strive" for it though or "struggle" - hopefully.

I'm blogging with Effy Wild for the month of April.


Sue B said...

Isn't that the truth, Jean? Just being here in all the messiness of life is enough. My post today is somewhat related. :-)

Francine said...

I agree, just be present and mindful.

Francine said...

I agree, just be present and mindful.